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Become an ambassador and spread the word about Redbubble.


Whether it’s sharing your favourite products with your friends or creating amazing content, simply share 3 social posts per month to earn some sweet, sweet cash and be in with the chance to earn $100 vouchers and free products.

Sign me up. How do I get started?

  1. Apply to be a Redbubble ambassador HERE in just a few minutes via our partner platform, Impact. It’s pretty self explanatory but refer to these three quick instructions to help when filling in the form:
    1. Section 2 ‘Company Information’ – ignore the word Company
    2. Section 3 ‘Promotional Information’ –
      1. Partner Type – please select ‘OTHER’ from the drop down menu
      2. Property Type – please toggle Social Networks and add your profile URLs
  2. Invite your friends to join too! If your values fit with ours then you’ll likely be accepted.
  3. You’ll receive monthly emails on how to get involved, new products, ways to win and much more….what are you waiting for?!

Apply here –


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