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92 Breakfast Puns Omelet You Know About


Breakfast In Bed Artwork Designed And Sold By Annie Riker.

It’s common knowledge that most people in the universe could eat typical breakfast foods for any meal of the day. You know, waffles, bacon, hashbrowns, avocado toast, oatmeal bowls? If you’re one of those people, you’ll be happy as a jam after reading these 92 breakfast puns. 

So throw on your favorite apron, start whipping up your favorite omelet, and make your guests laugh with these egg-cellent breakfast puns.

Cereal Puns

These cereal puns are cereal-ously the best! Nothing reminds us of being a kid more than a big bowl of milk and our favorite cereal. 

  1. An etymologist’s favorite cereal is Synonym Toast Crunch. 
  2. You’re worth your wheat in gold. 
  3. You oat to say sorry. 
  4. My dream was so cereal. 
  5. It’s time to cash in your Chex. 
  6. You milk me happy. 
  7. Wheat a second. 
  8. You’re looking Cheerio today. 
  9. Wanna spoon? 
  10. Go against the grain. 
breakfast pun: toast wearing french clothing riding a bicycle

French Toast Zipper Pouch Designed And Sold By Milkyprint.

Bacon Puns

These bacon puns are sizzling. Bacon is good on almost everything – if you know, you know. Check out these breakfast food puns that won’t make you salty. 

  1. I’m just trying to bacon-structive. 
  2. I was ham-bushed at breakfast. 
  3. You’re looking crisp today.
  4. It was nice meating you!
  5. Help me cure my bacon addiction. 
  6. Please baconsiderate. 
  7. I miss you pig time. 
  8. Hogs and kisses.  
  9. It’s so hot outside that I’m bacon. 
  10. You’re bacon me crazy. 
breakfast pun: water bottle with a boom roasted coffee sticker

Boom. Roasted! Sticker Designed And Sold By lorous.

Waffle Puns

These waffle puns are waffley wonderful. It took a few tries to get them right, but they are getting batter. 

  1. I love you a waffle lot. 
  2. Quit your waffling. 
  3. You’re so eggo-tistical. 
  4. You’re waffley cute. 
  5. Not all heroes wear crepes. 
  6. Meet my alter eggo. 
  7. I’ve committed unwaffle activities. 
  8. Be my waffley wedded wife. 
  9. I flipping love you. 
  10. How waffle! 
breakfast pun: travel mug with an image of a jar of homemade jam

This Is My Jam Travel Mug Designed And Sold By LanyLevendula.

Pancake Puns

These pancake puns are flipping funny. Toss in some chocolate chips, strawberries, and a little bit of humor, and you’ve got a recipe for the best puncakes. 

  1. I love you a latke. 
  2. No one stacks up to you. 
  3. You’re my butter half. 
  4. I pancake my eyes off of you. 
  5. Pancake my day. 
  6. Tell me the truth. I pancake it. 
  7. Life’s batter with you. 
  8. You’re flippin’ fantastic. 
breakfast pun: throw pillow with a piece of toast, egg, and banana balancing on one leg

Balanced Breakfast Throw Pillow Designed And Sold By Emily Schwartzman

Brunch Puns

If brunch is totally your jam, these brunch puns will go together like cheese puns on potatoes — making for a perfect late morning feast. 

  1. Send me a toastcard. 
  2. Love you brunches. 
  3. Resting brunch face. 
  4. You’re totally my jam. 
  5. You make me feel toasty inside. 
  6. Yogurta be kidding me right now.
  7. A breakfast of champignons.
  8. Thanks a brunch! 
iPhone case with two coffee drinks looking at latte art

Latte Art iPhone Snap Case Designed And Sold By Milkyprint.

Egg Puns

You’ll be cracking up at these egg puns. No matter how you whisk it, these are going to be an eggceptional staple to your breakfast food puns repertoire.

  1. I couldn’t bake your heart if I tried. 
  2. You gotta be yolking! 
  3. I’m having an eggsistential crisis. 
  4. You look eggcellent today. 
  5. You’re egg-tra special. 
  6. If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and fry again. 
  7. Omelette that slide for now. 
  8. Why are you eggnoring me? 
  9. You’re such a practical yolker. 
  10. Let’s whisk it. 
breakfast pun: tall coffee mug with an image of a coffee mug's mugshot photo

Mug Shot Tall Mug Designed And Sold By louros

Caffeine Puns

These caffeine puns are a little nutty, but we think you’ll like them a latte — along with these coffee puns. A little caffeine in your coffee mug makes a good day great! 

  1. Please espresso your opinions politely. 
  2. We’ve all bean there. 
  3. Oh hey, hot-tea. 
  4. I love you a latte. 
  5. Back to the daily grind. 
  6. I’m experiencing deja brew. 
  7. Afforgato how much I love you. 
  8. It’s time to kettle down everyone. 
  9. I don’t give a frappe. 
  10. Frappe birthday! 
breakfast pun: two people wearing t-shirts with avocados

Cute Punny Avocado Toast Classic T-Shirt Designed And Sold By kimchikawaii.

Ham Puns

Check out these ham puns that are sow funny they’ll make you snort. You’ll never be boared — or hungry — with these adorable breakfast food puns. 

  1. I wanna hold your ham. 
  2. You’re so hambitious. 
  3. I love a good ham me down. 
  4. It’s no pig deal. 
  5. What a ham.  
  6. I stink, therefore I ham. 
  7. You’re hamsome. 
  8. I Ham Legend.  
breakfast pun: a clock with two pieces of toast with mustaches and berets

Frenchie Toast Clock Designed And Sold By huebucket

Muffin Puns

Muffin compares to these delicious muffin puns. Do you prefer bread puns in the morning, a pastry, or do you opt for a low-carb breakfast? 

  1. It’s all or muffin. 
  2. Muffin compares to you. 
  3. I’ve got muffin to lose. 
  4. For old times’ bake. 
  5. We’ve got muffin in common. 
  6. There’s muffin for it. 
  7. Here goes muffin! 
  8. Crumb and get it!  
breakfast pun: tote bag with a tank made of breakfast foods

To Breakfast All Over Print Tote Bag Designed And Sold By Teo Zirinis.

Breakfast Jokes

Holy crepe! You’re going to love these funny breakfast jokes. Top off your yogurt parfait with a sprinkling of dad jokes that’ll have eyes rolling all over the breakfast table. 

  1. Q: what happens when a waffle gets mad? A: It flips. 
  2. Q: How did the hipster burn his tongue? A: Drinking his tea before it was cool. 
  3. Q: What do you call a pig who can write with both hands? A: Hambidextrious. 
  4. Q: What’s a conductor’s favorite cereal? A: Flute loops. 
  5. Q: What do you call a sad coffee? A: Depresso. 
  6. Q: Where do waffles go on vacation? A: San Di-eggo. 
  7. Q: What do you call the smartest pig in the world? A: Einswine. 
  8. Q: Why couldn’t the pancake sleep? A: He kept tossing and turning. 
  9. Q: What do you call a vampire who makes breakfast? A: Count Spatula. 
  10. Q: What’s a dog’s favorite breakfast food? A: Woofles.
magnets of toasters, one of which has a piece of toast burned in the shape of a heart

I loaf you… Magnet Designed And Sold By Milkyprint.

That’s all for now, yolks! These breakfast puns will come in handy next time you need to break the ice. Drop those cubes into your favorite water bottle, take a sip, and enjoy this brewtiful life. Don’t forget to pour some of that brew into your favorite travel mug to keep the breakfast vibes going all day long.

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