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110 Mind-Beagling Dog Puns


These doggone good dog puns are just what you need to brighten the heaviness of a hard day. We all love cute doggo videos, and, for the word lovers, puns are another form of self-care. If you can’t snuggle up next to a pooch right now (or even if you can), sit back and enjoy these dog puns. 

If you love dog puns, you’ll likely adore other dog-related goodies too, like these awesome pet mats, blankets, and bandanas for your favorite Fido or perhaps these purr-fect cat puns so we don’t alienate our feline-loving friends. 

Corgi wearing a sage green and off-white patterned pet bandana

Checkerboard Mini Check Pattern Sage Green and Off White Pet Bandana designed and sold by kierkegaard Image Credit: girlandtheword and olliebreadloaf

Cute Dog Puns

Do you love all things ooey-gooey and sweet? These cute dog puns are adorable and fun. You can add them to an Instagram caption, write them in a card, or just scroll through, enjoying a fun bit of wordplay. 

  1. I’m mutts about you.
  2. I woof you.
  3. You’re my best fur-riend. 
  4. We have the ulti-mutt friendship. 
  5. Howl-o
  6. What’s up, dog? 
  7. You’re my right hound man. 
  8. You make me hot under the collar. 
  9. Bottoms pup!
  10. Give her a round of ap-paws. 
Small dog on a blue blanket with a jack russel terrier pattern

Parson Jack Russel Terrier Pet Blanket designed and sold by squirrell

Dog Birthday Puns

Happy bark-day to you! Celebrate your birthday or your dog’s birthday with these dog birthday puns. You’re going to love them, fur real. 

  1. Let’s raise the ruff!
  2. He can’t handle his alco-howl.
  3. Where’s the paw-ty at?
  4. Livin’ the pug life.
  5. Paw-ty people in the house.
  6. Have a fur-bulous birthday. 
  7. Anything is paws-ible at your age. 
  8. Dog-gone it, it’s your birthday. 
  9. I hope you have a grrrrr-eat birthday. 
  10. Pup pup hooray! It’s your birthday.
Bone-shaped pet mat with a pink spring flower pattern

Pink Spring Flowers Pet Mat designed and sold by Claire Stamper

Funny Dog Puns

Check out these howl-ariously funny dog puns. If you want some fun ways to use expletives without actually using them, you’ll love these puns just as much as you love dressing up your pup

  1. I shih-tzu not.
  2. Don’t be a mother pupper. 
  3. I like big mutts and I cannot lie.
  4. I puggin’ love you.
  5. He’ll be pup and running in no time.
  6. Don’t stop retrieving.
  7. Howl you doin’?
  8. See you on the bark side.
  9. I don’t give a pit.
  10. Whippet real good.
Small dog wearing a red gingham cat patterned pet bandana

Red Gingham Pet Bandana designed and sold by Gabi Toma

Dog Food Puns

Who doesn’t love mouthwatering food? You might already see your pooch salivating at these tasty dog food puns. We sure are. 

  1. Can I try that pup-eroni? 
  2. I feel melon-collie. 
  3. Do you like syrup with your woofles?
  4. Bark-becue is my favorite food. 
  5. Please pass the pup-corn.
  6. My dog’s only a little husky. 
  7. It’s time for pug-kin pie. 
  8. My dog doesn’t like to eat hot dogs. It’s cannibalism. 
  9. My chocolate bark looks different this year. 
  10. I sure do love candy canines. 
Dog lying on a white blanket with a cherry blossom pattern

Dreamy Cherry Blossoms Pet Blanket designed and sold by makanahele Image Credit: smooshy_mooshy

Dog Grooming Puns

Some of you out there lucked out with super chill dogs who don’t mind being groomed. For others, it’s an experience. Dog grooming puns were birthed out of the more ridiculous side of dog grooming and using laughter to cope with the struggle. 

  1. What a trans-fur-mation. 
  2. Your barking mad if I’ll cut my hair like that. 
  3.  It’s time to clippity do dog.
  4. Have you been to Groomingdales? 
  5. Let’s go to the laundro-mutt. 
  6. You’re pup is pettin’ on the ritz. 
  7. That hair cut is ridiculous. Sit happens. 
  8. My dog ran out of the groomers to the barking lot. 
  9.  Check out my pooch’s new do on Vanity Fur. 
  10. Please enjoy the dog spaw.
A pet bowl with a watercolor wildflower pattern next two a gold retriever and a cat

Wildflowers and Plants Watercolor – WIld Nature Botanical Print Pet Bowl designed and sold by ninoladesign

Dog Name Puns

Whether you’re choosing a name for your new fur-child, or you just want to laugh at these celebrity dog name puns renditions, you won’t be disappointed. 

  1. Mary Pup-pins
  2. Kim Kar-dachsund
  3. Post Ma-bone
  4. Fleas Witherspoon
  5. Bark Obama
  6. William Shakes-paw
  7. J.K. Growling
  8. Mutt Damon
  9. Chewbarka
  10. Vera Fang
Pug wearing a floral pet bandana in bright colors

Floral Pet Bandana designed and sold by Gigi Rosado Image Credit: peruseproject

Dog Instagram Captions Puns

You can’t go wrong with these dog Instagram captions puns because people love adorable pictures of dogs and a good pun. The two together make an unbeatable duo. 

  1. He’s barking up the wrong tree. 
  2. My dog just rolls over during confrontation. 
  3. My dog doesn’t like rain. The poodles make his feet wet. 
  4. Jurassic Bark is my dog’s favorite movie. 
  5. My fur-child likes you. She’s such a mal-tease. 
  6. Don’t bite the hound that feeds you. 
  7. The pup’s going through a ruff patch. 
  8. Pardon the inter-ruff-tion.
  9. Don’t terrier-self up over one mistake.
  10. Collie me maybe?
Bone-shaped pet mat with a daisy print on a black background

Ursula Pet Mat designed and sold by lisajaynemurray

Holiday Dog Puns

Happy howlidays from our furry family to yours. Puns never go out of style. Tuck these away up your sleeve and you’ll never run out of punny holiday dog puns to share with your friends. 

Dog Valentine Puns

Valentine’s Day is the pawfect occasion to celebrate the unconditional love and joy of having a dog for a sidekick. These dog Valentine puns will get your heart pumping. 

  1. You look so fetching. 
  2. I ruff you. 
  3. You maltese my heart. 
  4. I’m here fur you. 
  5. I woof you to the moon and back. 
  6. Fleas be my Valentine. 
  7. Yappy Valentine’s Day! 
  8. I lick you a lot. 
  9. I dig you. 
  10. Hairs to my favorite furry Valentine. 
Australian shepherd lying next to a pet bowl with a galaxy pattern

Emerald Galaxy Pet Bowl designed and sold by KathrinLegg

Dog Christmas Puns

We want to spread some paw-liday cheer with these delightful dog Christmas puns. Gather around the Yule log, cozy up with your favorite pet blanket and enjoy. 

  1. Happy Howl-idays
  2. Feliz Navi-dog
  3. Deck the paws with bows of holly. 
  4. Santa Paws is comin’ to town. 
  5. Unleash the holiday spirit.
  6. Dachshund through the snow.
  7. The more the terrier.
  8. Ba Humpug
  9. Pugs and kisses this holiday season. 
  10. Rockin’ around the Christmas treat. 
A Westie sitting next to a yellow bone-shaped dog mat with two Westies slurping spaghetti like in Lady in the Tramp

Westie Valentine Pet Mat designed and sold by Michelle Phong Image Credit: kyobooboo

Halloween Dog Puns

Do you love to dress up your precious pup for Halloween? We sure do. Don’t forget to snap some photos and share them alongside these silly Halloween dog puns. 

  1. Happy Howl-o-ween
  2. Dracula’s favorite dog is a bloodhound. 
  3. She’s the cutest pup-kin in the patch. 
  4. No tricks. Only treats. 
  5. Your dog will never ghost you. 
  6. It’s Pug-o-ween. 
  7. Let’s get this Halloween paw-ty started. 
  8. Paws off my candy, witches. 
  9. Don’t be a Halloweenie. 
  10. Meet Count Pugula.
A small dog sitting on a blanket with a mountain pattern

Indigo Mountains Pet Blanket designed and sold by spacefrogdesign

Christmas Dog Captions for Instagram

Are you dreaming of a White Christ-mutt? These Christmas dog captions for Instagram make posting your favorite pupper easy-peasy without sacrificing the quality of your content. 

  1. We hope your Christmas is furry and bright. 
  2. Deck the halls with howls and ball-ies.
  3. Isn’t Santa’s little yelper adorable? 
  4. Happy Collie-days!
  5. Have a paws-itively wonderful Christmas. 
  6. I’m pup to my ears in gifts. 
  7. My dog terriered up the presents. 
  8. Home for the howlidays. 
  9. It’s pugly Christmas sweater season.
  10. Have a hairy Christmas and yappy new year.
Bone-shaped pet mat with a colorful dog pattern

Dogs Pattern Pet Mat designed and sold by ShowMeMars

The best dog puns are the ones that make you laugh. Whether you’re taking a quick work break browsing gifts for dog lovers or the cozy pet blankets, fun pet mats, colorful pet bandanas, or just some good ol’ dog pun fun, you’ve come to the right place. Throwing a party for your furbaby? These puns make great decor!

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Featured Image: Worth It designed and sold by Teo Zirinis

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