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100 Bee Puns and Jokes That Are Totally Buzzworthy


Bees are crucial for the survival of humans. They pollinate roughly 35% of the world’s food crops and are essential for diverse and healthy plant life. We’re going to celebrate the existence of our bee friends with these 100+ buzzworthy bee puns and bee jokes. 

Bee Puns That Sting (In a Good Way)

Check out these un-bee-lievable bee puns that are sure to make you chuckle. Bee puns are great for adding to greeting cards, t-shirts, and for gifting to your favorite gardener or bee lover. 

  1. Have you ever been to Stingapore?
  2. To bee or not to bee, that is the question.
  3. I’m just winging it.
  4. Beehive yourself.
  5. What did you say? You’re so mumble-bee.
  6. I would like wasa-bee with my sushi. 
  7. Leave me alone. I want to bee alone. 
  8. You and I, we were meant to bee.
  9. Quit pollen my leg. 
  10. Did you get the syla-buzz for your classes?

bee pun

beelliam shakesbee designed and sold by casandrang

  1. She means bees-ness. 
  2. Do you want to play frisbee?
  3. Her favorite book is the Great Gats-bee. 
  4. He loves a good free-bee. 
  5. Can I have some bumble gum? 
  6. Bee puns really sting. 
  7. You’re so snob-bee. 
  8. Hop on the school-buzz and go for a ride. 
  9. Don’t forget to say hi to your honey. 
  10. It’s time to take your Vitamin Bee. 

bee puns

LGBeeTea designed and sold by TeaBag114

Bee Jokes That Are Un-Bee-Lievably Funny

Do you want to add a little sting to your next joke? We don’t blame you. These hilarious bee jokes will make people laugh against their will. 

  1. Q: What’s a bee’s favorite band? A: The Bee Gees
  2. Q: What’s your blood type? A: Bee positive.
  3. Q: What’s a bee’s favorite sports? A: Rug-bee.
  4. Q: What do you a call a bee that won’t shut up? A: A blab-bee. 
  5. Q: What does a bee use to style its hair? A: A honey comb. 
  6. Q: Why did the bee go to the doctor? A: It had hives.
  7. Q: What’s a bee’s favorite haircut?  A: A buzz cut. 
  8. Q: What did the teacher say to the naughty bee? A: Beehive yourself. 
  9. Q: What do you call a wasp? A: A wanna-bee. 
  10. Q: What did the team do after it won? A: Celebrate with a hive five. 

bee puns

Zombee designed and sold by Sophie Corrigan

  1. Q: Who is a bee’s favorite singer? A: Bee-yonce. 
  2. Q: What do you call a sore loser? A: A cry ba-bee. 
  3. Q: What are a bee’s favorite flowers? A: Bee-gonias, of course. 
  4. Q: What do you call a bee who creates laws? A: A pollentician.
  5. Q: What does a bee call its backup plan? A: Plan Bee.
  6. Q: Why do bees hum when they’re singing?  A: They don’t know the words.
  7. Q: What did the bee hear on the other end of the phone? A: A buzzy signal. 
  8. Q: Why do bees get married? A: Because they’ve found their honey. 
  9. Q: Why did the bees go on strike? A: They wanted fewer working flowers and more honey. 
  10. Q: What’s a clumsy bee called? A: A fumble bee. 

bee puns

I Would Rather Bee Reading designed and sold by ohjessmarie

Bee One-Liners That Are Un-Bee-Table

If you haven’t had enough of the bee puns, keep on reading for these funny bee puns and one-liners. If you get a little buzzed for the bees, this whole article is worth getting excited about. Add these honey bee puns to your next t-shirt design

  1. I want to cross-pollinate with you. 
  2. Bee mine. 
  3. You’re the bees knees. 
  4. Just bee yourself. 
  5. The last thing that goes through a bee’s mind when it hits a windshield is its stinger.
  6. A bee’s favorite painter is Pablo Bee-casso. 
  7. What’s all the buzz about? 
  8. You’ve bee-witched me. 
  9. Wasp on Earth are you talking about?  
  10. Psst. I’m bee-hind you. 

bee puns

Best Buzzies! designed and sold by Sophie Corrigan

  1. Hey, mind your own beeswax. 
  2. Did you know hive never felt this bee-fore? 
  3. You’re not too shab-bee yourself. 
  4. Do you want to come to our house-swarming party?
  5. I feel like a zom-bee. 
  6. Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder. 
  7. Bees get ahead in life by knowing all the right buzzwords. 
  8. She’s a force to bee reckoned with. 
  9. Life is not all it’s cracked up to bee. 
  10. He didn’t hive a clue. 

bee puns

Confused Bee designed and sold by Milkyprint

  1. Honeycomb home now. It’s getting late. 
  2. As luck would hive it, I got the promotion!
  3. Talking to you feels like pollen teeth. 
  4. Those bees got into a sticky situation. 
  5. It’s party time, bee-ches. 
  6. Look in the arc-hives. 
  7. Sending you my swarmest wishes. 
  8. I can’t bee-lieve I’ve pollen in love with you. 
  9. I need to call my hub-bee. 
  10. Buzz off. 

bee puns

Bee’s Knees designed and sold by punnybone

  1. Bees love the honeymoon phase of a relationship. 
  2. Bee the change you want to see in the world. 
  3. Perhaps I’ve never seen a hummingbird, but I have seen a spelling bee. 
  4. Honey, I’m stuck on you. 
  5. Did you know that you’re bee-utiful. 
  6. Everything will bee okay. 
  7. Do you want to try my LG Bee Tea? 
  8. I would rather bee reading. 
  9. Don’t worry, bee happy. 
  10. Beelieve in yourself. 

bee pun laptop skin

Beever designed and sold by obinsun

  1. Won’t you bee my friend? 
  2. If truth bee told, this is a lot of bee puns. 
  3. Do I hive to paint you a picture to understand?
  4. You need to hive your head examined. 
  5. Let’s go to the beech. 
  6. Honey, bee careful. 
  7. That bee droned on and on. 
  8. It sure is swarm out today. 
  9. I’m feeling a bit of apiculture shock. 
  10. Hive it your way. 

bee puns

Bee Yourself designed and sold by Brittany Hefren

  1. Take me under your wings. 
  2. Have I told you about the birds and the bees?
  3. Well, I’ll bee. 
  4. Looks can bee deceiving. 
  5. Honey, I’m home! 
  6. Tap into that hive mind. 
  7. You need to bee on your best beehive-ior. 
  8. I don’t hive a clue. 
  9. Beetween you and me, it’s time to buzz on out of here. 
  10. Hive had enough of these funny bee puns. 

We hope you enjoyed these un-bee-table funny bee puns and bee jokes. Find the perfect bee pun stickers and gifts for yourself and your bee-loving friends. If you loved these puns and one-liners, don’t forget to check out our other bug puns and jokes. If you’re allergic to bee humor, try our list of horse puns instead!

Header Image: Don’t Worry Bee Happy designed and sold by Brittany Hefren

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