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Athleisure: Our Favorite Anti-Workout Picks


Be fit. Be lazy. Be both.

You probably have a collection of athleisure wear and don’t even know it. Replacing the ‘sweatpants’ of the 80’s, athleisure has sashayed in and is sure to be the go-to outfit in your closet. In fact, you might as well throw all the others out. Athleisure has the flexibility to take you from yoga to the store, to coffee with friends without changing a single layer. Add deodorant and a puffy jacket and you’re ready for a fancy dinner out or a night of dancing (high-kicks, here you come). No one will guess you didn’t just leave a pilates class.

She-Read by Wytrab8
Origami Swans leggings and Desert Skull tanktop
Origami Swans by Andrea Lauren | Desert Skull by LunaticPark

What is Athleisure Wear?

Athleisure is a combination of the words athletics + leisure. Two words that couldn’t be more opposite.

Athletic brings to mind physical strength, sweat and images of gym teachers from the 80’s. Hands on hips, armed with a never ceasing whistle, and a cynical sense of humor. If you’ve ever been forced to run around a track of mud in a blizzard, you know exactly who I mean.

Leisure on the other hand would’ve been the bane of Athletics life. Have you ever had the time to sit down and read a book leisurely? Enjoying every word and turn of the page? Yeah, me either but apparently this does exist.

Athleisure has combined the best of athletics, comfortable clothing that allows for movement and the best of a leisurely life, one that is relaxing, stylish, and ready for any yoga pose. Put those two together and no, you don’t get pajamas, you get athleisure wear.

Bad Workout
Bad Workout by NibiruHybrid
Flex Friday
Flex Friday by Huebucket
Spring Loaded
Spring Loaded by ThePilatesPod
Eye Gore
Eye gore by SmokingSheep

Be ready to jump, dance, run a 5k, or power shop and maintain your own style with designs from Redbubble.
All the sporty without the sweat. Find your favorite leggings, hoodies, tank-tops, and tees for original activities.

Olympic Lifting Pugs
Olympic Lifting Pugs by Huebucket
Eat Pasta Run Fasta
Eat Pasta Run Fasta by BrogressProject
Buns of Steel
Buns of Steel by the950
Make Some Noise