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56 Christmas Puns Yule Be Sure to Sleigh With


‘Tis the season for delightfully cheesy Christmas puns, which deliver wordplay just as vibrant as the lights on your tree. The right phrases can be used as icebreakers or might even impress that certain someone before you head for the mistletoe. They’re beloved at parties, in seasonal cards or letters, and pretty much everywhere else. In the digital sphere, they’re a hit for Facebook and Instagram captions. If you really want to make an impression, however, you’ll find a way to integrate clever holiday puns into everything from your coziest pair of socks to that silly shirt you wear to the annual family gathering.

Struggling to come up with ideas for chuckle-worthy Christmas puns? Below, we’ve provided the gift of humor, complete with over fifty puns categorized based on some of the season’s most beloved traditions. Try them out at your next holiday gathering, and yule be more popular than Santa Claus himself this Christmas season.

Santa Claus Puns

Everybody’s favorite gift-giver has a goofy red outfit and a ridiculous laugh that calls for over-the-top jokes. Old Saint Nick doesn’t mind being the butt of a good joke, as long as it’s more nice than naughty. Goofy, Santa-based plays on words are wonderful in that they can be understood and enjoyed by just about anybody. Their sheer versatility makes them an excellent fit for including them with Secret Santa gifts.

Not sure how to represent your favorite jolly North Pole resident in a chuckle-worthy joke? These Santa puns are more ho-ho than ho-hum:

  1. Santa honors children with his presents every Christmas.
  2. Christmas always makes me Santa-mental.
  3. Santa sleighs.
  4. The chimney really soots Santa.
  5. Being alone at the North Pole makes Santa feel Claus-trophobic.
  6. Santa Claus is a gifted man.
  7. Santa’s sleigh flies in snow-motion.
  8. Santa can be a real snow-it-all.

Snow Puns

The weather outside may be frightful, but these puns are so delightful. They’re so fun, your audience will find it impossible to flake out on you. Just make sure you hit all the punchlines, otherwise, everyone at your Christmas party will give you the cold shoulder. These snowy puns are sure to warm up the crowd:

  1. I’ve had snow much fun spending time with you this winter.
  2. Snow doubt about it, winter is here.
  3. When a snowman eats lunch, he takes a frostbite.
  4. There’s snow way we’re going to escape this blizzard.
  5. All the snowmen got dressed up for the ultimate party: the snowball.
  6. This winter, I fell in love at frost sight.
  7. Let’s go outside and play freeze tag.
  8. Santa’s new bike is an ice-cycle.

Elf Puns

There’s no need to hit the workshop when you’re able to call on several ready-made elf puns. Don’t be elfish when it comes to Christmas jokes this year and don’t worry about thinking up silly statements that will get your Christmas crew laughing. These puns will be a nice presence in your holiday joke bag.

  1. Why wait in line for pictures with Santa when you can take an elfie?
  2. I’ve learned a lot from reading this elf-help book.
  3. Santa is an elf-made businessman.
  4. Elves cook with u-tinsels.
  5. We all know that person with no elf-control.
  6. I have elf-confidence.

Christmas Cat Puns

What could be cozier on a cold December evening than cuddling with your cat? And what could be funnier than a kitty-themed pun? Avoid a cat-tastrophe this holiday season by trying out some of these time-tested cat phrases. You’ll be mewing with laughter when you hear these pawsome jokes, which exemplify both our love for and amusement with our mischievous feline friends during the holiday season. After all, there’s nothing wrong with kitten around with friends and family during the holidays.

  1. We wish you a Meowy Christmas and a happy mew year!
  2. Merry Catsmas!
  3. Father Christmas has a new cat named Santa Claws.
  4. Get ready to open the purrfect purresent.
  5. Thank you for the paw-some present.
  6. Santa keeps track of all the naughty and nice pets in his cat-alogue.
  7. The holiday season has me feline festive.

Dog Christmas Puns

The dog days of summer are over, and now Christmas has arrived. Now is not the time to roll over and give up on the chance to leave your guests panting from laughter. These canine puns are nearly as goofy as your four-legged companion, who will never hesitate to act excited even when your jokes fall flat with humans. The following are the ulti-mutt dog puns for anyone who is obsessed with the canine world.

  1. Feliz Navidog.
  2. Here comes Santa Paws.
  3. Dachsund through the snow.
  4. Deck the halls with boughs of Collie.
  5. Bark! The herald angels sing.

Christmas Tree Puns

If you’re on the hunt for puns that involve the most central decorative element during the holiday season, you’re in for a real tree-t. What wood you do without a solid selection of tree puns that will leave guests barking with delight? With jokes like these, you’ll never find yourself pining for additional humor.

  1. Don’t fir-get to water the Christmas tree.
  2. I’ll go out on a limb and say my Christmas tree is the best.
  3. Let’s put up the decorations at tree o’clock.
  4. This new Christmas tree really spruces up the living room.
  5. My neighbors are pining over my Christmas tree.
  6. I would help pick out the tree but I’ve got a fear of needles.
  7. The holidays are tree-mendous.
  8. I’d kiss you under the Christmas tree, but it would be too sappy.
  9. I meant to get a Christmas tree but I fir-got.

Reindeer Puns

Oh deer! These puns are so silly, you just might get red in the face (or nose) and find that you need to hoof it once you’ve shared them on the fly. After all, telling reindeer puns at your ugly Christmas sweater party is much better than entertaining guests by being a Dancer or Prancer.

  1. When Santa’s reindeer get together for Christmas, they throw a Donner party.
  2. Hop on Santa’s sleigh and hold on for deer life.
  3. Santa’s so rich, he’s got big bucks.
  4. Santa named a reindeer after a rude-elf.
  5. Ask Santa for the weather and he’ll tell you “rein, deer”.
  6. Santa throws a great stag party.
  7. Rudolph gives Santa a doe-eyed look.
  8. Too much eggnog and I get Blitzened.

Other Funny Christmas Puns

There’s more to Christmas than trees and reindeer. Christmas lights, wrapping paper, stocking stuffers, and eggnog all play a crucial role in the holiday season. With so many Christmas and holiday parties and get-togethers, there’s always an opportunity to break out a witty pun or two. When in doubt, step up your Christmas game with one of these creative puns:

  1. It’s the most punderful time of the year.
  2. Yule laugh at my Christmas puns.
  3. I’m a great freestyle wrapper.
  4. All these puns are ho-ho-horrible.
  5. You forgot to get me a present? Say it ain’t snow.
  6. The North Pole is a great place to Netflix and Chill.

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