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53 Bedroom Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Room for 2023


Your bedroom is more than just a place for a good night’s rest; it’s a place where you can dance like nobody’s watching, hang out with friends to discuss the hottest celebrity gossip, or even slip away to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series.

Your bedroom should be a haven, a space that represents your personality and allows you to express yourself. So make sure you choose the right bedroom decor that reflects your unique style. To keep you inspired, we’ve gathered 53 bedroom decor ideas that’ll help you create your dream bedroom retreat. 

1. Choose your aesthetic 

When creating your bedroom, you should start by selecting an aesthetic that best reflects your personality. Do you want your bedroom to have a maximalist feel so you can display all of your collections and art posters, or do you want it to keep it minimalist so you can create a relaxing retreat?

If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out the different types of aesthetics so you can find one that best fits your style. 

2. Layer your bedding

There’s something about a bed covered in blankets and pillows that gives a room a cozy vibe. If you are wanting to add a touch of luxury and comfort to your space, go beyond the typical comforter and sleep pillow duo. To transform your bed from drab to fab, invest in soft sheets, a lightweight quilt or coverlet, a stylish duvet or comforter, and decorative pillows.

Here’s the best order to achieve the luxurious layered bed look:

  1. Sheets: Add your fitted and top sheet to your bed, exposing the top sheet seam-side up so the decorative side is showing when you fold it back.
  2. Quilt or coverlet: Lay the quilt or coverlet face down like your top sheet so you can reveal the decorative underside when it’s folded.
  3. Duvet or comforter: Put your duvet or comforter on top of the sheets and quilt, pulling the top portion back enough to expose the other elements.
  4. Stagger the layers: Start peeling back your quilt or coverlet and fitted sheet. Each layer should be staggered, so you’re showing off the colors and patterns of each layer of your bedding.
  5. Add pillows: Pillows are the finishing touch, beginning with the sleep pillows in the back, followed by the euro shams and pillow shams for height and depth, and finally your decorative throw pillows in the front.

3. Add wainscoting or crown molding

Adding wainscoting or crown molding to your bedroom is a great way to add some sophistication to your bedroom’s design without adding clutter. You’d be surprised how simply adding decorative panels and moldings can completely transform the look and feel of your room.

4. Turn your headboard into a statement piece

If anything, your headboard is the focal point of your bedroom so you want it to make a statement. The fun thing about headboards is that there are so many colors and textures to choose from, giving you plenty of options no matter what kind of theme you are aiming for. 

Even if you don’t have a headboard per se, you can make one by hanging floating shelves above your bed to display books and other trinkets, or you can arrange a gallery wall with your favorite pictures or brightly colored artwork.

magnet with the text "But first, yoga. But second, Donuts."

But First, Yoga. But Second, Donuts Magnet designed and sold by Annie Riker

5. Decorate magnetic surfaces with magnets

If you love to collect magnets, make a display with all of your favorites in your bedroom. Your favorite magnets can be arranged on a metal plaque that you can hang on the wall to showcase your travel experiences or your great sense of humor.

When decorating your dorm room at college, magnets are a great addition because they fit perfectly on your mini fridge.

6. Switch up the color

Whether you want to upgrade your childhood bedroom to feel more mature or just add a whole new vibe to your space, switching up the color does wonders. Colors can literally affect our minds, bodies, and overall mood, so choosing the right color is a major decision when decorating your bedroom. 

For a warm and cozy feel, go for warm tones like browns. For something more tranquil, use cool tones like blues and greens.

throw blanket with a red, blue, and purple ink design

Flame Fired Alcohol Ink Painting Throw Blanket designed and sold by Elizabeth Karlson

7. Get cozy with throw blankets

Throw blankets are some of the most versatile room accessories out there as they can be used to bundle up while adding a pop of color and personality to your room’s aesthetic. Grab a small throw blanket to keep on the corner of your bed or get a larger one to drape over your bed.

If you aren’t sure which size or style is best for you, check out this ultimate guide to choosing a throw blanket.

8. Paint your furniture

Do you have an old wooden dresser that’s been in your family for generations? It’s probably a sentimental piece of furniture or maybe it’s just too bulky to get rid of. Whatever the case, a fresh coat of paint can give your old furniture the facelift it needs. 

To brighten the space, paint your furniture white or a happy color like yellow. To modernize it, paint it black or another neutral tone. There are no rules when it’s your bedroom, so get creative and have fun with it. 

9. Bring in nature

Incorporating natural elements into a room can help bring some tranquility into your space. For example, you could incorporate houseplants into your room for a splash of color or even just use an earth-toned color palette featuring dark woods, greens, blues and other colors you find in nature.

Using earthy decor and furniture is a perfect way to show off your cottagecore aesthetic, boho vibe, or even just bring some life into your bedroom. 

Retro-inspired sticker with the text " Stay weird"

Stay Weird Fun 70s Retro Style Quote Sticker designed and sold by happyzo

10. Add some pizzazz to your doors with stickers

If you want to show off your fun style before people even walk into your room, decorate your door with your favorite stickers. Adding stickers to your door is a fun activity that can add a pop of color and personality to your room without taking up any additional space. 

11. Get a bedroom clothing rack

If you are a fashionista or maybe just don’t have enough space in your closet, using a bedroom clothing rack is a great way to display your favorite articles of clothing.

To avoid making it appear congested and unorganized, it’s ideal to display garments that can be easily moved on the rack and have a similar color scheme.

12. Create a seating area

If you have the extra room, a seating area is an excellent addition to any bedroom. Add some bean bag chairs and a small side table if the space is big enough so you and your friends can lounge around comfortably. Even a basic chair in the corner of your room can be a terrific place to journal or lose yourself in a good book if you are working with a smaller area.

comforter with pastel smiley flowers

Neon Pastel Smiley Blossoms designed and sold by DajonAcevedo

13. Add mood lighting

If you’re the type of person who hates fluorescent overhead lighting, invest in some cool mood lighting. LED light strips are a popular bedroom decor idea that you can add behind your headboard or TV for extra pizzazz and modern flair. Draping string lights around your bedroom is also a trendy decor idea that you can get really creative with.

For the astronomy lover, moon lamps and sunlamps are fantastic bedroom additions, and LED neon signs are ideal compliments to a gallery wall. When it comes to mood lighting, the possibilities are endless. 

14. Let in natural light

Don’t cover a window in your bedroom with heavy furniture or bulky window coverings. Your space will feel bigger and brighter if you let in as much natural light as possible. You’ll also probably feel better throughout the day with some sunshine coming through your window.

15. Opt for stylish and functional window treatments

You want your window to be a part of your decor, so frame your beautiful view with some stylish window treatments. Make sure they aren’t too bulky so they won’t block out the natural light or your view. 

Sleep is obviously important, so if you want to keep the morning sun out, consider investing in blackout window shades that can be lifted when you’re ready to face the day.

Art board print of an old library checkout card

Library Card Art Board Print designed and sold by Manda Lyn LaCorte

16. Incorporate your passions into your decor

Your bedroom should reflect your personality, so make sure you are incorporating decor elements that represent your interests. Whether you love books, fashion, animals, or anime, there are plenty of creative ways to implement those interests into your bedroom, even if it’s just subtle. 

For example, if you are a plant lover, you can incorporate houseplants into your design such as hanging plants or even a mug garden on your windowsill. 

17. Aim for multifunctional

If your bedroom is small or gets cluttered easily, multifunctional pieces are a must in your bedroom decor. For example, rather than getting a standard lamp for your bedside table, look into getting a lamp that can also charge your phone or function as an alarm clock. 

18. Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great way to show off your interests and unique style. There are so many different ways you can create a gallery wall that best suits the bedroom aesthetic you are aiming for.

If you want to keep things simple, arrange framed prints or photographs in clean rows. For a more maximalist look, get creative with a mix of art, paintings, signs, and wall hangings that show off your interests and unique style. 

duvet cover with purple and lavender abstract pattern

New Groove Retro Liquid Swirl Abstract pattern in Light Purple Lavender Violet Duvet designed and sold by kierkegaard

19. Switch out your comforter for a duvet 

We love a good comforter, but duvets offer an added touch of luxury you can’t get from a typical comforter or quilt. Duvets offer extra fluffiness and warmth which makes your bed look a lot more inviting and cozy.

Get a duvet cover that represents your style and makes you excited to climb under the covers each night. 

20. Introduce different textures

A room can feel more intriguing, inviting, and pleasant to be in by adding texture. Like a dish without seasoning, a space without adequate texture is bland, uninteresting, and unfinished. 

In order to create visual appeal and variety to a room design, use furniture, textiles, items, and finishes in a variety of materials and textures that play off of one another.

21. Amp up the luxury

While luxury may not sound in your budget, there are plenty of ways to amp up the sophistication of your room without going overboard. For starters, you could switch out your flat quilt with a fluffy duvet or add frames to your stand-alone posters. 

If there’s more room in the budget, a tufted headboard really makes a statement that screams luxury. 

22. Add some zen 

Since your bedroom is a place of rest, make it feel zen with some relaxing bedroom decor pieces. This includes plants, essential oil diffusers or candles, or mounted prints that represent peace and tranquility. 

Poster of self-care strategies

Self Care Poster designed and sold by wmilyyy

23. Pump yourself up with inspiring affirmations

Since you start your day in your bedroom from the moment you wake up every morning, give yourself an extra boost of confidence with some positive affirmations. Keep a motivational poster on your door so you can see it as you leave, or place an art board print on your vanity or dresser to read as you get ready for the day.

24. Include the ceiling in your design

Your ceiling is just as much a part of your bedroom as the walls and floors, so don’t forget to utilize this space to your creative advantage. If you painted your walls a fun color, paint your ceiling the same color to give your room a little extra flow.

For added contrast, paint your ceiling a cool pattern, use a fun wallpaper or paint it a contrast color that goes with your decor for a dramatic effect. If you have a fabulous light fixture, a ceiling medallion is a great way to call even more attention to it.

floor pillow with a retro flower pattern

Vintage Floral Theme Floor Pillow designed and sold by cafelab

25. Opt for a bold pattern

Don’t be afraid to play around with bold patterns in your bedroom. Many interior designers advise keeping your bedroom minimal to achieve a relaxing space, but a fun pattern with bright colors may be the pick-me-up you need to get you started for the day.

The best way to incorporate bold patterns into your bedroom decor is to use them in smaller doses, like your throw pillows or a tapestry

26. Repurpose old furniture

If you have an old piece of furniture that has no use in your home, see if you can reimagine a better purpose for it. If you replaced your old TV stand in the living room, for instance, you could use it as a bench to sit in front of your bed. It only needs a long cushion on top to be practically new!  You can even turn old dressers into bookshelves or display cases by taking out the drawers and giving them a fresh coat of paint.

zipper pouch with a roller skating crocodile and the text "Don't hate. Roller skate!"

Don’t Hate, Roller Skate Crocodile Zipper Pouch designed and sold by agrapedesign

27. Hide your clutter

Even if you have a maximalist or eclectic style,  some things are best put away when you have guests over. While stuffing your items away in your closet is a quick fix, it’s not very functional when you are trying to find the things you put away months ago. 

Instead, invest in cute organizing bins, baskets, or bags for your smaller items. These can be displayed on a bookshelf or on racks in your closet. Get under-bed storage for larger items like winter jackets and boots to make use of that unused space.

28. Add a built-in bookcase or a window seat

If you are a book lover, a built-in bookcase is probably a dream come true. Find a corner to dedicate to your book collection or build a bookshelf that hangs above your bed for an easy late-night reading sesh.

To amplify your personal bedroom library, install a window seat so you can read all your favorite books with a view. 

29. Use mirrors strategically

A bedroom mirror is a must for your post-shopping fashion show, but they can also add a lot of light into your space if you use them strategically. If you hang a mirror that’s in front of a window, you’ll be able to distribute more natural light in your room.

It doesn’t even have to be a window, just near any light source in your room like a lamp or candles. This reflection trick boosts brightness and adds atmosphere and dimension to a room.

Canvas print of flowers in a bowl

Lovely Canvas Print designed and sold by Crystal Dugi

30. Design the entire space around a piece of art

If you’ve found a piece of artwork that truly inspires you or feels like a true representation of your style and personality, try designing the entire room around that piece of art. First, hang the piece of art at the focal point of your bedroom like above your bed. Then, incorporate the colors and themes of the artwork into other elements of your bedroom decor.

31. Update your hardware

Nothing makes a piece of furniture look more outdated than its hardware. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make to switch out the brass drop-pull knobs on your grandmother’s old dresser with something more contemporary.

Make sure the hardware you choose reflects the color of the furniture as well as the overall design of your bedroom. 

Coffee mug with the text "First I drink the coffee then I do the things."

First I Drink the Coffee Coffee Mug designed and sold by EduEly

32. Reuse mugs for small storage

If you have a cup cabinet overflowing with mugs but you can’t bear to part with any of them, consider using one or two mugs as bedroom decor. Mugs are perfect for storing small items around your bedroom such as pencils and pens on your desk or even holding small pieces of jewelry on your dresser or vanity. 

33. Use the rule of threes

Every space in your house is impacted by the design principle known as the Rule of Three. The rule says that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings. 

For example, if you have a floating display shelf,  try grouping like-items such as books, candles or vases. It’s recommended to vary the heights of these objects for added interest. If they’re all the same height or size, place a book underneath for elevation. 

34. Make it cozy with a rug

If you have hardwood or tile flooring, one of the best bedroom decor additions you can make is adding a rug. This will warm the space and give it a cozier, more inviting feeling. Even if you already have carpet, a rug can give the room more depth and a pop of color to help coordinate with the rest of the decor on the walls and display shelves.

Canvas print of a tangerine ladybug

Tangerine Ladybird Canvas Print designed and sold by Carly Watts

35. Get classy with canvas prints

If you are looking for a piece of artwork to be your focal point piece in your bedroom, a canvas print is a perfect option. To convey a sense of peace and calm, go for a landscape canvas painting. For something more vibrant, find a graphic print that incorporates your room’s themes and colors. 

36. Trade your bedside lamp for a wall sconce

If you have a small bedside table, it can get cluttered really fast once you factor in your lamp, phone, water cups, and late-night snacks. Replace the lamp on your bedside table with a wall sconce to increase your side table’s functionality. You’ll have more room to decorate or, even better, to enjoy more late-night munchies as a result.

37. Make one wall stand out with a different color

One way to instantly transform the atmosphere of your room is by painting an accent wall. Accent walls can give your space some extra dimension and style.

The wall behind your bed is a terrific location to paint a vibrant color in your bedroom. Make sure the color you select complements your theme, and don’t be afraid to go with a dark or strong shade.

Acrylic block with the text "It's okay to have bad days."

It’s Okay to Have Bad Days Acrylic Block designed and sold by crystaldraws

38. Use acrylic blocks as coasters or bookends

Acrylic blocks are clear plexiglass with a back-mounted print. It stands on its own. Literally. It can stand. They are excellent options for bedroom décor because of their versatility. 

For example, to organize and support your collection on a bookshelf, you might use it as a bookend or even as a colorful addition to a floating shelf. They also make excellent coasters to shield your furniture from ice-cold water glasses and heated tea mugs if you keep them on your nightstand.

39. Use your room’s height to your advantage

If you have a taller ceiling in your bedroom, take advantage of it! Hang artwork up high or string lights to draw the eye up. Hang ceiling planter holders or use pendant lights to add interest. You can also hang shelves to store items you rarely use off the floor.

Framed art print of a London bookshop

Travel Poster – London English Framed Art Print designed and sold by Rui Ricardo

40. Upgrade to framed art print

To help you decorate your bedroom, you will undoubtedly need some works of art. Even though art can stand alone just fine, framing it will help elevate your artwork and give your bedroom a more sophisticated feel.

For a unique spin, you can even frame a jigsaw puzzle, preserving your labor of love as a keepsake and making it an interesting conversation piece in your bedroom. 

41. Make the view part of your decor

If you have a beautiful view, incorporate it into your bedroom’s design. If, for instance, you live in a bustling city and have a view of the dazzling city skyline, include parts of that environment in your design, such as photographic prints of significant local monuments.

If your view is breathtaking enough, make the window the focus of your room by removing any clutter or large objects that can obscure it.

Cream botanical illustration on a green background

Sage Botanical Illustration Poster designed and sold by Happy Mouse Studio

42. Use posters for flexible wall decor

Whether you live in a dorm room or apartment rental, posters make excellent wall art that you can hang without risking harm to your walls. Posters are easy to hang, take down, and pack away, making them perfect for someone who frequently moves.

If you are on a budget, posters are also a cheaper alternative to other wall art pieces. You can even frame your posters, which will help make them look like expensive works of art. 

43. Keep your loved ones close with a photo wall

Photo walls are a perfect bedroom decor idea for those who have a big family or a tight-knit friend group. Take all the fun and loving memories out of your phone’s camera roll and hang them on your wall to be able to relive those precious moments every time you’re in your bedroom. 
If you have the VSCO girl aesthetic, using photo clip string lights are a great way to display all of your favorite disposable camera photographs.

Floor pillow with the text "Inhala exhala."

Inhala Exhala Floor Pillow designed and sold by kacien

44. Make sitting on the floor enticing with floor pillows

Floor pillows are a terrific way to give your bedroom more seating or to simply make it more comfortable to sprawl out on the floor while you spend too much time scrolling through your phone.

A floor pillow is also an absolute necessity for your designated zen area if you enjoy meditation or journaling.

45. Create a dedicated workspace

Making a workspace in your room is essential if you work from home or are a dedicated student. Design a desk that’s well-organized and fits your personality, so you will actually enjoy using it. 

To help you create a perfect workspace, check out these desk decor ideas.

46. Use vertical space for storage

If you need extra storage, utilizing your vertical space is the way to go. For instance, installing floating shelves with storage bins will allow you to conceal your random objects while maintaining a neat and organized appearance.

If you have a small closet, hanging a shoe organizer is great for utilizing the vertical space of your closet door. 

70s tapestry with a rainbow pattern

70s Landscape Tapestry designed and sold by Audrey Herbertson

47. Hang a tapestry to add some texture

Whether your aesthetic is trippy, funny, moody, or indie, tapestries can drape some personality over your space. There are plenty of ways to hang a tapestry in your bedroom, like over your bed as a canopy or behind it to act as a headboard. 

48. Create a charging station

We live in a world of technology, so you will undoubtedly have a zillion wires and cords to charge whatever electronics you may have. Invest in a charging station to place on your nightstand or desk to make it simple to power your devices.

This will lessen clutter and make it simpler to locate your bluetooth earbuds and smartwatch as you’re running out the door.

49. Make it smell nice

You could have the most aesthetically pleasing room, but if it smells like a two-day-old takeout order, it completely ruins the vibe. Make it smell nice with candles, scent plugins, or essential oil diffusers. 

The scents you choose can also help you highlight the aesthetic of your room. If you’re trying for a beachy vibe, utilize coconut and citrus aromas and use warm vanilla and sandalwood scents to create a more hygge-inspired space.

50. Float your furniture

Floating furniture is a cool trend that allows you to take your pieces of furniture off the ground and give it a floating appearance. For a more contemporary look, try a floating nightstand which is basically a side table that you can mount to your wall.

If you want something more playful, you can hang a chair in your corner or even your bed.

Paisley-patterned shower curtain

Paisley Pattern in Purple, Orange & White Shower Curtain designed and sold by somecallmebeth

51. Use a curtain as your headboard

If you want a stand-out headboard without the hefty price of one, opt to use a curtain instead. For something light and pretty, use sheer white curtains paired with fairy lights. 

If you’re in the market for something bold, check out these vibrant and trendy curtains that are sure to be the focal point of your bedroom. 

52. Minimalize your color palette

While some people thrive in an environment with lots of vibrant colors, others require something simpler to create a calming atmosphere. If you are the latter, choose a color scheme that features neutral tones like browns and tans or blacks and whites.  Then, pick one or two of your favorite colors to add some of your personality to it.

53. Give wallpaper a try

If anything, wallpaper has made one of the biggest comebacks in home decor history. There are so many fun and trendy patterns to choose from nowadays that fit just about every personality and aesthetic. 

You have the option of using wallpaper on every wall in your bedroom or just one accent wall. If you’re feeling brave and inventive, you could even utilize wallpaper on your ceiling. If you decide to go with an accent wall, pick a strong color or print, and if you wrap the entire bedroom in it, be sure it won’t be too overwhelming.

We hope these bedroom decor ideas gave you some inspiration for your next bedroom makeover. Whether you are looking for new bedding, wall art, or accessories, Redbubble has a wide selection of home decor designed and sold by independent artists that is sure to help you create the bedroom of your dreams. 

Featured image: Eucalyptus and Tea Tree designed and sold by VickiLarner

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