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100 Cheese Puns and Jokes That Are As Cheesy As It Gets


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Cheese lovers unite! For foodies and chefs, cheese is a staple food item in their diet because it’s so gouda. Check out this list of over 100 cheese puns and jokes that are sure to cause a meltdown of chuckles. After you read this list, cheese puns will be on your rind all day. 

Cheese Puns

Cheese Louise, we’ve got 20 funny cheese puns to make your day. It doesn’t get any cheddar than a list of puns about cheese in a world full of people who love cheese. 

  1. By golly, I think cheese got it! 
  2. How about you mind your own cheesewax.  
  3. Have you learned about the birds and the cheese? 
  4. Cheesy does it now. 
  5. This is cheesily the best list of cheese puns.  
  6. Money doesn’t grow on cheese. 
  7. Why don’t you cut to the cheese?
  8. Cheese wisely.  
  9. You are the cheesen one. 
  10. How dairy not like these cheese puns? 

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  1. That’s what cheese said. 
  2.  I couldn’t Havarti said it better. 
  3. A rind is a terrible thing to waste. 
  4. Did you know gruyere is the new black? 
  5.  He went as fast as his legs curd carry him. 
  6. Cheese just the best. 
  7. Cheese the day. 
  8. Three cheese for cheese puns!  
  9. Are you feeling bleu?
  10. This is cheesy as pie. 

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Cheddar Puns

You cheddar believe these are some of the sharpest cheese puns in the box. As good luck would Havarti it, we’ve gathered ten cheddar puns just for you. 

  1. She’s my cheddar half. 
  2. Let’s cheddar light on this matter.  
  3. You’re such a cheddar box. 
  4. Cheddar luck next time. 
  5. He always says, “Cheddar safe than sorry.”  
  6. You’re cheddar off without him. 
  7. Cheddar now than never. 
  8. Don’t cheddar tear over him.  
  9. You cheddar believe it! 
  10. Let me appeal to your cheddar judgment. 

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Gouda Puns

Who doesn’t love a gouda pun? And for goudaness sake, it’s time to start reading through this list while imagining all of the gouda snacks you could be enjoying right now. 

  1. I gouda go. 
  2. All in gouda time.  
  3. These gouda puns are… gouda. 
  4. It’s as gouda as gold. 
  5. Did you deliver the goudas? 
  6. Be a gouda sport. 
  7. For goudaness sake! 
  8. If looks gouda kill.  
  9. I’ve got gouda news and bad news. 
  10. Keep fighting the gouda fight. 

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Brie Puns

We have to brie serious here. These brie puns are brie-illiant. Don’t take our word for it. Check them out yourself. 

  1. Life isn’t all it’s cracked up to brie. 
  2. Float like a butterfly, sting like a brie.  
  3. I’m making a brieline for the cheese platter. 
  4. You sure are the brie’s knees. 
  5. To brie or not to brie. That is the question.  
  6. This is the start of a brie-utiful friendship. 
  7. You’re like two bries in a pod. 
  8. Won’t you brie mine?  
  9. Brie done with it already! 
  10. Hit me up. I’ll brie around. 

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Swiss Cheese Puns

Upon further analyswiss, it looks like these swiss cheese puns are on fire. Don’t worry, though. They still taste good after a meltdown. 

  1. Careful what you Swiss for. 
  2. Have you been to the Swisstine chapel?  
  3. We’ll always be soulswissters.
  4. This is a cheese criswiss. 
  5. I Swiss you were here.  
  6. This calls for further analyswiss.
  7. I Swiss you the best. 
  8. Be the change you Swiss to see in the world.  
  9. That’s just Swissful thinking. 
  10. I’m hole-y unaware of his hypothoswiss. 

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Feta Puns

  1. I’ve got a feta idea. 
  2. It’s feta to be safe than sorry.  
  3. Anything you can do, I can do feta. 
  4. You feta get out of here. 
  5. He’s my feta half.  
  6. Feta luck next time. 
  7. Feta or not, here I come. 
  8. It’s not over ‘til the feta lady sings.  
  9. I’m feta by design. 
  10. I’m feta up with these cheese puns. 

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Nacho Cheese Puns

  1. Call me in queso emergency. 
  2. Those are nachos to take. 
  3. You’re nacho self today. 
  4. She looked sauce-spicious. 
  5. I’m nacho friend.  
  6. Let’s taco-bout your love of nachos.
  7. Today is nacho lucky day. 
  8. Queso, what do we do next?   
  9. It’s nacho fault. 
  10. He took his nacho pun to the grave to burrito it. 

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Cheese Jokes

  1. Q: What’s a cheese lover’s favorite music? A: R&Brie
  2. Q: What do you call a cheese’s enemy? A: His arch nemeswiss. 
  3. Q: What is cheese’s favorite pasta? A: Feta-cine. 
  4. Q: What did one cheese say to the other? A: I’m quite fondue you. 
  5. Q: What did the block of cheese say to the taco? A: Let’s shred light on the matter. 
  6. Q: What is your favorite sushi condiment?  A: Wasabrie. 
  7. Q: Where did the cheese go on vacation? A: The Golden Grate Bridge. 
  8. Q: Why did the ghost have a stomachache? A: He was lact-ghost intolerant. 
  9. Q: Do you want to hear a cheesy joke? A: Nevermind, it’s no gouda. 
  10. Q: What music does the cheese love? A: Mozart-ella. 
  11. Q: What cheese is the most religious? A: Swiss because it’s hole-y. 
  12. Q: Which cheese is the most dangerous? A: Sharp cheddar. 
  13. Q: Why did the cheese start lifting weights? A: To get shredded.
  14. Q: Why does everyone love mozzarella? A: It’s cheesygoing. 
  15. Q: What monster are cheeses afraid of? A: Gorgonzilla.
  16. Q: What happened when the air conditioning broke at the cheese’s house? A: There was a meltdown. 
  17. Q: How can you tell when cheese is lying? A: When it’s too gouda to be true. 
  18. Q: What did the person say when they ate too much cheese? A: My clothes won’t feta. 
  19. Q: What is a cheese’s favorite Halloween song? A: The Muenster Mash. 
  20. Q: Who is the smartest cheese? A: Cheese Whiz. 

This is the cheesiest list of cheese puns on the internet. Everyone loves a good pun, whether it be bread puns or potato puns. You can even print out your favorites on cheese puns stickers and posters. It doesn’t get cheddar than that! 

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