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39 Gifts for Anime Lovers Better Than Any Healing Potion


Whether your friends and family members are huge Naruto fans or die-hard Studio Ghibli fans (Totoro, anyone?), Redbubble is here for you with these 39 gifts for anime lovers perfect for any occasion. 

Gifting Tip: If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your anime-loving pals, take some time to learn what they love about anime. Is it the characters? The art style? The storytelling? You might find inspiration for specific show-inspired gifts or other unique ways to get them excited if you know what draws them to the genre.

Best Gifts for Anime Lovers

In this section, you’ll find some of the best gifts for anime lovers. Don’t be afraid to get a little bit nerdy and creative in your gift choices — that’s the best part about anime. 

On Cloud Nine Phone Case

On Cloud Nine Phone Case designed and sold by Nakanoart

1. On Cloud Nine Phone Case 

Anime lovers will swoon over this fantastical iPhone case that’s dreamy, surreal, and comforting all in one. Plus it will keep their iPhone safe if something shocking happens and they drop their phone while watching their favorite anime on the subway.

Two people wearing a black t-shirt with an anime character surrounded by books

Magic Book Classic T-shirt designed and sold by freeminds

2. Magic Book Classic T-shirt 

Step into your favorite anime world with this gorgeous library illustration to elevate any outfit. Perfect for book lovers, too!

3. Favorite anime movie 

Step outside of streaming movies and give the gift of anime DVDs or a subscription to an anime provider. Add the gift of quality time by watching the movie together. 

Bed covered by a throw blanket with an anime-inspired cat illustration

Maneki-neko Throw Blanket designed and sold by AndreaOchaita

4. Maneki-neko Throw Blanket

Stretch out with this adorable anime cat throw blanket. If your anime gift receiver likes to show off their love of anime, this is the perfect way to do it while getting cozy on cool evenings. Just make sure you order the perfect size!

5. The History Of Anime 

Give the gift of knowledge with a book covering the complete history of anime. Most anime lovers enjoy learning about the history of their favorite animation styles. 

Man wearing a sweatshirt with an illustration of a large wolf at a bus stop

Early Hours Lightweight Sweatshirt designed and sold by freeminds

6. Early Hours Lightweight Sweatshirt

Step into a mystical forest with beautiful beasts and a little ghostie on his own adventure with this Early Hours Lightweight Sweatshirt. The perfect outfit for relaxing on the couch on a rainy day.

7. Anime Figurines 

There are all kinds of anime figurines out there for practically every show ever produced. Learn their favorites and find some awesome characters to decorate their space, no matter how old they are.

Man wearing a black hoodie with an illustration of a witch and magic foxes

Witch and the Magic Foxes Pullover Hoodie designed and sold by freeminds

8. Witch and the Magic Foxes Hoodie 

This Witch and The Magic Foxes Hoodie is adorable and stylish. Pair it with some ripped-up jeans and combat boots, and you’re good to go for a day out and about or holed up watching anime.

9. Anime Full-Body Onesie 

Your loved one’s life won’t be complete without a full-body anime onesie, whatever their age. These can be worn as pajamas, or to your favorite local anime event.

Tote bad with an illustration of the anime corner store

Corner Store Night Tote Bag designed and sold by SeerStuff

10. Corner Store Night Tote Bag 

Count us in for gifts that double as a gift bag, too. This Corner Store Night Tote Bag is a modern take on anime illustration paired with the usefulness of a bag. 

H2: Cool Gifts for Anime Lovers

Up the coolness factor with these cool gifts for anime lovers. You’ll find all kinds of clothing, tech, and food-related anime gifts. 

Woman wearing an a-line dress with anime-inspired animals

One With Nature A-Line Dress designed and sold by Bianca Loran

11. One With Nature A-Line Dress 

Anime lovers tend to have a certain style. Shake things up with this anime-themed A-line dress that would look awesome with a jean or a leather jacket. 

12. Anime-Themed LED Lamp 

Just type anime LED lamps into a search engine and you’ll find some of the coolest lamps ever made.

Woman wearing a white racerback tank top with an anime-inspired design

Obscured Racerback Tank Top designed and sold by KuuraKoskinen

13. Obscured Tank Top 

A cool gift must include a cool illustration. This Obscured tank top takes the cake as far as design and style. 

14. Anime-Inspired Cookbook 

If you’ve ever watched animation and your mouth started watering over the soft mochi, slurpy ramen, and other anime favorites, then an anime cookbook makes for a cool gift.

Woman wearing galaxy leggings

Galaxies Leggings designed and sold by elentori

15. Galaxies Leggings 

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Galaxies leggings that are playful and stylish. Your friend will love wearing them since they’ll make a great conversation starter for any anime fan they meet.

16. Japanese Snack Box 

Are you hungry? Because we’re hungry. A Japanese snack box is a creative way to celebrate Japanese culture and anime all in one. 

Laptop sleeve with lantern light anime illustration

Lantern Light Laptop Sleeve designed and sold by TeaKitsune

17. Lantern Light Laptop Sleeve

Showcase your loved one’s love of anime with the crisp lines of this Lanter Light Laptop Sleeve. 

18. Ramen Bowl Set 

There’s a theme happening here. Give the gift of ramen, make it a meal together, and sit down to watch Spirited Away. 

Drawstring bag with an anime-inspired illustration of goldfish in headphones

Goldfish Headphones Drawstring Bag designed and sold by SeerStuff

19. Goldfish Headphones Drawstring Bag 

Nothing says anime like the fantastical. This Goldfish Headphones Drawstring Bag looks like you’re carrying around a backpack full of water and magic. 

20. Sake Set

A cool gift for anime lovers is a nice sake set for those who like to be a little bit fancy. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

Gifts for Anime Art Lovers

We sure do love art around here at Redbubble. We’re built on the foundation of celebrating art, so it makes sense to showcase gifts for anime art lovers, too. Check out our ideas for hanging wall art to inspire you!

Framed anime-inspired art; a woman holding a heart

Open Your Heart Framed Art Print designed and sold by nakanoart

21. Open Your Heart Framed Art Print 

The Open Your Heart Framed Art Print is beautiful and timeless, adding a touch of elegance and whimsy to any space. 

Poster of person sitting in a window seat listening to music with the cityscape in the background

A Quiet Night Poster designed and sold by SeerStuff

22. A Quiet Night Poster 

A Quiet Night Poster adds moody vibes to your office or bedroom and can be framed or pinned up. You get to decide. 

A canvas print of constellations hanging over a bed

Sky Dancer Canvas Print designed and sold by Elentori

23. Sky Dancer Canvas Print 

This Sky Dancer Canvas Print offers a unique landscape perspective not often seen in canvas, with the added touch of some rad anime styling. 

Tapestry of an anime-inspired child underwater with goldfish

Orange Fishes Tapestry designed and sold by freeminds

H3: 24. Orange Fishes Tapestry

The Orange Fishes Tapestry is Adorable — yes, with a capital A. You’ll want to hang this somewhere in your house, or just sleep with it because it’s so cute. 

Metal print of a goddess with green hair and a tiger

Frosty Goddess Metal Print designed and sold by Bianca Loran

25. Frosty Goddess Metal Print 

The Frosty Goddess Metal Print is all about empowering the person in your life with some tiger and warrior goddess magic. 

Artboard print of a girl sleeping on the moon

Girl On The Moon Artboard Print designed and sold by SeerStuff

26. Girl On The Moon Art Board Print 

Have a friend who lives in the clouds? The Girl On The Moon Art Board Print may be the perfect gift to celebrate their imagination. 

Art print of an anime-inspired illustration of a woman sleeping next to a mythical creature

Slumber Mounted Print designed and sold by TeaKitsune

27. Slumber Mounted Print 

Celebrate the seasons for the friends in your life who need the anime reminder to slow down and take care of themselves. 

Throw pillow with an anime-inspired design of a girl looking up to the sky and seeing a window with clouds

Window To The Heart Throw Pillow designed and sold by SeerStuff

28. Window To The Heart Throw Pillow 

Be the window to your bestie’s heart with this throw pillow that is both fashionable and beautifully illustrated. 

Art block of an anime-inspired kitchen

Last Room On Earth Acrylic Block designed and sold by herssians

29. Last Room On Earth Acrylic Block 

The Last Room On Earth Acrylic Block is so cool and vibrant — a statement piece if we’ve ever seen one. 

30. An Anime Art Class 

Perhaps your anime-loving friends are looking for something more with an anime art class. They can learn how to create their own anime masterpieces. 

Inexpensive Anime Gifts

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of dough to spend, but you still want something special. You’ll find plenty of special in these inexpensive anime gifts. 

Water bottle with an anime-inspired illustration of nature witches

Nature Witches Sticker designed and sold by AndreaOchaita

31. Nature Witches Sticker

You can never go wrong with awesome stickers. This Nature Witches anime sticker is beautiful and makes a great addition to a new water bottle. 

32. Anime Plushie 

If you search the internet, you’ll find anime plushies galore. Find one that you think will vibe with the gift receiver and watch their eyes light up when they open it. 

Anime-inspired magnet of a boy in the woods

One With The Pack Magnet designed and sold by KuuraKoskenin

33. One With The Pack Magnet 

Magnets are useful gifts that also add a pop of personality to a locker, a refrigerator, or anything else where magnets go. 

34. Japanese DIY Candy Kit 

Gifts that encourage engagement are always a winner. A Japanese DIY candy kit is a fun way to play with a gift and eat it too. 

Anime-inspired notebook with a girl and a tiger

Tangled Tiger Spiral Notebook designed and sold by nakanoart

35. Tangled Tiger Spiral Notebook 

Gifts with multiple uses are always a winner in our book. This Tangled Tiger notebook captures the anime essence and lets someone jot down their feels. 

36. Bamboo Sushi Rolling Kit 

A bamboo sushi rolling kit is very cheap and creates delicious sushi. Have a fun sushi-making party, and then watch your favorite anime movie. 

Anime-inspired zipper pouch

Sorry I’m Not Made of Sugar Zipper Pouch designed and sold by Bianca Loran

37. Sorry I’m Not Made Of Sugar Zipper Pouch 

Does your anime-loving friend have pens flung all over the place? This anime zipper pouch is a fun way to contain the chaos. 

38. Kawaii Coloring Book

Kawaii is a popular animation style in the anime world. It’s playful and fun, and perfect for some soothing coloring.

Anime-inspired water bottle

I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Water Bottle designed and sold by AndreaOchaita

39. I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Water Bottle 

Who knew you could buy a water bottle that’s the center of attention in conversation? This water bottle will have all eyes on it. 

This list of gifts for anime lovers is perfect for the friend who watches anime every chance they get, and for those who just like cute Kawaii characters and plushies floating around their house. If you’re looking for even more gifts, check out our lists of gifts for astrology lovers and plant lovers.

Featured Image: Ramen Time! designed by AndreaOchaita

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