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27 Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas for Gifts that are 100% Better than Apples


It’s hard to exaggerate the impact a great teacher can have on your life. Whether it’s because they saw something special in you, showed you tough love when you needed it, or explained ideas in a new and exciting way, we’ve all been lucky enough to have a teacher who deserves our gratitude. Here’s a collection of teacher appreciation gifts to let them know how much they’ve made a difference.

Gifts for English Teachers

Despite their best efforts, it’s hard to adequately express how much our english teachers have meant to us in words. So here are some suggestions for how to do it with gifts.

1. A grammarvelous tee.

Not everyone appreciates a good punctuation joke. But your English teacher does.

4. They’ll hate it. It’s perfect.

For ~you’re~ favorite English teacher.

Gifts for Science Teachers That Are Anything But Basic*

*We’re pretty sure they’re not acidic either. But hey, we’re not scientists.

5. What sorcer-tee is this?

They’ll be so proud.

6. Science, meet dad jokes.

Pretty element-ary IMO.

7. Physics > fate.

For science snobs only.

9. A diary so they can write down what’s the ~matter.~

We know. It’s a little quarky.

10. For a teacher with a newborn, here’s a onesie that’ll beeker interest.

Perfect for an infant precipitation event (that’s science for baby shower).

Gifts for Art Teachers

They’ve taught us how to see the world and express our vision. They’ve nurtured our creativity. They’ve made our lives richer. A punny mug is the least we can do.

12. Inspiring art teachers need encouragement too.

They’ve supported the heck out of you, it’s time to show them some love back.

13. Now their shirt’s (almost) as loud as they are:


15. This backpack also projects to the back row:

Red leather yellow leather red leather yellow letter.

16. Very on band.

Yes, maestro.

17. Pure truth.

Preach, shirt. Preach.

19. This art-stronaut notebook that’s perfect for sketching.
Journals are perfect for the teacher who celebrates limitless creativity.

Gifts for History Teachers

Some history teachers transform the past from a dry collection of facts to an awesome, gruesome, and insane mess of fascinating events and characters (with the occasional dose of uplifting ones too, but those are less fun). These gifts are for them.

20. Hope it’s big enough.

For that one dark AF history teacher who seems to enjoy teaching Caligula and Robespierre a little too much. They’re still your favorite.

21. You could probably also get them this tattoo:

Number of history teachers who won’t love this: zero.

23. VesuviYAAAAAS.


24. D-Daaaayum.

Enjoy the beautiful (horrific) beaches.

Gifts for Math Teachers

You + math might not = an A, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a √ ̅ math gift.

25. Formu-loooove it


26. This sticker could be the right gift.

Well. Not *quite* right…;)

27. What a trigonometreat.
We (cose)cant even rn.

If these teacher appreciation gifts don’t set you ahead of the curve, we guess you’ll just have to try studying. Thank you teachers for making us better. For making us smarter. For setting us up to succeed. And most of all, for tolerating us. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.

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