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30 Desk Decor Ideas to Make Your Workspace Unique


Each week, you spend large amounts of time sitting at your desk. Why not freshen up the space by decorating?

And no, that stack of old mugs piled next to your computer doesn’t count. (Though if you really want to decorate with coffee mugs, we can hook you up with some cool-looking ones.) Instead of settling for the same-old-same-old, check out our 30 desk decor ideas to make your desk feel fresh and fun.

1. Light up the space

The addition of a light allows you to turn off ugly overhead fluorescents, or simply enjoy a brighter space. With so many shapes, sizes, and colors, it’s easy to find a lamp that perfectly fits your style.

If you’re feeling unconventional, consider trying other types of lights. For example, colorful lightbulbs or a string of fairy lights give off a more whimsical vibe.

photo of office desk decor with fairy lightsImage by @thedaintysquid

2. Consider shelving

Desktop shelving is a great way to create storage space. Use clear containers to create an organized and aesthetically-pleasing display of pens and pencils, paperclips, rubber bands, candy, or whatever else you need to store.

You can also use shelves for something fun! Plants, works of art, books, and photos make desks feel cozier without creating clutter.

desk decor shelfImage by @ashleyyash

3. Add pops of color

Minimalism is in, but if your desk decor is all neutral colors, you might get bored. Don’t be afraid to add pops of an accent color. If you need to stay professional, opt for jewel tones like sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green.

Office supplies provide a great opportunity for color. Spruce things up with boldly hued pencil cases, staplers, scissors, pens, and more.

desk decor with a pop of colorImage by @emmamatthewsdigicontent

4. Personalize your mouse pad

There’s no rule saying you have to use a black mousepad. Make your space fit your personality by upgrading this oft-ignored piece of desk decor. Mousepads come in every color of the rainbow. You can also find mousepads made of materials you wouldn’t expect, such as leather, cork, and even agate.

Desk decor with personalized mouse padImage by @magarisan

5. Display an inspirational quote in a framed print

Even when you love your job, work can become tiresome, frustrating, and difficult at times. Display an inspirational quote in a framed print to keep yourself going through low points. Short, meaningful quotes take only a second to read but can provide major motivation.

Photo of Inspiration quote in a framed printArtwork Focus On The Good Stuff by TheLoveShop

6. Add a plant to your desk

Plants boost your mood and reduce anxiety. Bring calm and happiness to your day by putting a lush, green plant on your desk.

Many plants, such as English ivy and snake plants, can thrive with low, indirect light, such as a small window across the room.

Desk decor with plantsImage by @bonitta

7. Display fresh flowers

Who doesn’t feel happier while looking at flowers? Whether you put them in a vase or old Mason jar, flowers bring liveliness to your space. They add a pop of color and, if you buy the right ones, also create a lovely smell.

Photo of desk decor with fresh flowersImage by @heidimaetrix

8. Make the space comfortable with a pillow

A stiff chair creates aches and pains. Give yourself some cushion by sitting on a pillow. Or, if your chair is already comfortable, slide a small throw pillow behind you to improve your posture. Bonus: If you get tired during the day, you’ll have something to nap on.

photo of chair with a pillow desk decorImage by @vesnikproleca

9. Try creating a color scheme

Start your color scheme with 2 to 3 neutral colors. For example, black, gray, and white are neutrals for a sleek, modern color scheme. Brown and beige are good neutrals for a Boho style.

Next, add 1 to 2 accent colors that fit with your neutrals. Hot pink, royal blue, or yellow would all work well for a high-energy look. If you want something more subdued, stick to muted colors, such as blush pink and moss green.

Photo of Desk decor inspiration color schemeImage by @thedaintysquid

10. Keep your schedule organized with a desk calendar

Stay reminded of important meetings, events, and deadlines with a desk calendar. Desk calendars are available in a wide variety of colors and formats, giving you more ways to upgrade your decor.

Photo of Desk calendarImage by @missmacyymarie

11. Include framed prints

Decorate with framed art to create the vibe you want. Your framed print can be serious, silly, rustic, or abstract. Search through a variety of prints before deciding what fits you best.

Photo of Desk Decor Framed PrintsImage by @lapalatine

12. Hang supplies from a peg board

When it comes to desk decor ideas, a peg board provides an opportunity for nearly infinite possibilities because you can change what’s hanging on it any time you’d like.

Your peg board hooks can hold, well, anything that can hang from a hook! Try hanging colorful scissors, mini shelves, or even a small plant in a macrame hanger.

Photo of Desk Decor supplies hanging from a peg boardImage by bongkarn thanyakij

13. Decorate with family photos

Bring a little of the joy you feel with loved ones into your workspace. Photos of your family, friends, and pets will remind you of what makes you happy. Choose images of particularly good memories, such as your favorite vacation or holiday gathering.

Photo of desk decor with family photosImage by kittehinfurs

14. Keep your supplies organized with trays

It’s hard to feel top of things when your supplies are all over the place. Trays to the rescue! Put them in your desk drawers or leave them on top of the desk if you have nice supplies you’d enjoy looking at throughout your day.

Image by Julia M Cameron

15. Use washi tape

If you haven’t heard of washi tape, get excited. This versatile tape can stick onto and easily peel off of nearly anything. Use it to hang photos on the wall, decorate your desk calendar, or even create your own removable wallpaper. 

photo of person putting photos on a wall with washi tapeImage by @cottonbro

16. Decorate with wallpaper, contact paper, or stickers

Speaking of peel-off decor, wallpaper, contact paper, and stickers are all options for beautifying your space. Do you want an emerald green desktop? With the right contact paper, you can make it happen. Once you’ve covered something with contact paper, use stickers to create a pattern or make it more interesting.

Photo of Desk decor ideas with wallpapersImage by @fbclark_89

17. Choose a fun clock

Clocks are useful, but they can also be fun. You can choose a clock that hangs on the wall or sits on your desk. Either way, pick one that complements your color scheme and fits with your design aesthetic.

Photo of Fun Clock on a wallImage by @mozdeb

18. Update basic items like a tissue box

Take a standard, boring tissue box, and make it your own. Cover the box in washi tape, contact paper, or stickers to personalize it so it fits your overall style.

19. Incorporate a dry erase board or bulletin board

Dry-erase boards and bulletin boards are useful and contribute to your space’s look. Dry-erase boards are fantastic for to-do lists and bits of information you don’t want to forget, while bulletin boards are better for hanging photos, art, and little items you don’t want to lose.

Photo of Desk Decor Inspiration Bulletin BoardImage by @ellajardim

20. File documents in a magazine holder

Stop rustling through stacks of disorganized papers and wondering where things are. Desktop file or magazine holders organize important documents while looking classy.

Photo of Magazine folder desk decor inspirationImage by Slava Keyzman

21. Repurpose tin cans to hold your supplies

Tin cans are perfect for holding pens and pencils or even flowers, and they fit well with rustic and industrial design styles. If you’re feeling crafty, paint your tin can or use washi tape to make it fit your color scheme.

Photo of Desk Decor Inspiration - Using a can vase as aImage by @nietjuh78

22. Use mirrors to open up the space

Because they reflect, mirrors can make a space look twice as big! Open up your space by hanging mirrors on the wall, or even using a mirror as a desktop.

photo of Desk Decor Inspiration MirrorImage by @thedaintysquid

23. Keep your books organized with bookends

Bookends keep your books from falling over, but they can look good, too. Go for solid wood if you want a professional office feel, or liven things up by making your bookends more colorful with paint or washi tape.

Photo of desk decor inspiration bookendsImage by @ashleyyash

24. Strategically hide your cords

Cords are ugly and they get in the way. Use a box or shelf to keep yours hidden. Your space will look cleaner, and you’ll be less likely to accidentally unplug your computer with your foot.

Photo of Desk decor inspiration - Hide your cordsImage by @simonwoehrer

25. Scent the space with candles

Delight more than just your eyes by bringing a scent into your space. Candles will do the trick. Choose a scent that transports you to where you’d like to be, whether that’s in the forest or on the beach.

Photo of desk decor with candlesImage by influencer

26. Color code your supplies

When you color code your supplies, they double as decorations. Bring office supplies out of the drawer and onto your desk or shelves so you can show them off, organized by their place in the rainbow.

Photo of Color code supplies desk decor inspirationImage by Ann H

27. Add texture to the space with a fun rug

Most office supplies are pretty rigid and flat. Add some texture with a fun rug under your feet. Use a bright color to really catch the eye.

Photo of Fun rug desk decor ideasImage by @girlandtheword

28. Incorporate geometric decor for a modern look

Geometric art is in, but you don’t have to buy a costly painting to incorporate it into your decor. Opt for a geometric notebook or a geometric coffee mug. These are both easy, low-cost ways to bring the angular look into your space.

Photo of geometric mug desk decorArtwork Deep Teal Stone Stuff by Elisabeth Frediksson

29. Try hanging plants

If you want plants but don’t have the desk space, try hanging plants! Can’t drill into the ceiling? No problem, hang smaller plants from hooks on a peg board.

Photo of Hanging plant desk decorImage by Charles Deluvio

30. Use metallic accents in the space

Metallic accents add a classy feel to your workspace. Gold is especially popular, but you might find that silver or bronze complement your color scheme even better. 

Photo of metallic accents onImage by @thebstudio

Enjoy your desk

You don’t have to try all 30 desk decor ideas to enjoy your workspace even more. Find the desk decor inspiration that speaks to you, and start there. Soon you’ll have a desk that is well-organized, fitting your personality, and more pleasurable to use.

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