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60 Gifts for Cat Lovers Paw-fect for Every Occasion


We aren’t kitten around when we say this is the most pawsome list of 60 gifts for cat lovers.  Whether you’re giving the gifts just because or for a birthday or holiday, the cat lovers in your life are sure to love them as much as their cat loves catnip. 

Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

You and your loved ones will be feline good after receiving one of these unique gifts for cat lovers. You can find all kinds of kitty creations in the form of wall art and other home or office decor. Meow is the time to wow your boss with some pawsitively quirky cat gifts for National Bosses Day

1. A Cat Pillow

Add a touch of whimsy with an adorable pillow printed with your favorite Chibi-style cats. Elevate any space, whether in a therapy office or a bedroom. 

2. Cat Tarot Cards 

Inspire personal growth and fortune-telling with cat tarot cards. These cards are perfect for the mystic gifts for cat owners in your life. 

3. Cat Dinnerware Set 

If you know your buddy is obsessed with cats, a cat dinnerware set takes things a little bit further. Eat tasty meals off this cat-themed gift. 

4. Cat Earbud Case 

Toss out the boring white earbud case and invest in a furry alternative — although it’s not actually furry. You can print all kinds of images on earbud cases for those always on the phone. 

5. A Cat Kitchen Timer 

Brrrrrng! Your cat might not appreciate the loud sounds, but a cat kitchen timer makes for a unique gift for cat lovers who also enjoy baking. 

6. Snuggly Cat Pajamas 

Snuggly cat pajamas make the perfect gift for those who like to be cozy. If you have a loved one who loves the gatos, they’ll appreciate this sleepwear.

7. Lego Cats 

Does someone in your life love engineering as much as their fluffy friends? Buy or build some awesome Lego cats that can sub as unique home decor. 

8. Cat-Shaped Wine Bottle Holder 

Cheers to a glass of wine after a long day. You don’t have to set the bottle on the counter. Prop it up in a gorgeous cat-shaped wine bottle holder. 

9. Cat Salt And Pepper Shakers 

Don’t forget the spices when making your favorite meals. Cat salt and pepper shakers make for a unique gift that adds a touch of quirk and whimsy to a home. 

10. Kitty Doormat 

Let everyone know you’ve got cats in the house with an adorable kitty-cat doormat. You’ll find plenty of options for every taste. 

gift for cat lovers: art print of cat

Knife Cat Art Board Print Designed And Sold By karmabees.

Luxury Gifts for Cat Lovers

Find the purr-fect luxury gifts for cat lovers with high-end kitty accessories, printed floor pillows, and other high-quality pawsessions. 

11. Sterling Silver Cat Necklace 

You can’t go wrong with high-quality jewelry, especially with your favorite four-footed friend adorning the chain. A sterling silver cat necklace adds a pop of personality to any outfit. 

12. High-End Cat Travel Carrier 

Gifts for cat owners can be small, or you can go big with a high-end cat travel carrier for those who need extra support transporting Fluffy. Cat carriers these days have some pretty cool tech. 

13. Cat Necktie 

Be that cheesy person at the office who wears a cat necktie or buys one for a colleague. The best part is there are so many cool designs that it might not be cheesy at all. 

14. Wooden Cat Wall Clock 

Have you ever seen those wall clocks with a cat on them and its tail ticks around the clock? You can also find some adorable artwork for the background of a cat clock

15. Cat Art Prints 

Art is subjective, and it’s easy to find stunning cat art prints all over the internet. Invest in some wall art luxury gifts for cat lovers. 

16. Pearl Cat Earrings 

If you really love someone, give them some pearl cat earrings. These make the perfect cat gifts for the women and men in your life who love pearls and cats. 

17. Cat Bookends 

Do you need something to prevent your books from falling? Look for different cat-shaped bookends to hold everything together — just like a real cat (with less mess). 

18. Coffee Table Cat Books 

If you’ve never looked at artistic photographs of cats, you’re missing out. You can find coffee table books full of photos of cats. Look for cat portrait artists with a style the gift-receiver might like. 

19. City View Cat Tapestry 

A tapestry can add dimension and texture to an otherwise plain wall. This city view cat tapestry is just one option that can add a dreamy quality to any space.  

20. Platinum Cat Quartz Watch

Get real fancy with a platinum quartz watch featuring — you guessed it — cats. Depending on who you’re buying for, a cat watch can add a touch of playfulness to any outfit, even business casual. 

gift for cat lovers: cap with two black cats

Suspicious Cats Cap Designed And Sold By littleclyde.

Inexpensive Gifts for Cat Lovers

You don’t have to break the bank to show someone you care. There are plenty of inexpensive gifts for cat lovers out there, like creative cat stickers and the perfect notebooks that your cat lover can take on the go. 

21. Cat Board Games 

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Throw cats into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a whole lot of fun. 

22. Cat Notebook 

Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out on the page and to keep track of the ideas in your head. A cat notebook will likely elicit warm fuzzy feelings in the gift receiver. 

23. Cat Refrigerator Magnets

Cat refrigerator magnets are an adorable and inexpensive way to show someone you care. There are so many playful options available from talented artists. 

24. Cat Umbrella 

A cat protecting you from the rain is ironic and playful because, you know, most cats don’t like water — unless you’ve got one of those weirdo cats that think they’re a dog. Gift a cat umbrella to brighten those rainy days. 

25. Kitty-Shaped Measuring Spoons 

Cat-shaped measuring spoons are such a fun and affordable gift. While they don’t cost too much, they do add a touch of whimsy to any kitchen space. 

26. Cat Hair Clips 

If you want to get really playful, purchase cat hair clips for your best friend. These would make great cat gifts for women and children alike. 

27. Library Cats T-Shirt 

Let your friends rock out (quietly) with this great library cats T-shirt. You can find cat shirts in all shapes, sizes, and designs. 

28. Kitty Oven Mitt 

Everyone needs oven mitts — or at least everyone who cooks — but how often do those old rags get replaced? Purchase a new kitty oven mitt for your nearest and dearests. 

29. Cat Tote Bag 

Cats are totes awesome, especially when they’re printed on a tote bag of your choosing. Tote bags come in handy for pretty much any occasion, so go wild! 

30. Cat Socks 

Keep your friends (or your boss’) tootsies warm and cute with a pair of cat socks. You can never have enough pairs of socks, especially when your cat steals them. 

gift for cat lovers: print of fat cat with little bird

Fat Cat Little Bird Poster Designed And Sold By jayfleck.

Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers

These funny gifts for cat lovers are hiss-terical! You can get as creative as your imagination, with funny cat images printed on tote bags to cat-shaped home goods like the post-it note cat dispenser found below. 

31. Cowboy Cats Throw Blanket 

Get a little fancy with this funny cowboy cats throw blanket. A blanket with these characters on it will be an instant success at your next gift-giving gathering. 

32. Cat Coasters 

Say goodbye to water rings on the table forever with these funny, out-of-this-world cat coasters. These will make the perfect gift for your neurotic friends. 

33. Zen Cat Phone Case 

If you’ve got a buddy who loves yoga, mindfulness, and all things furball, a zen cat phone case might be the perfect “just because” gift for cat lovers.  

34. Post-It Notes Cat Dispenser 

Does your boss use Post-It notes for everything? Whether they love cats or not, they’re for sure going to love a Post-It note dispenser in the shape of a cat. Who wouldn’t? 

35. Cactus-Shaped Cat Scratcher 

Continue the theme of uniquely shaped gifts for cat owners with a cactus-shaped cat scratcher. It adds style to a space and is different from the traditional cat scratcher. 

36.  Pile Of Cats Mask

Do you have any friends who love cats but are allergic to them? This pile of cats mask would make a hilarious gift — one they can wear without sneezing constantly.  

37. Suspicious Cat Socks 

If you’ve got gamer friends who are looking “sus,” hook them up with these suspicious cat socks. They’re funny and functional, the perfect combination. 

38. Don’t Forget To Wipe Cat Poster 

Make the cat lovers in your life chuckle with this “don’t forget to wipe” cat poster. They can frame it and hang it up in the bathroom for a laugh. 

39. Cat Bottle Opener 

You can find all kinds of bottle openers in the great wide world. Set your sights on a cat bottle opener for a funny, playful gift. 

40. Pizza Cat Magnet 

Magnets are good for all occasions and stick to most metal surfaces. This pizza cat magnet will look great on your best friend’s fridge. 

gift for cat lovers: tote bad with cats and books

Cats & Books Tote Bag Designed And Sold By TaylorRoss1.

Cute Gifts for Cat Lovers

These furr-bulously cute gifts for cat lovers are just the touch you need on a rainy day. Treat yourself or someone you love to something cute, cuddly, and beautifully designed. Many of these gifts just keep on giving because they last for a long time. 

41. Cat Planter 

The cat planter is the gift that keeps on giving. You can plant what you want in the planter or gift the ceramic piece as its own stand-alone surprise. 

42. Stainless Steel Cat Water Bottle 

This Hairy Pawtter water bottle will be your new favorite item. You’ll need to buy more than one for all the cat-loving Harry Potter fans in your life. 

43. Silicone Kitty Night Light 

Do you know someone who could use some extra light in their life? Look for an adorable silicone kitty night light to brighten any dark hallway. 

44. Cute Cat Mug 

You can’t go wrong with a cute cat mug as a cute gift for cat lovers. Wrap up the purrfect alien cat mug in your next gift basket. 

45. Sleeping Cat Match Striker 

People still use matches, but you don’t have to go about it the traditional cardboard box way. There are adorable sleeping cat match strikers out there that would go well with any home decor. 

46. Cat Cheese Board 

Mmmm, cheese. But not for your cat. A cat-shaped cheese board is perfect for your pals who love to entertain and veg out on delicious, bite-sized snacks. (And makes a great opportunity to share your lastest cheesy pun.)

47. Cat Leggings 

Send some psychedelic cat leggings for the yogis in your life. They are soft, vibrant, and covered in cats — the non-shedding kind. 

48. Cute Cat Apron 

Make baking in the kitchen that much cuter with this adorable cat apron. Your friends will be excited to wear something so sweet. 

49. Meme Cat Comforter 

You need cozy blankets to sleep. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a real-life cat to cuddle with. For all other occasions, this meme cat comforter makes an adorable and colorful addition to a bedroom. 

50. Wine Kitty Drink Markers 

Do you love to drink wine with your friends, but you’re always forgetting whose glass is whose? With wine kitty drink markers, all you’ll need to do is remember what color cat you had adorning your glass. 

rainbow cats magnet

Rainbow Cats Magnet Designed And Sold By michelledraws

DIY Gifts for Cat Lovers

Create meow-gical DIY gifts for cat lovers like DIY mug herb gardens for kitties and other handmade creations. A DIY gift is an affordable way to express yourself creatively, and your friends will appreciate the effort. 

51. Cat Print Sweatshirt 

A cozy sweatshirt makes the pawfect DIY gift. How is it DIY? You get to choose which image goes on it, tailoring it to the cat lover in your life. 

52. Catnip Herb Garden 

Plant a catnip herb garden for your friends. It’s simple, cute, and a lot of fun to watch a cat tripping out on catnip. 

53. Custom Feline Portraits 

Get creative with your gifts and commission, or create a custom feline portrait of your friend’s cat. They’ll cherish the gift forever. 

54. Cat Lovers Candle 

You can find all sorts of candles on the market, or you can make your own with scents that help cover the smells often accompanying a gassy kitty. 

55. Kitten Calendar 

Calendars are always helpful for tracking important dates. You can order one or create one using photographs of your loved one’s cats. 

56. Cat Puzzle 

Again, it’s all about the customizations. You can create all kinds of things out of photographs, including cat puzzles with a specific cat picture. 

57. Crocheted Kitty 

Give crocheting a go, and you can craft some adorable crocheted kitties for your friends and their kids. Knitting is also an option for creating tiny stuffed cats made of yarn. 

58. Cats In Space Greeting Card 

A greeting card is a simple way to send a thoughtful message to a friend. Find a cat-themed greeting card to level up the excitement for what’s written inside. 

59. Yin & Yang Cats Postcard 

Postcards are another easy way to connect with loved ones through the mail. If your cat-loving friends are feeling blue, this yin and yang cat postcard will lift their spirits as a surprise in the mail. 

60. Cat Heart Journal 

You can purchase some extraordinary cat journals or create your own using a portrait of a friend’s cat for the cover. Write a sweet message inside to personalize it even more. 

61. Cats and Girls Confetti Pet Bowl

This cute pet food bowl features a pattern of adorable cats and the girls who love them on a red background. Perfect for giving your pal’s fur baby a meal in style, just like they deserve.

cat unicorn sweatshirt

Fluffin’ Meowgical Lightweight Sweatshirt Designed And Sold By Hillary White

If a cat’s got your tongue, you can choose any one of these pawesome gifts for cat lovers. You can send a special gift to your teachers, friends, boss, or even your neighbor. You never know who needs a little extra love from our feline friends. Need more gift ideas? Check out these great gifts for the wine lovers in your life. We even have gift ideas for pup parents if you’re not a cat person.

And don’t forget gifts for your furbabies! From cozy pet blankets to quirky pet mats to adorable pet bandanas and pet bowls, we’ve got you covered for every occasion.

Header Image: Black Cat with Flowers designed and sold by michelledraws.

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