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125 Dog Instagram Captions for Every Occasion


Do you love to feature your precious pup on your Instagram? Look no further for some inspiration for your next post’s dog Instagram caption! We’ve compiled a massive list of some of our favorite Insta captions for almost any occasion with your furry child as the main attraction. Outfit them in adorable pet gear to up the likes on your posts. 

People won’t be able to resist the double tap on your sweet puppy photos; a great caption is just icing on the cake! 

Two dogs in a dog bed wearing leopard print bandanas

Cute Pattern Leopard Print Pet Mat | Primary Colors Pet Blanket designed and sold by Moumni28 Image Credit: mcshaflinbullterriers

Cute Dog Instagram Captions

Do you love spending time with your pup? Share it with the world with these heart-melting Instagram captions that express your love for your favorite four-legged human. 

  1. Our friendship is fur real. 
  2. So this is what puppy love feels like.
  3. We’re getting better at self-paw-traits. 
  4. Howl I ever live without you. 
  5. I’m just mutts about my dog.
  6. Warning: Cuteness overload in 4, 3, 2, 1….
  7. Thanks fur being my friend. 
  8. My dog is quite fetching. 
  9. Suns out, tongues out. 
  10. Fur the love of all that’s holy, isn’t he cute? 
A small dog wearing a bandana with colorful polka dots on a black background

Birthday Confetti Pet Bandana designed and sold by latheandquill

Funny Dog Captions for Instagram

Life is never boring with a dog around. These funny dog captions for Instagram will surely get a chuckle from your followers. Combine the caption with an adorable photo or video and watch the love roll in. For more funny dog captions, check out our list of dog puns

  1. Today has been ruff. 
  2. All about that pug life. 
  3. Dog hair is my new accessory. Send help! 
  4. I Shih Tzu not. My dog is the best. 
  5. He stole my heart like he stole my bed. 
  6. I like big mutts, and I can not lie. 
  7. Shh, he’s in-corg-nito. 
  8. Home is where dog hair is stuck to everything. 
  9. My dog is one classy mother pupper.
  10. What the pug is wrong with my dog? 
two dogs and a cat eat from bowls on two bone-shaped dog mats and one fish-shaped cat mat

Everybirdy Pattern Pet Mat designed and sold by birdhism, Time for Snacks! Pet Mat designed and sold by Ashley Castleton, Japanese Koi Fish Pond Pet Mat designed and sold by Natalia Linnik Image Credit: chip.po

Dog Mom Captions for Instagram

What qualifies you to be a dog mom? You post pictures of your pup as much as a new mother posts photos of her human children. You prioritize your pet more than some of the people in your life. After all, your dog is your baby. If this sounds like you, these dog mom captions for Instagram are for you. 

  1. If my dog doesn’t like you, we can’t be friends.
  2. True love is wiping off your dog’s eye boogers. 
  3. Say hello to my child. 
  4. The more I get to know people, the more I realize I love dogs. 
  5. I don’t need diamonds. Just my dog. 
  6. I’d rather have a dog than a child. 
  7. Please meet my new fur child. 
  8. My house isn’t a home without my dog. 
  9. Rockin’ that dog mom life. 
  10. Did you kiss your dog goodnight? 
Cat sitting on a turquoise blanket with a pattern of goldendoodles

Goldendoodles Pet Blanket designed and sold by littlearrow

Short Dog Captions for Instagram

Do you like to keep things short and sweet on your Instagram? Sometimes people just want to scroll through adorable puppy photos without reading a novel. Use one of these short dog captions for Instagram on your next post with your sweet boi. 

  1. Keep calm and bark on. 
  2. Slobber, rinse, repeat. 
  3. What up, dog? 
  4. Your love is fur real. 
  5. Dogs are my favorite people. 
  6. I woof you. 
  7. Will work for puppy kisses. 
  8. When in doubt, boop my snout. 
  9. I hope you like dog hair. 
  10. Catch puppies, not feels. 
Pet bowl with a retro Scandinavian folk wildflower pattern next to an Australian shepherd

Scandinavian Wildflowers Pet Bowl designed and sold by lisajaynemurray

Dog Point of View Instagram Captions

We go nuts about dog Instagram captions from the dog’s point of view. We can already see their tails wagging with excitement, and now everyone will know what they’re thinking. 

  1. Word on the street is that I’m a good boy. 
  2.  I don’t always bark. But when I do, it’s definitely about nothing. 
  3.  Dude, where’s my ball? 
  4. Squirrel!
  5.  Stop hounding me. I’m trying to nap. 
  6.  I don’t always bark. But when I do, it’s definitely about nothing. 
  7.  Hi, my name is StopChewingThat. What’s yours? 
  8. Human is sad again. Two licks and a snuggle for you. 
  9.  Why are you putting your shoes on? Are we going somewhere? 
  10.  Something happened in the bathroom, and I love you so much.
White bone-shaped pet mats with pugs drawn in black lines

Pugs Line Drawing Pet Mat designed and sold by Amy Hadden

In Memoriam Dog Instagram Captions

Losing a dog or any pet can be devastating. It’s your sweet fur-child, after all. If you want to share your love of the pet who made your life better, you can take inspiration from one of these in memoriam dog Instagram captions. 

  1. You’re no longer frolicking by my side, but you always be in my heart. 
  2. The hardest part of loving a dog is saying goodbye. 
  3. You had such a short little life yet you made the biggest impact on mine. 
  4. You showed me what unconditional love looked like. You’ll be missed. 
  5. Your only fault is that you couldn’t live longer. 
  6. I hope you’re running through fields of tennis balls and squirrels now. 
  7. You’ve forever changed my life, and I wish you were here. 
  8. It’s impossible to express the grief I feel after losing you. 
  9. If you ever have the chance to be loved by an animal, take it. 
  10. Life is short, especially the life of a furry friend. RIP, buddy.
A small dog sitting on a chair covered by a turquoise blanket with a corgi pattern

Jolly Corgis Pet Blanket designed and sold by Colordrilos

Fall Dog Instagram Captions

We know you don’t need an excuse to share photos of your dog, but we’ll give you some reasons to share just one more. These fall dog Instagram captions celebrate all things fall, food, and family. 

  1. Excuse me. Are you going to eat that?
  2. My dog is unbe-leaf-ably cute. 
  3. You’re such a gourd boy. 
  4. Me and my dog will live apple-y ever after. 
  5. Playing in the leaves with my best friend. 
  6. You’re the pick of the patch. 
  7. Thanks for never leafing me. 
  8. Hello, pumpkin! 
  9. Puppy kisses, harvest wishes. 
  10. Play hard. Nap harder. 
A golden retriever wearing a pink and purple bandana with a cloud pattern

Candy Sky Pet Bandana designed and sold by cafelab Image Credit: parkeryorksmith

Dog Birthday Instagram Captions

Is it your pup’s birthday? Celebrate the big day with an extra special treat, their favorite walk, and a cute photo splashed across Instagram. Not sure what to write? Try out one of these dog birthday Instagram captions. 

  1. Happy Bark Day! 
  2. You make my life so much sweeter. Happy rescue day! 
  3. Happy birthday to my favorite child!
  4. My dog only comes for the paw-ty. 
  5. Let’s raise the woof for my dog’s birthday! 
  6. I hope you have the zoomiest birthday. 
  7. It’s this good boi’s birthday! 
  8. If it’s your birthday and you know it, wag your tail. 
  9. All the belly rubs and treats for this pup’s birthday. 
  10. You’ll be fur-ever young to me. 
A dog eating from a dog bowl on a bone-shaped mat with a pattern of greyhounds in pajamas

Greyhound Pet Mat designed and sold by Selma Cardoso

New Dog Instagram Captions

Who doesn’t love new puppy kisses, puppy breath, and those sharp tiny teeth? If you’ve brought a new dog into your life, whether young or old, your life has changed forever. Use a variation of the new dog captions below and a sweet photo to introduce your new dog to your Instagram followers. 

  1. Relationship status upgrade — dog mom. 
  2.  I said, “Alexa, bring me a new puppy.” And she did. 
  3.  Keep calm and check out my new dog. 
  4. Have you met my new puppy? 
  5.  I have a new life update? No, I’m not pregnant. I had a fur-baby! 
  6.  “Happiness is a warm puppy.” — Charles M. Schulz. Welcome to the family.
  7.  I work for belly rubs. 
  8.  Whelp, I guess it’s time to share that I got a puppy! 
  9.  Howl did I ever survive without you?
  10.  I think my new roommate is really cute. Don’t you? 
A golden retriever and a gray cat sit next to white pet bowls with an illustration of a black dog giving a white dog a hug

Universal Language Pet Bowl designed and sold by AndyWestface

Dog Beach Instagram Captions

Taking your dog to the beach is adorable, messy, and fun — watching them chase balls into the waves, dig in the sand, and take some much-needed R&R under the shade of an umbrella. Look no further for the best dog beach Instagram captions. 

  1. We’re made for summer days. 
  2.  The ocean and my dog are the best medicine. 
  3.  Hold my drink, I need to go pet this dog. 
  4. Welcome to the dog days of summer. 
  5.  My dog was mermaid for me. 
  6.  I love my dog to the beach and back. 
  7.  You made the biggest splash in my life. 
  8. My dog and the sea are the ideal summer for me. 
  9.  My dog makes for the cutest beach bum. 
  10. Me and my pup found paradise. 
Small dog wearing bandana with a constellation pattern

The Stars Pet Bandana designed and sold by Carly Watts

Holiday Dog Instagram Captions

It’s some holiday pretty much every day of the year. We’ve decided to inspire you with some holiday dog Instagram captions for some of the more popular holidays during the year. Combine these adorable Instagram captions with your favorite gifts for cat lovers and dog lovers alike for the best holiday season yet! 

H3: Easter Dog Instagram Captions

Easter is all about egg hunts, chocolate, and watching your little buddy go wild playing with that adorable new carrot stuffy from their Easter basket. 

  1. Me and my dog getting some egg-cercise. 
  2. It’s not even bunny how much I love my fur-baby. 
  3. It’s not cheating using my dog during an Easter hunt, right?
  4. Me and my dog are two Peeps in a pod. 
  5. The cutest Easter doggo around. 
  6. Puppy kisses > bunny kisses. Maybe. 
  7. #egghuntchampion
  8. My pup had too many chocolate bunnies. He’s egg-hausted. 
  9. Easter with you is always pawsome. 
  10. My dog’s had too much sugar and has gone off the Peep end. 
Bone-shaped mat with the text "Time for Snacks" and colorful abstract shapes

Time For Snacks Dog Mat designed and sold by Ashley Castleton

4th of July Dog Instagram Captions

The 4th of July can be scary for pets. These 4th of July dog Instagram captions let you showcase your true love during this holiday. To make things easier, find the perfect gifts for dog lovers (and dogs!) to keep everyone happy. 

  1. Do you want a pupsicle or hot dog at the 4th of July party? 
  2. You can’t handle all my dogs sparkle. 
  3.  Just me and my pup having a blast watching fireworks. 
  4. My dog is excited for the BBQ and scared of the fireworks. 
  5. If I can’t bring my dog, I’m not going. 
Small dog sitting on a cream-colored blanket with colorful abstract swirls

Wavey Loops Abstract Rainbow Pet Blanket designed and sold by kierkegaard

Dog Halloween Instagram Captions

Are you one of those people who love to dress up their fur-child? We don’t blame you. Opt for a pet bandana or a full-on costume and show off your cute pup to your followers. 

  1. No tricks. Just lots and lots of treats. 
  2. Too cute to spook. 
  3. My dog is so BOOtiful. 
  4. Witch way are the treats?
  5. Keep your paws off my treats, witches. 
A small dog and a large dog wearing colorful leopard print bandanas

Leopard Print Primary Color Pet Bandana designed and sold by Gabi Toma

Christmas Dog Captions for Instagram

These dog Christmas captions will surely get your followers in the mood for the holiday season. There’s nothing quite as cute as a pup in costume. 

  1. Tis the season for puppy snuggles. 
  2. Can we go inside? I’m turning into a pup-sicle. 
  3. Happy Howl-idays.
  4. “I opened your Christmas present for you.” — the dog
  5. Say hello to Santa Paws! 
A pet bowl with flying dragons breathing flames in a rainbow watercolor pattern on a pet bowl next to an Australian shepherd

Dragon Fire Dark Rainbow Pet Bowl designed and sold by adenaJ

People will always love scrolling through adorable pets and pet videos on Instagram. Make your photos pop with the best pet blankets, the adorable pet mats, and the most stylish pet bandanas.

Featured Image: Dog Pawty Time designed and sold by UrbanEpiphany

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