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100+ Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List


Filling a stocking with good gifts can be a challenge. I mean, what kind of stuff can you get that’s small, personal, fun to receive, and doesn’t cost half your rent? Whether you’re searching for a sibling, a parent, or a significant other, check out this list for some of the best inexpensive stocking stuffers around.

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Stocking Stuffers for Sister

I always know what to get my sister based on what’s mysteriously missing from my room. Oh, my favorite shirt is gone? She must be wearing it. Where did my necklace go? She probably wants a matching one. Sisters are typically pretty clear about what they want, which is why we know they’ll like some of these options below:

PC: mozdeb

1. Knitted scarf: scarves are basically portable blankets, and who doesn’t want a portable blanket when it’s freezing outside?
2. Versatile top: floral prints are always allowed. Even in winter.
3. Stacking bracelets: they’re tiny and they’re trendy. What more could you want? Stocking stuffer perfection.
4. Sheet masks: for the sister that’s all about that spa life.
5. Bath bombs: I don’t even take baths but they look cool and I still want 100 of them… which means she’ll want 100 of them too.
6. Lip balm set: we have our work lip balm, our car lip balm, our gym lip balm, there’s just truly never enough lip balm.
7. Studio Pouch: so she doesn’t lose that lip balm, see above.
8. Journal: first entry? “Dear Diary, you are the best present ever.”

PC: stehlblueten

9. Pens: bullet journaling is all the rage right now, and you’ve hooked her up with a notebook so she’s already halfway there. Add some funky colors so she can journal like a pro.
10. Flash tattoos: whether she uses them with her friends or to prank your parents into thinking they’re real, add a set to her stocking for some temporarily-inked edge.
11. Drawstring bags: for the sister that’s always on-the-go.
12. App subscription: from music, to photography, to exercise, get her a subscription to an app that proves you really know what she’s into.
13. Fairy lights: tiny twinkling lights instantly make every space feel special. Snag a little set for her room.

PC: girlandtheword

14. Tapestries: help her mix up the entire vibe of her room in a flash.
15. Makeup remover towelettes: for when she’s feeling too lazy to wash up.
16. Earrings: earrings are ideal inexpensive stocking stuffers. They’re small, easy to find, and your discerning big-sister-taste makes them special.
17. Laptop stickers: creating the right collage of laptop stickers is key, especially because stickers can make a statement about who she is and what she’s into (i.e., her high-priority fandoms).

18. Reusable snack bags: for hanger management.

19. Adult coloring book: to help her decompress after a long day.

20. Cookbook: to encourage her to make all the yummy recipes you’re too lazy to try.

Stocking Stuffers for Brother

Brothers can be a bit of a challenge to shop for because unlike sisters, they don’t always give you clear direction (yes, I’m generalizing but you can blame my brother for that). Luckily, we’ve learned to speak fluent brother, so we’ve translated all his “whatevers” and “I dunnos” into easy-to-find inexpensive gifts and cheap stocking stuffers. Check ‘em out.

man playing video game intensely
costok 1 by CosmicNuggets

21. Posters: easy to put up, easy to take down. How’s that for low commitment?
22. Stickers: so he can show off with a little fan swag.
23. Beanie: everyone’s ears get cold and beanies are 100% bro approved.
24. Gym tank: help him earn that extra serving of pie in this novelty top.
25. Pop socket: these guys make your phone easier to prop up and easier to grip. And since your brother has dropped his phone 345984 times, this is borderline necessary.
26. On-the-go items: from a little bottle of shampoo, to small lotion, to tiny shaving cream, this stuff looks like it was made to be in a stocking.
27. Mad Libs: brothers are always saying weird stuff. Time to put that weirdness to good use.
28. Rick and Morty phone case: send Rick and Morty on a new adventure… to the back of his phone. It might not be “Dimension C-137” but we think Rick will like it there.
29. Hand warmers: he may think he’s “too cool” for gloves or mittens, but no one is above hand warmers. No one.
30. Headphones: gym headphones, commute headphones, school headphones. It almost feels like you can never have enough. Keep him covered with a new set.
31. Razors: so he’ll look semi-respectable in all the holiday pics you’re forcing him to be in.
32. Reusable water bottle: make sure to snag one that’s BPA-free plastic, glass, or stainless steel.
33. Pocket-sized hand sanitizer: germs are everywhere. Don’t let him get caught with a cough this season, and make sure he’s stocked up on that “kills 99.99% of germs” gel.
34. Ramen: nothing says “cheap stocking stuffer” quite like the meal that costs $1 and is ready in minutes.
35. Hot chocolate: delicious, warm, seasonal, and most importantly, easy. And go ahead, pair it with a mug too.
36. Pre-mixed cookie/cake in a jar: for when he’s trying to stretch those cooking skills.

37. Multi-purpose tool: to help him fix all the things.

38Magnetthat will make him laugh every time he opens the fridge.

Cheap Stocking Stuffer for Your Parents

Finding great inexpensive stocking stuffers for adults can feel especially challenging. Parents are always like, “Don’t get us anything” (lame) or, “All we want is peace and quiet” (double lame), but come on. Our parents have given us so much that the least we can do is put a little thought into getting them some nice gifts. Pick one of their favorite interests, hobbies, or fandoms and pair it with something practical (think book, mug, shirt) to ensure maximum Mom + Dad happiness. Not sure where to start? Let’s take a look…

Stocking Stuffers for Dad:

man drinking beer from hat with straws
Hold The Pickle by Will Ruocco

39.Beef Jerky: is there anything more dad than a bag of meat? No.
40. Scratchers/Lotto ticket: test your luck with a couple of these guys. Maybe Dad will even split his millions with you (or the $3 he actually wins).
41. Bottle opener: they’re just never around when you need them, right? Put an end to the search by selecting one with a keychain.
42. Stick-on cellphone wallet: grab your phone and you’re good to go. Dad’s love convenience.
43. Hot sauce: it’s like chocolate for dads. They can’t get enough. Weirdos.
44. Credit card multitool: some of the options out there serve more than 10 functions (which is like 9 more functions than I serve, help).
45. Deck of cards: challenge him to a few rounds of poker, rummy, speed, or even “go fish”. Loser has to do the dishes.
46. Travel mug: Sturdy and practical. That’s the business.
47. Golf balls: they make for inexpensive stocking stuffers that are let’s just say… up to par. (Dad presents deserve dad jokes).
48. Comb: hey, dads get flyaways too.
49. Sudoku/crossword book: while the rest of us pretty much only play games on our phones, dads like keeping it old school. Keep him busy with some paper-and-pencil puzzles that will last well into the new year.
50. Coozie: keep those holiday drinks cozy with a coozie.
51. A sleep mask: is anyone catching enough ZZZs these days? Help him out with one of these bad boys.
52. Coasters: there are two things we all know about dads: 1) they like dad jokes. 2) they don’t like stains on the coffee table. Fact. Fact.
53. A bird-watching book: what is it with dads and birds?
54. Wool socks: keep his toes toasty— no fireplace required.
55. Mini flashlight: bonus points if it can go on his keychain.
56. Batteries: in the right size for his remote so he never has to miss a game.
57. Ice mold: get him a mold for a nice large cube so he can drink his whiskey on the rocks in style.
58. Spices: barbecuing is like sweet, sweet poetry for dads. Help him hold on to that summer grilling spirit all year long with a new set of rubs and seasonings.
59. Craft beer: stop by your local brewery to snag a seasonal flavor he hasn’t had before. IPA? More like IP-yayyyy.

Stocking Stuffers for Mom:

PC: fawnina

60. Succulent: succulents are both cute and low maintenance. We’ve got a lot to learn from succulents tbh.
61. Bottle stopper: I’ve personally rarely ever needed one of these (DON’T JUDGE ME), but I’m told that for many people they’re very practical. So, bottle stoppers = cheap stocking stuffer gold.
62. Scrunchies: okay. Hear me out. They’re coming back in style, they’re waaaay better for your hair, they don’t leave a mark on your wrist, and there’s a 99% chance your mom has rocked them before and wants to again. Sold.
63. Cozy slipper socks: nothing says comfort quite like a nice pair of fuzzy slippers. And your mom deserves comfort.
64. Coffee mug: …or should I say “coffee” mug?
65. Book: is she adventurous? A history buff? Super into sci-fi? There’s a stocking-sized paperback for that.

PC: chrishanxoxo

66. Notebook: you know what they say, “new year, new notebook”… or something like that.
67. Nail polish: similar to the lip balm scenario, can you really ever have enough? There are 90 bajillion colors out there and it’s unlikely your mom has that EXACT shade of mauve already.
68. Ear plugs: Dad’s snoring is even worse in the winter, amirite?
69. Printed scarves: she doesn’t need a green thumb to rock one of these beautiful floral scarves.
70. Tote bag: whatever she’s into, you can find it printed on a tote-ally cool bag here.
71. Lotion: lotion doesn’t seem like that big of a deal until you don’t have any. Then it’s suddenly the only thing that can save you from a torture worse than death. Don’t let your mom experience the horrors of winter dry skin.
72. Greeting cards: moms are so good at snail mail. Set her up with some fresh new stationery (that she’ll 100% use) like these fun greeting cards.
73. A gift card for coffee: so she’ll have enough energy to keep dealing with all your adulting-emergency phone calls (How long do I cook chicken breasts? Do I need renter’s insurance? Am I old enough to have heartburn? HELP MOM HELP).
74. Mini champagne: Hester Browne once said “ Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge.” Having one in your stocking seems like a pretty special occasion too.
75. Affirmation cards: choose the ones you think she’d like, then tie them up with a nice bow. Sure, it’s sappy, but we’re talking about moms here. Sappiness is justified.

Stocking Stuffers for Your Significant Other

Bae deserves the best… that’s why they’re with you, right?

PC: kathleenkouture

76. Throw pillows: a new pillowcase is a quick way to mix up the vibe of a room.
77. Split wine bottle: the perfect size for picnicking once the weather warms up.
78. Handwritten cards: who said romance was dead? Tell them how you really feel with a heartfelt card.
79. Picture frame: you might have a million pictures together on Instagram, but there’s something nice about having one framed IRL.
80. Movie tickets: make this gift even better by letting them pick the flick.
81. Chocolate: have you ever seen anyone get mad when they see candy in their stocking? No. You haven’t.
82. Selfie stick: once you get over how lame you feel holding one, you’ll realize how much better your pictures are. Snag one for your s/o and never miss a photo op again.
83. Cozy sweatshirt: because you want them to be comfortable. Duh.

84. Chapstick: so they can stop “borrowing” yours.

PC: xtinemay

85. Mini perfume/cologne: you know. Because romance.
86. Posters: pick one that captures a favorite vacation, inside joke, or future plan.
87. Mittens: because you can’t hold their hands to keep them warm 24/7… well, you could, but that would be physically so inconvenient. Just get the mittens.
88. Candles: get one in their favorite scent to be extra thoughtful.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Is there anything better than being a kid during Christmas? They get time off from school. They get guilt-free candy. They get awesome presents from a mysterious bearded benefactor who doesn’t expect reciprocation. And they also get what you’ve stuffed in their stocking. Here are some cheap stocking stuffers to make them think you’re a certifiably cool grown-up.

PC: robbyreads

89. Coloring book: keep them busy with creativity.
90. Crayons: because what’s a coloring book without something to color with?
91. Chalk: so they can create their own temporary work of art outside (or keep it classic with some hopscotch).
92. Play-doh/Slime: not sure why gross messy stuff is so appealing to everyone under the age of 11, but it is an unquestionable truth that kids love goo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
93. Stuffed toy: if you get one of their favorite animal you’ll officially be their favorite adult.
94. Goldfish: Goldfish is a universal favorite when it comes to kid snacks. It’s also a good teen snack. And, adult snack too. Everyone likes Goldfish, okay?!
95. Yo-yo: how would you feel if you knew you could help mold the next “world’s greatest yo-yo-er”? You’ll never find out if they don’t have one.
96. Stickers: kids love to put stickers on their stuff—their books, their walls, their toys, themselves… Everything’s better with stickers.
97. Sunglasses: kid-sized sunglasses are cheap, which is great because kids will probably lose them pretty quick (we’re not hating, we lose ours all the time too).
98. Puzzle: from 4 pieces to 4,000, puzzles make for a perfect indoor winter activity.
99. Embroidery floss: dredge up those camp memories and teach your young friend to make some friendship bracelets. They might even make you one if you’re lucky.
100. Glow sticks: turn off the lights and you have instant entertainment. Hide-and-seek just got an upgrade.
101. Gel pens: creative kids, the everyday doodlers, and burgeoning authors can’t get enough.
102. Letter from Santa: sneak a little notecard from the man-of-the-hour in their stocking.
103. Bubbles: make ordinary air instantly fascinating by surrounding it with a thin layer soap. Why this is fun, we don’t know. It just is.
104. Bath toys: bath toys are colorful, fun, and they keep kids happy in the tub. Bath toys are sick.
105. Candy canes: even if they’ve had enough sugar by now, they’ll have to wait a whole year until they get to have one of those minty sticks again. So hook them up.
106. Gloves: keep those tiny fingers warm in a new pair of finger pants.

107. Maskswith their favorite animal or character.

Showing someone you care doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Inexpensive stocking stuffers make great gifts for everyone on your list, whether they’ve been naughty or nice. And just in case you didn’t find what you were looking for here, there are thousands (literally) of creative gifts to choose from on Redbubble. So get to it, ‘cause those stockings aren’t going to stuff themselves.

Happy holidays, stocking stuffers.

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