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20 Gifts for Dog Lovers


Finding gifts for dog lovers doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you’re going for something practical or fun, there’s plenty of choices out there to choose from. Or should I say chew-se from? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

1. Paw print pullover.

Let them make a statement in a printed puppy pullover that’s guaranteed to make tails wag. A nice sweatshirt will keep them warm on those cool nights spent getting in a late night walk with their four-legged friend.

2. Subscription service.

Get treats and samples delivered directly to their house with an ongoing Fido-friendly subscription service. Some subscriptions even offer customization options and preferences. Talk about a pampered pooch.

3. Reusable tote bag.

Help them keep all of their four-legged friend’s favorite toys in one place. Store toys and trinkets in one of these bad boys.

4. Hiking/Park pass.

Dogs love the outdoors, and we love our dogs. Treat your puppy pals to more than just a walk around the block with a hiking pass. Just be sure to highlight trails that are dog-friendly!

5. Leash.

Pick up a new leash or collar in their favorite color, or snag a fun print/seasonal color to keep their leash stash stacked. Try saying that five times fast.

6. Collapsible dog bowl.

Take your H20 to go with a collapsible dog bowl. Lightweight and easy to pack, these make a great gift for dog lovers.

7. Throw blanket.

A nice throw blanket makes a perfect gift for dog lovers and doubles a seat protector after a sandy beach trip.

8. Dog brush.

Hook them up with a dog brush and say sayonara to matted fur moments.

9. Plush pup.

A stuffed animal adds a quirky touch to any home. They can use it as a fun decoration, a couch accessory, or even as a dog toy. Bonus points if you can find one looks like their actual dog.

10. Printed pillow.

Whether using it as a throw pillow for the couch, or as an actual dog bed, a fun printed pillow makes a cool statement your pooch will def appreciate. With hundreds of options in multiple different sizes, you’re bound to find a winner.

11. Framed photo.

If your friends are anything like mine, they have 9000 pictures of their pup on their phone and they’re constantly taking more. Print one of their faves and put it in a nice frame for thoughtful gesture.

12. Doggy DNA test.

Has your friend always been curious about exactly what percent mini-German-Labradoodle-Tzu (okay, we made that breed up) their fur baby is? Order them a dog DNA-testing kit so they have the receipts. 100% unnecessary, but 100% fun.

13. Stickers.

Is there anything cooler than something custom? Stickers are the perfect option for allowing your friend to decorate their stuff with dog stickers any way they’d like. They can add them to water bottles, laptops, cars, their room…basically anything.

14. Doggy donation.

Whether it’s a contribution made to a well-known organization like Guide Dogs or ASPCA, or a donation to your local shelter, any dog-lover would be thrilled to know you helped make a difference in an animal’s life.

15. Mug.

Dogs may be a human’s best friend, but coffee is a human’s second best friend. A unique puppy-themed mug makes for a great dog lovers gift.

16. Tennis balls.

Fetch is basically peak entertainment for dogs (and honestly, pretty much peak entertainment for humans too). Not only do we get to do the least amount of work in the game, but we also get to witness one of the purest forms of happiness in the world: seeing the joy on a dog’s face as it eagerly sprints back after getting its prize. Pick up a new pack of tennis balls they can play with all year long.

17. Canine cards.

Hook your friend up with some doggy stationery. You might even get one as a thank-you. Score.

18. Lint rollers.

Dogs = fur. Fur = fur everywhere. Pick up a lint roller so they don’t have to worry about having unwanted dog hair around.

19. Book.

Books make good gifts in general, but if you know what the person you’re buying for is into, books can go from good to awesome. Pop into your local bookstore and pick up a canine cult-classic (Because of Winn-Dixie) or something more modern like (Marley and Me).

20. Reflective attire.

Keep your friend safe by gifting them with a reflective piece of clothing for those early-morning/late-night walk sessions. While they may not be the most fashionable choice, reflective attire makes it much easier for drivers to notice them, especially when it’s foggy, or getting dark out.

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