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Thumbnail 1 of 2, Laptop Skin, Knoydart designed and sold by Hike-and-Click.
Thumbnail 2 of 2, Laptop Skin, Knoydart designed and sold by Hike-and-Click.
Laptop Skin, Knoydart designed and sold by Hike-and-Click

Knoydart Laptop Skin

Designed and sold by Hike-and-Click

Product features

  • Form-fitting vinyl decal sticker
  • Provides resistance to minor scratches
  • Gloss finish provides intense, vibrant colors and sharp line detail
  • 3M Controltac decal sticker for easy, bubble-free installation
  • Easily removable with no sticky residue
  • Thickness <1/32 inch (<1mm)
  • Weight <5g
Artwork thumbnail, Knoydart by Hike-and-Click
The photo depicts a remote and isolated location, coast of Knoydart in Scotland. The clouds in the sky are white and fluffy, giving the impression of a sunny and pleasant day. The sea is calm and tranquil, with gentle waves lapping at the shore. The overall atmosphere of the photo is peaceful and serene, with a sense of quiet and solitude that is characteristic of remote locations. It may be a beautiful and picturesque scene that showcases the natural beauty of Scotland's rugged coastline and countryside.

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