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60 Bread Puns and Jokes (Crust Us, They’re Not Crumby!)


Baking bread is a popular pastime nowadays, especially with many people spending more time at home. Whether you’re nurturing that kneady sourdough starter or waiting to get a rise out those freshly made cinnamon buns, these hilarious bread puns and jokes will have you cracking up. Share these bread jokes with your carb enthusiast and foodie friends out there. The best part about these puns and you’re freshly baked bread — it’ll never get stale!

loafin' around

Artwork Loafing Around Lemon Bread by GalaxyChicken at Redbubble.

Bread Puns

If you love to bake bread, you’ll get a kick out of these funny bread puns and bakers jokes. We know you’ll find the perfect opportunity to slide these jokes into normal conversation. You may be met with a laugh — we mean, a loaf — or perhaps an eye roll. 

  1. All you knead is love!
  2. You’ll never find a crumby bread pun.
  3. I’m on a roll. 
  4. Let’s get this bread.
  5. Challah at me next time you’re in town!
  6. I want to grow mold with you. 
  7. Can you believe she loafed right in my face? 
  8. I’ll mop the flour with you in a bread pun battle. 
  9. Let’s get ready to crumble!
  10. I don’t want naan of that.
I wasn't born yeast-erday

I Wasn’t Born Yeast-erday Cute Bread Pun Artwork by punnybone at Redbubble.11. I don’t need money. I’m on a flourly wage. 

  1. I don’t need money. I’m on a flourly wage.
  2. I think you need your bread examined. 
  3. Half-baked bread puns are the worst. 
  4. She was naan the wiser. 
  5. They had a loaf-changing experience. 
  6. It’s scone to be a lot of fun! 
  7. I’ll mop the flour with you. 
  8. You bread my mind. 
  9. Rye so serious? 
  10. A baker’s favorite time of year is Yeaster!
toasters with heart toast

 I loaf you… Artwork by Milkyprint at Redbubble.

Sandwich Puns

The puns don’t stop at just the bread. These sandwich puns are sure to fill awkward pauses in conversation with awkward laughter. 

  1. I can baguette away with it! 
  2. Crumb hell or high water. 
  3. Stop loafing around. 
  4. Bready, set, go! 
  5. Don’t let them pitas against each other. 
  6. Rye do you ask? 
  7. Ciabatta get outta here before I share anymore sandwich puns! 
  8. Loaf is a batterfield. 
  9. Don’t bahn mi from making more funny bread puns. 
  10. Butter safe than sorry — bun intended.
no pain no grain

No Pain No Grain Artwork by GalaxyChicken at Redbubble.

Grain Puns 

Go against the grain with these snappy grain puns that’ll be sure to get you a double-take from whoever you say it to. Share these with your fellow carb-lovers for the greatest effect. 

  1. Don’t grain on my parade. 
  2. That’s a no-grainer. 
  3. Hold on, I’ve had a grain-wave. 
  4.  Not everything is black and wheat. 
  5. Wheatever, dude. 
  6. Your newest bread photo looks a bit grainy.
  7. What are you doughing right now? 
  8. I’m barley getting by as it is. 
  9. You oat to say you’re sorry. 
  10. Come a grain? 

Buguette Artwork by Teo Zirinis at Redbubble.

Dough Puns 

Who doughn’t love a good dough pun. Ok, that one was bad. Dough me a favor and forget I ever said it. These dough puns are a delight to the bakers who love to get a rise from their food. 

  1. Donut tempt me. 
  2. We’re on a knead to know basis. 
  3. Why are you leaven so early? 
  4. Last but not yeast. 
  5. He’s a bit kneady. 
  6. I don’t give a crepe!
  7. She’s raking in the dough. 
  8. Together, we rise. 
  9. Batter safe than sorry. 
  10. I dough what I can.
bread man on bike saying "bonjour"

French Toast Artwork By Milkyprint at Redbubble.

Bread Jokes

It’s always a good idea to have a few good jokes up your sleeve, especially when it comes to bread jokes. You never know when you’ll need to pull one out of your baker’s hat. 

  1. Q: What did the loaf of bread say during a breakup? A: You deserve butter.
  2. Q: What are the tell-tale signs of a radical baker? A: They’re always going against the grain. 
  3. Q: What did one piece of bread say to the other?  A: I loaf you. 
  4. Q: What did the bread say to the oven? A: It’s getting toasty in here!
  5. Q: How does bread make you fall in love?  A: It gives you loads of flours. 
  6. Q: What’s a mermaid’s favorite meal?  A: A sand-wich! 
  7. Q: What did the baker say when she found out you were lying? A: You broke my crust. 
  8. Q: Why did the baker panic?  A: Because it was a loaf or death situation. 
  9. Q: What did one loaf of bread say to the other? A: Wheat love you to join us. 
  10. Q: What’s the best thing about a bread pun?  A: It never gets stale. 

If you’re a gluten for pun-ishment, we’ve got more puns lined up for you! If you are wondering where to use these puns, write them in a greeting card or use these funny bread stickers in a unique place so you’ll see them daily. If you liked these puns, you can find more inspiration with our list of coffee puns, potato puns, and animal puns.

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