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55 Coffee Puns and Jokes to Kick Start Your Day


Java lovers everywhere appreciate a great coffee joke written across their coffee cup or daily tote they bring to the office. Coffee is more than just a beverage, after all: coffee puns are a great way to express-o just how much the caffeine bean means to you!

Whether you prefer to be the person chatting and dropping puns into conversation around the coffee maker in the break room or like wearing pins or using stickers that show off your love of java, we have all the coffee puns and coffee jokes that you’ve “bean” looking for. The best coffee puns fit naturally into conversation, just the way coffee naturally fills up a mug. Or how coffee designs sit naturally on top of your triple shot, half-sweet, non-fat, camel macchiato.

Coffee Puns You’ll Love a Latte

Whether you’re saying how much you like someone with caffeine puns or expresso-ing your love of coffee on the side of your mug, funny coffee sayings are a great way to make your friends and family smile (and maybe groan!) every morning. Coffee puns are great whether you’re a barista trying to make a customer smile or just a person who can’t go a day without a cup of joe.

  1. Hey girl, how you bean?
  2. We make the perfect blend.
  3. Rise and grind!
  4. Don’t worry, be frappe-y.
  5. I’m no programmer, but I’m fluent in Java!
  6. Cappuccino is all froth and no substance.
  7. You are so brew-tiful to me.
  8. My love of coffee is beanormous!
  9. Espresso your creativity!
  10. Proud to be an Americano
  1. Giving it your best shot (of espresso!).
  2. Mugs and kisses
  3. Bean me up, Scotty!
  4. Let your ideas percolate.
  5. Full steam ahead!
  6. This is my mug shot.
  7. Just brew it.
  8. I’m here for all the perks.
  9. Livin’ la vida mocha!
  10. I’d scour the Full City for a darker coffee roast.
  1. The ends justify the beans in this case!
  2. This coffee is mug-nificient.
  3. So much espresso is doppio, bro!
  4. Life’s tough: grind and bear it.
  5. Your the crema of the crop!
  6. I’m not avoiding it, I’m just procaffeinating!
  7. Sip sip hooray for coffee!
  8. Better latte than never!
  9. Words cannot espresso how much you mean to me.
  10. Coffee: it keeps me well grounded!

Coffee Jokes That Are Far From Depresso

From latte puns to cute coffee quotes, there is plenty of material available for funny coffee jokes. Tell your favorite coffee joke or give it as a gift on a fun sticker! You can also tell these jokes to your friends who love coffee as well as animals, music, or spending time in coffee shops – there are coffee jokes for everyone. You may get a bit of an eye-roll at first, but secretly, most people cannot resist a joke told in good fun (or good pun!).

  1. Q: What does the java rooster say? A: Cock-a-doodle-brew!
  2. Q: What do you call someone who must have their coffee now? A: A Caff-iend!
  3. Q: What’s a feline’s favorite espresso drink? A: A catpuccino.
  4. Q: What did the awesome person use to make iced coffee? A: Cool beans!
  5. Q: What did the coffee pot do when he witnessed a crime? A: Called the cups.
  6. Q: What did the ice cream and espresso drink say when they showed up late? A: I’m sorry, Affogato turn on my alarm!
  7. Q: What’s a coffee lover’s favorite dance? A: The Jitterbug!
  8. Q: What did the percolator say to the coffee beans who tried to sneak out late? A: You’re grounded.
  9. “This coffee has no milk or sugar,” she said, bitterly.
  10. Q: How can you stop getting sent tons of java jokes? A: Use a coffee filter!
  1. Q: What did the coffee beans do when the boss retired? A: Had a roast!
  2. Q: When you get the opportunity to get a nice creamy coffee drink, what should you do? A: Milk it for all it’s worth!
  3. Q: What did the weatherman say when he saw the hurricane in the percolator? A: A storm is brewing!
  4. Q: Why did the Arabica bean stay home from work? A: He was feeling coughy.
  5. Q: What do you call the long moments before the coffee finishes? A: Stuck in perkatory.
  6. Q: Why’d you have to leave the coffee shop to get some fresh air? A: It was too muggy inside!
  7. Q: Why did the coffee cups get married? A: They were just meant to bean.
  8. Q: How do you get a good grade at making coffee? A: Pour-over your textbooks!
  9. Q: What do you call coffee pots in an argument? A: A heated debate.
  10. Q: What’s the fastest way to caffeinate? A: Instant coffee
  1. Q: What’s a coffee lover’s favorite book of the Bible? A: He-brews
  2. Q: How does Clint Eastwood order his coffee? A: “Go ahead, mocha my day!”
  3. Q: Why do you buy a large coffee when you have a lot to complain about? A: Because you need to venti.
  4. Q: What does Dolly Parton sing to her barista? A: Joe-lene, Joe-lene!
  5. Q: What’s the feeling when a coffee tastes like you’ve had it before? A: Déja Brew!

We’ve hit the bottom of the coffee pot and need time to percolate before we have any more coffee puns for you, but we hope you’re as full of tasty bean juice as you are now full of humor! The fun of barista jokes and cappuccino puns is infectious – it’s hard not to share them immediately and try to make up some of your own. Consider who might laugh the hardest at this collection, and gift them a clever coffee pun poster designed by artists.

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