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40 Bachelorette Party Gifts To Celebrate the Bride in Style


Wondering if you need to bring a gift to a bachelorette party? Technically, bachelorette party gifts aren’t required, but no one will kick you off of the party bus if you bring one! Plus, giving gifts just makes you feel better. Typically, attendees will give gifts to the bride while the bride will give gifts to her bridesmaids, a party favor gift to guests, or a hostess gift to whoever organized the event. 

If you aren’t sure what type of gift to bring to the party, Redbubble’s got you covered with a list of the best gifts for the bride, bridal party, and guests.

pink a-line dress with heart-shaped lollipops

Heart Lollipops – Pink Palette A-Line Dress designed and sold by Cat Coquillete

Bachelorette Party Gifts for Guests 

It’s tradition that the guests chip in to cover the cost of the bachelorette party, and depending on where your friends live, they may also be shelling out some cash to travel. Show them how much you appreciate them with a party favor commemorating the night!

1. Friendship Stickers

Stickers make great party favors since they are inexpensive but everyone has somewhere to put them. Get everyone a sticker that commemorates your friendship or a sticker that matches the party’s theme.

silver water bottle with friendship sticker

Thank You for Being a Part of My World Sticker designed and sold by salami-spots

2. Colorful Friendship Magnets

Give them the gift of refrigerator magnets! You can never have too many of them, and they do double duty, holding photos on the fridge and adding a splash of decor. 

3. Quirky Coasters

It’s no secret that bachelorette parties usually involve beverages, so play on that theme by giving your guests coasters to match the party’s theme or as a nod to the evening’s drink of choice.

4. Retro Girls on Tour Rainbow Pin

Give your girls something they can wear during the party with this Retro Girls on Tour Rainbow Pin. Everyone at the venue will know you’re a group celebrating something special, and they can attach them to tote bags and jean jackets when the night is over. Find the perfect pin for your crew by matching your theme or sense of humor.

pink button with retro print of Girls on Tour

Retro Girls on Tour Rainbow Pin designed and sold by stu-dio-art

5. Coffee Mugs

A person can never have enough mugs, so they make excellent gifts! Your friends can drink out of them or use them for fun crafts or pencil holders on their desks at work.

6. I Will Never Unfriend You Tote

This party favor doubles as a practical gift bag! Stick all the party swag in this sweet I Will Never Unfriend You tote

White tote bag with "I will never unfriend you" lettering

I Will Never Unfriend You Tote Bag designed and sold by Marie Funseth

Bachelorette Party Gifts for Bridal Attendants

The people you ask to be in your wedding party are probably the people you’re closest to outside of your future spouse. Show them how much they mean to you with a special gift they can use or wear on the special day.

7. Team Bride Travel Mug

At least one member of your wedding party is going to need some caffeine to get going the day of, so make sure they’re ready with a Team Bride travel mug. Hide a package of instant coffee, powdered creamer, and sugar inside so all they’ll need to worry about is adding some hot water. 

Black travel mug with "Team bride" in colorful vintage lettering

Retro Team Bride Rainbow Travel Mug designed and sold by stu-dio-art

8. Personalized Water Bottle

Odds are good everyone in the wedding party will need a little hydration on the big day (especially if it’s the day after the bachelorette party), so get them a personalized water bottle. It can match the wedding theme, their favorite color, or their favorite pop culture icon. Stickers are also a great way to personalize each bridesmaid’s water bottle.

9. Love Tank Top

Your bridesmaids will show up to their hair and makeup chairs in style with this Love Racerback Tank Top — also available in traditional tank top form for those who don’t like the racerback.

Woman wearing black tank top with LOVE printed on it

Love Racerback Tank Top designed and sold by LordWharts

10. Heart Lollipops Makeup Bag 

Help your bridal party keep all their small items readily at hand with this cute heart-lollipops makeup pouch. It makes for a great place to store makeup, an emergency sewing kit, aspirin, or whatever else they might need that day.

10. Cue the Confetti T-shirt

These Cue the Confetti T-shirts are the perfect option for pre-nuptial festivities. Your bridesmaids and bridesmen can wear them to the bachelorette party or when they report to the venue on the big day.

Two people wearing a gray t-shirt with confetti and lettering that says "Cue the Confetti"

Cue the Confetti T-shirts designed and sold by Cat Coquillete

12. Hearts Parade Tote Bag

This “hearts parade” tote bag is sturdy enough to hold everything your bridal party needs to survive the big day: makeup, spare shoes, a sewing kit for emergencies, or a bottle of champagne for some last-minute celebratory mimosas.

Cream tote bag with heart pattern

Hearts Parade Tote Bag designed and sold by mirimo

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts for the Bride

While not necessary, guests may want to bring a gift for the bride to the bachelorette party. Unlike the shower or the wedding, these gifts for the bride are meant to be fun, lighthearted, and focused more on the bride herself than the soon-to-be-married couple. No appliances or dishware here!

13. Bridal Robe

The last thing any bride wants is to ruin her hairdo or smear her makeup when she’s changing into her dress. A white silk bridal robe will keep her looking her best. To commemorate the experience, get her one with “bride” embroidered somewhere on it.

14. Spa Gift Card

Getting married is stressful — lots of planning, lots of money, and lots of family drama. Treat the bride to a spa gift card to get the treatment she wants (and probably needs!), whether it’s the day before the ceremony or after she returns from the honeymoon.

15. Celebrity Video Message

Thanks to the internet and programs like Cameo, her favorite pop culture icon can record a personalized video message to wish her a happy wedding day. Be sure to take plenty of photos as she listens so she can post them on social media!

16. Instant Camera

Everyone has a camera on their phone, but photos often end up stuck in photo-library limbo and never see the light of day. Give the bride an instant camera so she can take pictures all day long and have instant copies without a trip to the drugstore.

17. Passport Case

For the bride about to head out on a honeymoon, a stylish passport case is an elegant accessory that will have her traveling in style.

18. Travel Accessories

For the jet-setting bride, a new duffel bag or suitcase makes a great gift. Toss in some earplugs, a sleep mask, and a neck pillow for added travel comfort.

19. Personalized Bridal Panties 

Give the bride a chance to flaunt her new initials? Stick them on her panties! If she’s not changing her name, consider a funny message or her wedding date instead.

20. Lingerie

Lingerie is always a good choice for the bachelorette party since there usually aren’t any kids present who may ask awkward questions. Aren’t sure of her size or style? Stick a gift card in a greeting card so she can pick out what she’s comfortable in.

21. Shot or Wine Glasses

A personalized shot or wine glass is a practical and fun bachelorette party gift. You’ll know it’ll get used right away!

Cute Gifts for a Bachelorette Party for the Bride

Bring a smile to any bride’s face with these cute gifts.

22. Monogrammed Pajamas 

There’s nothing more luxurious than monogrammed silk pajamas, especially when the initials are new. In fact, don’t be afraid to put her new monogram on everything!

23. Loungewear

Ward off cold feet with fuzzy slippers in the bride’s favorite color, perfect for lazy days at home or at the spa. They pair well with a pair of comfortable leggings or a cozy hoodie.

If you’re looking for the perfect sweet gift for the bride, look no further! These cute, inexpensive gifts will bring a smile to her face.

24. Don’t Kill My Vibe Hat

If she’s headed to the beach with her love, she’ll need a hat to protect her from the sun, and this hat lets everyone know not to ruin her good time.

Black baseball cap with "Don't kill my vibe" printing

Don’t Kill My Vibe Lettering Cap designed and sold by lettersbysid

25. Established Sign

To commemorate the start of her new life, have a personalized sign made with the couple’s names and their wedding date. She can hang it over their bed or make it the centerpiece of a photo wall from the day.

26. Jewelry Case

A traveling bride needs to be prepared for fancy dinners while on her honeymoon. A travel jewelry case will keep her jewelry from tangling in her suitcase so she’s ready no matter the occasion.

27. Wedding Date Pillow

Who says throw pillows have to match the furniture? Have the couple’s names and wedding date printed on a pillow. You can also get a throw pillow with an uplifting message for the couple like this The Best Is Yet to Come throw pillow.

White throw pillow with "the best is yet to come" lettering and flowers

The Best Is Yet to Come Gouache Lettering with Flowers and Leaves Throw Pillow designed and sold by HannaPaulina

28. Party Games

Liven up the evening with a party game or jigsaw puzzle, which the bride can then keep for when she and her spouse are entertaining. You can also opt for a sexy truth-or-dare game for the new couple to play during the honeymoon.

Meaningful Bachelorette Party Gifts for the Bride

If your goal is to make the bride tear up at how well you know her, check out these meaningful gifts.

29. Initial Necklace

The bride will want to show off her new initials, so get her an initial necklace. Opt for the ’90s classic script or go for the more understated stamped initial. 

30. Friendship Photo Album

If you’ve known the bride for a long time, you probably have a lot of memories and stories you love to tell (unless you’re sworn to secrecy). Put together a friendship photo album with images from all your greatest hits. Have it printed and bound professionally, or go with the DIY option and get scrapbooking.

31. Travel Map

If your friend travels a lot, get her an oversized map she can hang on the wall and some push pins so she can track her travels. Pair it with a travel journal so she can document all the great memories she and her new spouse make as they travel the world together.

Journal with a photo of a forest as the background and a map of the US

Road Trip USA Hardcover Journal designed and sold by cabinsupplyco

32. Custom Illustration of the Bride and Groom

Get a copy of an engagement photo and give it to a local artist to recreate as a custom illustration. Or give her a gift certificate to have one of her wedding photos turned into an illustration after the wedding. Either way, the completed artwork will have a spot of honor on her wall.

33. Friendship Bracelet

It’s time to upgrade the embroidered friendship bracelet you made for her in fifth grade. Opt for a bracelet with your initials printed on it or a word or phrase that will send you into fits of giggles at an inside joke.

34. First-Year Journal 

A lot happens in your first year of marriage, so get a first-year journal for her and her new spouse to fill out. You can buy one already made or make it more meaningful by ordering a journal and adding prompts of your own for them to complete.

Classy Bachelorette Party Gifts for the Bride 

For the classy bride, these gifts will help her enjoy life in style.

35. Framed Art Print

As the bride sets up her home with her new spouse, she’s going to need to decorate. Nothing says classy like a framed art print. Opt for an abstract with bold colors or a piece of cultural art to draw the eye.

abstract art print in blues, oranges, and pinks

Ink 01 Framed Art Print designed and sold by Elisabeth Fredriksson

36. Bedding

Now that she’s getting married, a bedroom design overhaul may be in her future. Help her create a classy and luxurious space to spend time with her spouse with a neutral comforter or a romantic duvet cover.

37. Ring Dish

A ring dish makes the perfect resting place for her wedding rings when she needs to take them off. Have it personalized with her wedding date or her initials.

38. Canvas Print

Decorate her walls with a canvas print that appeals to her love of travel or passion for mid-century design. She can hang them in her living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Midcentury canvas print in blues and oranges

New Mid Mod RainbowMagic Blue Orange #midcentury Canvas Print designed and sold by susycosta

39. Throw Blanket

Being married may mean more nights spent at home on the couch watching a movie than heading out on the town, so a cozy throw blanket makes a great gift as long as it’s the right size. This Blooming Heart throw blanket will wrap her and her new spouse in love.

40. Photographic Print

Photography makes great decor, but not all of us are Ansel Adams. Whether her vibe is nature photography or black and white cityscapes, a photographic print makes a great addition to her walls.

Photo print of a city street

“On Rainy Nights Like These…” Photographic Print designed and sold by Vivianne Gucwa

One final tip: Don’t forget to help the bride out by asking all the guests to address thank you card envelopes since she has enough on her hands without tracking down addresses. 

The bride will love having you at her bachelorette party regardless of whether you bring a gift. After all, to her, your presence is more important than your present!

Featured image: Female Diverse Faces designed and sold by AngelinaBambina

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