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Thumbnail 1 of 2, Postcard, Another World designed and sold by Mark German.
Thumbnail 2 of 2, Postcard, Another World designed and sold by Mark German.
Postcard, Another World designed and sold by Mark German

Another World Postcard

Designed and sold by Mark German
$2.54 (30% off)
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$1.65 when you buy any 50+
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$2.54 (30% off)

Product features

  • Unique artwork for posting words of wisdom or decorating your wall, fridge or office
  • Digitally printed cards on heavyweight stock
  • Uncoated reverse provides a superior writing surface
Artwork thumbnail, Another World by Deckham
Another World
Another World Do you still remember your childhood? My rules for photography and art are very simple - I like it, or I don't... Thanks for visiting my folio :) I certainly appreciate your taking time to view what I’ve been up to, and enjoy reading your comments. Writings (or ramblings) Weaver High-Flyer The 10th The In-Between Place The Haggard Crone Come, Dark Chandelier Brain Eat Me You're Strange, Rick Ever-Queen Sleeping Beauty The Black, White & Grey ******************************************************************* In another world I sat, a young dreamer, to an old tune An occasional finger I dipped, wetting in the mainstream Samples I savoured, tasting the blurry, whirly life of Others Sounds I heard, breezing past my ears – bees in a sun-throttled field and time passed by… Strong I grew, hardier than most - a mind of crystal, a hand of steel a wit of lightning, and a heart of soft, bleeding stone time passed by… Many friends I made, and they made me in turn Songs I sung, but not with love – perhaps with too much love… Smiles I strew – cold, lifeless, soulless, yet guileless Hearts I broke, intentionally – to resonate with my own and more time passed… My practiced role wore me tightly An occasional stutter, temporary trips With practice, I surpassed even my own, exceedingly high expectations. and time passes… Now I wait, patiently, constant like a river, an echo I wait for the future and I wait for the past I bear it in silence, knowing deep inside The Call may come, and find me here waiting and time is passing… **************************************************************************

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