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70 Cat Puns and Jokes That Are Pawsitively Purrfect


Cat person? No need to apologize – fly that feline flag high!  Cats can laugh at themselves (you know they do), but more importantly, they make us smile. They can be fleet of foot walking across a second-story deck railing, and then just as easily slip and fall off the back of an easy chair. They can be sly and focused in pursuit of game, and then shoot you the strangest look when they are straining for your attention. Cats are clever and playful – very deserving of every one of these cat puns. Cats are very expressive, and you should embrace their whimsical joy for yourself. Cats are unabashedly fun, and so is this selection of funny cat pun stickers. If your feline friends make you smile, these cat jokes are fur you – pun intended!

Photo of Cat-puccino

Cat-puccino by mschibious

Fun Cat Puns

  1. My world exists in a catmosphere.
  2.  I have the Catillac of pets.
  3. That’s the catitude!
  4. Sometimes I can have a little catitude.
  5. No kitten- I’m smitten.
  6. My cat has class – he went to kittygarten.
  7. I’m furly confident you’re a cat person.
  8. I’m just kitten around.
  9. I live fur cats.
  10. Life without cats would be a cat-astrophe.
  11. A cranky cat is catankerous.
  12. My heart has been kittennapped.
  13. A determined cat has furtitude.
  14. I’m very furtunate to have a cat.
  15. Furgive me if I like my cat too much!
Cattitude Cat Puns

I Like Your Cattitude by jaffajam

Those were fun cat puns, but we’re just getting warmed up. Cats can be the greatest of pet communicators – you just need to know their language. If you wear your love for funny cats on your sleeve, try these cat pun shirts at Redbubble on for size. If the distinctive sounds of a happy cat make your heart go purrter pat, you’ll love these next cat puns.

  1. To know a cat is purr joy.
  2. Cats are purrdominently awesome.
  3. Kittens are purrdominately cuddly.
  4. Cats always have something very impurrtent to say.
  5. Cats can be very purrsuasive.
  6. Cats are the purrfect pet.
  7. Cats are my life’s purpose.
  8. Cats have a unique purrspective on life.
  9. Cat lovers have achieved purrvana.
  10. A cat’s life: the purrsuit of joy.
  11. Cats can be purrtentious at times.
  12. My cat’s purrtier than your cat.
  13. Kittens are purrty darn cute!
  14. You like cats? Purrfect!
  15. Don’t purrtend you don’t like cats!
  16. Cherish every meowment.
  17. A cat’s purr is meowsic to my ears.
  18. You look meow-velous!
  19. Living in the meowment.
  20. Cats are poetry in meowtion.
Photo of Kit-tea

Kit-tea by mschibious

If you’ve heard all the cat puns you care to hear, check out some of our other fun puns for more variety. But we’re on a roll, and the meowmentum is growing, so it’s back to cats for us. Cats love to curl up on your lap, but they can be very active and need to stretch those leg muscles. Sometimes their games can be ameowsing and give our funny bones a workout. Our furry little four-legged friends are the inspiration for even more cat puns.

  1. Nothing’s impawsible for this cat!
  2. It’s highly pawsible you too are a cat person.
  3. Beclaws I said so!
  4. Cats pawsess some great qualities.
  5. Think pawsitive!
  6. My cat is pawsitively genius!
  7. I love you just beclaws!
  8. I’m very pawsessive of my cat.
  9. A cat is a prized pawsession.
  10. My cat is pawsitively the best!
  11. An angry cat makes me clawstrophobic.
  12. There is a cat claws in our relationship.
  13. Cat lovers are a powerful clawcus.
  14. My cats are my pawsse.
  15. The power of pawsitive thinking!
Photo of Pawsitive Cat

Pawsitive Cat by nikury

Funny Cat Jokes

If you’ve developed a craving for more cat puns in your life, check out all the great cat pun ideas we have to offer. Some find cat puns are the best, but please purrmit us the oppurrtunity (oh my gosh – I just can’t stop!) to suggest some other cat jokes for your enjoyment. No two cats are alike, and all of us have different tastes in humor too. If cats are your thing, but puns are not, you’ll like these cat jokes. Of course, if you still want to stay on the pun train, check out more animal puns.

  1. Q: What do you call it when you’re herding cats? A: A Cat’l drive.
  2. Q: Why did the dog let the cat sleep in his dog bed? A: The cat had a claws in his contract.
  3. Q: How many cats does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Please! They have people for that.
  4. Q: Where do cats go when they die? A: Purrgatory.
  5. Q: What do you call a cat in a suit of armor? A: A knight prowler.
  6. Q: What do you call a cat that plays the piano? A: A meowsician.
  7. Q: Why couldn’t the kitty see well? A: He had cataracts.
  8. Q: Why wasn’t the cat punished for teasing the dog? A: He was just kitten around.
  9. Q: What caused the cat to fall from the tree? A: A cataclysmic event.
  10. Q: How did the engineers determine the dog was in a cat fight? A: Simple claws and effect analysis.
Photo of Cute Cat

Still Cute Though by Van Huynh

Cool Cat Names

Cats have distinctive personalities deserving of very distinctive funny cat names. Mittens, Boots, and Whiskers are fine for some, but other cats deserve a more identifiable moniker. Cats are real characters ripe for funny cat pun names.

  1. Hairy Catnip, Jr.
  2. Cleopawtra
  3. Meow Tse Tung
  4. Pawla Abdual
  5. Claude Meownet
  6. Mighty Empurrer
  7. Paul McCatney
  8. Elvis Pussley
  9. Pounce de Leon
  10. Mouserlini
  11. Wolfgang Amadeus Meowzart
    … and, of course, the cat’s favorite name: Your Highness.
Photo of Check Meowt Cat

Check Meowt Cat by jaffajam

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