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80 Birthday Puns and Jokes That Won’t Get Old


Are you looking for the perfect birthday card signoff that will elicit chuckles and groans from your nearest and dearests? Good thing because you’ll find 80 birthday puns that are worth celebrating. And unlike you, these birthday puns will never get old! 

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Funny Birthday Puns

Laughter is the best medicine, or so the saying goes. If you want to create funny birthday puns for the people in your life, you’re going to want to check out this list. You can have them printed on banners or write them into an equally funny birthday card

  1. You’ve aged to perfection.
  2. From this year forward, every birthday is a surprise. 
  3. I hope your birthday doesn’t blow. 
  4. You may be getting old, but I donut care one bit. 
  5. Hope you’re feline good on your birthday!  
  6. You batter believe it’s gonna be a great day. 
  7. You better watch out! Too many birthdays will kill you. 
  8. I hope your birthday’s poppin’! 
  9. Hap(pea) birthday! 
  10. Have a spec-taco-ular birthday! 

funny birthday pun card

Greeting Card designed and sold by evilflea 

  1. Dim sum-body say it’s your birthday?
  2. Hopefully, the candles and balloons are the only things that blow.  
  3. Nacho average birthday. 
  4. Happy birthday, sea star! 
  5. Go shawty. It’s sherbert day. Gonna party like it’s sherbert day.  
  6. I hope your birthday is pho-nominal. 
  7. Sound the a-llama! The party is about to start. 
  8. You’re not old. You’re a classic!  
  9. You’re one candle shy of starting a house fire. 
  10. Growing older is a part of life. Growing up is optional.

quail of a time birthday pun

Greeting Card designed and sold by Sophie Corrigan  

Cute Birthday Puns

Craft heartwarming gift cards with these cute birthday puns and birthday food puns that will leave you saying awwwww. Some are silly. Some are sweet. Whatever you choose, it’ll be the perfect treat for people you care about. If you want to get even sweeter, add these love puns to your creations.  

  1. Have a llama fun on your special day. 
  2. Happy birthday, Cu-tea! 
  3. Orange you glad it’s finally your birthday?
  4. I hope your birthday is on point. 
  5. Hippo hooray! It’s your birthday.  
  6. Have a tea-riffic day! 
  7. Avo great birthday. 
  8. Lettuce celebrate.  
  9. Pretzelebrate your birthday! 
  10. Turnip the beet! It’s your birthday. 

it's your bird day birthday pun

Greeting Card designed and sold by Amy Hadden 

  1. ving you is a piece of cake. 
  2. Wishing I had s’more wishes for you today.  
  3. Nothing holds a candle to you. 
  4. Yoda best — HBD!
  5. No matter how you slice it, this day is all about you.  
  6. Wishing mew a happy birthday. 
  7. At least you’re not extinct. 
  8. Today is the oldest you’ve ever been.  
  9. It’s your birthday in queso you didn’t know. 
  10. Happy beer-thday!

birthday pun card

Greeting Card designed and sold by sugarhai

Birthday Cake Puns

Are you a little bit salty and a little bit sweet? Birthday cake puns are dough silly and fun. Check out these ten birthday card puns that’ll cake your day. Have them printed into a birthday card or paint them on yourself. The bakers in your life will especially love these. 

  1. You cake my day. 
  2. You want a piece of me? 
  3. Donut forget my birthday!
  4. I wasn’t born yeast-erday.
  5. You’re history in the baking.  
  6. Happy birthday! Even the cake is in tiers. 
  7. You sure do take the cake. 
  8. Whisking you a happy birthday.  
  9. I hope you have a flan-tastic birthday! 
  10. I love you a chocoLOT!

birthday pun card

Greeting Card designed and sold by Milkyprint

Animal Birthday Puns 

You can’t go wrong with cat birthday puns. There’s something about animals that makes even the toughest of humans putty in your hands. Incorporate heart-melting graphics of these cute and cuddly animals into a birthday card, and elevate these animal birthday puns with more dog puns and cat puns than you can count on ten hands. 

  1. I hope you have a whaley good birthday! 
  2. Happy purr-thday.  
  3. Didn’t you know that age is irrelephant?
  4. You may be getting 
  5. Hap-bee birthday.  
  6. You’re opossum friend! 
  7. It’s your birthday. Go hog wild! 
  8. You’re a pawsome human.  
  9. Alpaca party hat for your birthday. 
  10. No bunny compares to you. 

birthday pun card

Greeting Card designed and sold by sugarhai 

Birthday Jokes

Knock, knock. (You’re supposed to say who’s there?). Bacon. (psst… Bacon who?). Bacon a cake for your birthday, that’s who! Everyone loves a good joke. Bust out these birthday jokes for kids and adults alike. 

  1. Question: What goes up and will never come down? Answer: Your age. 
  2. Question: What is a balloon’s least favorite music? Answer: Pop music. 
  3. Question: How was the popcorn’s birthday party? Answer: It was poppin’!
  4. Question: Why don’t candles exercise? Answer: They burn out too quickly. 
  5. Question: What do you get every single birthday? Answer: Another year older! 
  6. Question: Why do you put candles on top of a cake? Answer: Because it’s too hard to put them on the bottom. 
  7. Question: What is a ghost’s favorite cake? Answer: I scream cake. 
  8. Question: Why did the birthday cake go to therapy? Answer: Because it was feeling crumby. 
  9. Question: What kind of cake does a cat eat for its birthday? Answer: Mice cream cake.
  10. Question: What did one candle say to the other? Answer: Don’t birthdays just burn you up?

birthday pun card

Greeting Card designed and sold by Kyanna Cleave

What Are Some Good Birthday Sayings?

If you’re looking for those sweet (and mostly sassy) birthday sayings, snag one of them from this list. You can use them to sign off on a birthday card or roast your friends on social media. Birthdays don’t have to be a drag. Inject some fun into the day with these playful sayings. 

  1. I’m grateful for that whole being born thing. It brought me you! 
  2. You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. 
  3. I’m just here for the cake. 
  4. Happy, happy birthday! May you receive tons of messages from people you never talk to. 
  5. I’m not getting older. I’m leveling up. 
  6. “Inside every older person is a younger person — wondering what the hell happened.” — Cora Harvey Armstrong
  7. Happy escaping-your-mother’s-uterus day! 
  8. Congrats! Today is the oldest you’ve ever been. 
  9. Just remember, age is just a number… a really, really high number. 
  10. The two inevitabilities of life — birthdays and paying taxes.

birthday pun card

Birthdays can send people into a panic. Ease them — or yourself — into the next cycle around the sun with these birthday puns. If you’re close to hitting your dirty thirties, check out these 30th birthday party ideas. Whatever birthday gifts you choose, it’s always the thought that counts, so have fun with it! 

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