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100 Bug Puns and Jokes That Are Un-Bee-Lievably Funny


Are you on the lookout for hilarious bug puns? We’ve snailed this one with 100+ bug jokes that we promise won’t fly over your head. We’ll stop ant-agonizing you and let you get on with these buzzy bug puns.

Bee Puns

Bees are kind of like tigers — they’re stripey and beautiful and might hurt you if you get too close. Check out these 10 un-bee-lievable bee puns! 

  1. I’ve pollen in love with you. 
  2. Bumble gum is my favorite type of candy. 
  3. Love is in the eye of the bee-holder.
  4. I can’t understand you because you’re a mumble-bee. 
  5. I love wasa-bee with my sushi.
it'll bee okay

Bee Pun – It’ll Bee Okay Artwork By Sarah Garrett At Redbubble.

  1. To bee or not to bee, that is the question. 
  2. My favorite singer is Bee-yonce. 
  3. Can we throw you a house-swarming party? 
  4. Bee puns sting. 
  5. My entomology teacher gave me the syla-buzz.

Spider Puns

Whether these 8-legged creatures positively petrify you or not, these spider puns are sure to leave you spinning. 

  1. I’m a master at spinning stories. 
  2. I’ve got my eyes on you. 
  3. I spend too much time on the web. 
  4. Congrats to the newlywebs! 
  5. He wants to be a web designer someday.
stop bugging me

Stop Bugging Me Sticker Artwork By Emma Sajben At Redbubble.

  1. “So you’re an arachnid, eh?” he said to the Canadian spider. 
  2. Don’t be so arach-needy. 
  3. Pleased to eat you. 
  4. An undercover insect: a spyder. 
  5. You’ve spun a web of lies.

Ant Puns

You may be surprised to learn that ants are in so many different words. This f-ant-atastic list of ant puns is brilli-ant. 

  1. It’s tax time. I need to hire an account-ant. 
  2. I can’t find the right ant-ser. 
  3. I’m getting tired of your antics. 
  4. Yesterday I saw an ant-elope — the first wedding of its kind. 
  5. An insect that can kill germs — a disinfectant.
you're so fly

You’re So Fly Artwork By stuckspiraling At Redbubble.

  1. You’re making me antsy. 
  2. An army of ants puts up quite a resist-ants. 
  3. A male ant is still an uncle.  
  4. Don’t worry! I’ve got the ant-ibodies. 
  5. I found the oldest ant ever. It was an ant-ique.

Snail Puns

Whoever thought of a snail pun? A lot of people, actually. We won’t fault you for being sluggish. 

  1. I want to snail the world. 
  2. Snailed it! 
  3. Good ol’ fashioned snail mail. 
  4. Let’s slug it out. 
  5. You’re moving at a snail’s pace. 
snailed it

Snailed It Animal Pun Artwork By punnybone At Redbubble.

  1. A dead snail becomes an escarghost. 
  2. You can always eat snails if you’re trying to avoid fast food. 
  3. I’m feeling sluggish.  
  4. If you’re dehydrated, try some snailine solution. 
  5. My, how slime flies when you’re hanging out with snails.

Fly Puns

We could let these fly puns, well, fly under the radar. But we’re not going to do that. Enjoy these 10 high-flying puns. 

  1. You need to sign this aphid-davit. 
  2. I love to make jokes on the fly. 
  3. This is a no-fly zone. 
  4. My favorite food is French flies. 
  5. I’m feeling buzzed.

Spider Website Artwork By jarhumor at Redbubble

  1. You’re so fly. 
  2. You’re pretty fly for a bug guy. 
  3. Don’t fly off the handle. 
  4. Did you know your fly is open?
  5. You are so buzzare. 

Butterfly Puns

What did the caterpillar say to the butterfly? You’ve changed. Caterpillar puns create loads of fodder for existential metaphors. The biggest message from these butterfly puns — everything is temporary. 

  1. I larva you. 
  2. My favorite subject is mothematics. 
  3. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. 
  4. Caterpillars are most afraid of dogerpillars
  5. Look at that butterfly! *throws butter*
moth in a coffee cup that says moffee

Moffee Artwork By Sophie Corrigan At Redbubble.

  1. I need my morning moffee.  
  2. I’m an antisocial butterfly. 
  3. Do you like this larva lamp? 
  4. Do the flight thing. 
  5. You make my heart flutter. 

Worm Puns

Worms are kind of weird, kind of squishy, and a whole lot good for the Earth. Did you know that worms aerate the soil and break down organic matter for plants to use? Pretty cool, yeah? You’ll be writhing after you read these 10 worm puns. 

  1. I never miss an inch. 
  2. You glow, girl!  
  3. Where on Earth have you been? 
  4. You’re my soilmate. 
  5. You’ve got me hooked.
love worms

Worm Love Artwork By Sophie Corrigan At Redbubble. 

  1. I love underground music. 
  2. Global worming is the good kind of worming. 
  3. He wormed his way out.  
  4. I’ve been gardening all day. Now I have in-dig-estion. 
  5. You mean the worm to me. 

Cricket Puns

Crickets are not picky eaters, eating both plant and animal matter. So we hope you’re not picky either about the quality of your cricket puns! 

  1. You katydidn’t just say that. 
  2. My favorite game is cricket. 
  3. All I get is crickets when I ask you a question. 
  4. I’m always the hop-timist. 
  5. Enough photos, shutterbug!

Cat-erpillar Artwork By djrbennett At Redbubble.

  1. Today we are going bar hopping
  2. Hoppy Holidays
  3. You’re hopping mad.  
  4. The Phantom of the Orthoptera
  5. We went to the plant nursery today and met the nicest grass-shopper. 

Beetle Puns

Saying Beetlejuice three times in a row likely won’t make anything happen (if you’re not old enough to know what that means, look it up!), but reading these beetle puns might tickle your funny bone. 

  1. He’s the lesser of two weevils. 
  2. Are you nervous? You’re acting like a jitterbug.  
  3. Whoever said beetles have 6 legs forgot about Ringo Starr. 
  4. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! 
  5. Stop bugging me.
I larva you

I Larva You Artwork By Hillary White At Redbubble.

  1. You beetle get over here right now. 
  2. I’ve turned over a new leaf. 
  3. “I’ve got sh*t to do,” said the dung beetle.  
  4. Bah humbug. 
  5. Insects really bug me. 

Bug Jokes

If you didn’t get enough from the bug puns, then just you wait until you read these fly bug jokes. 

  1. Q: What do you call a spider with 8 eyes? A: A spiiiiiiiider. 
  2. Q: Can a cricket jump higher than a building? A: Yes. Buildings can’t jump.
  3. Q: Why couldn’t the butterflies attend the dance? A: It was a mothball. 
  4. Q: What do you call a dead fly? A: A flew. 
  5. Q: Why can’t you trust spiders? A: Because they spin stories on the web. 
  6. Q: What’s the difference between a butterfly and a fly? A: A butterfly can fly, but a fly can’t butterfly. 
  7. Q: What does a talkative caterpillar become? A: A social butterfly. 
  8. Q: What social media app do insects use? A: Tick Tok
  9. Q: What do you call a butterfly who loves the city? A: An urban moth. 
  10. Q: What did the firefly eat at the party? A: A light snack. 

We threw these buzzy bug puns at you on the fly. We hope you have a few new bug jokes up your sleeve to bust out at your next party. You can find so many fun bug puns at Redbubble on coasters, stickers, and more. If you love bugs, check out our green activities to find out how to create an insect hotel. If puns are more your speed, check out our hay-larious horse puns and un-bee-lievably funny bee puns

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