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Thumbnail 1 of 2, Greeting Card, Romy Schneider designed and sold by Corne Akkers.
Thumbnail 2 of 2, Greeting Card, Romy Schneider designed and sold by Corne Akkers.
Greeting Card, Romy Schneider designed and sold by Corne Akkers

Romy Schneider Greeting Card

Designed and sold by Corne Akkers
$2.79 when you buy any 3+
$2.44 when you buy any 10+
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$2.79 when you buy any 3+
$2.44 when you buy any 10+
$2.27 when you buy any 50+
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  • Custom printed for pretty much every special thing there is
  • Digitally printed cards on heavyweight stock
  • Uncoated blank interior provides a superior writing surface
  • Each card comes with a kraft envelope for mailing or gifting
Artwork thumbnail, Romy Schneider by CorneAkkers
Romy Schneider
Sans Titre A cubistic portrait in the 'sans titre' series depicting actress and celebrity Romy Schneider. I started off the series with a drawing of Louise Brooks but came to realize while drawing this one I did not want to put the stress on the resemblance too much. Therefor my main objective was to seek for artistic rendering and novelties like cubistic hair locks in this particular case, heavy influenced by people like Tamara de Lempicka. Struggling with Cubism My search for cubism was 4 years old with some detours to surrealism and impressionism. I as struggling with my preset mind with regard to traditional cubism by Picasso and Braque which style I could describe better as some kind of multiperspectivism. I renounce that heavily. Takes me back to the Middle Ages again. I embrace the optical illusion of atmospheric depth fully and cannot disregard it like Braque did initially and Matisse for years. A Little Trick Just as in my oil painting Cubistic Woman (2010) I pulled a cunning trick in order to find what cubism might bring me. I extrapolated abstracted plains in the positive form of the face by means of drawings lines, starting from the contour delineation of such a plain and let it run out the positive form, into the negative space ajacent to the face. Thus a new world is created. Tonality Of course atmosperic depth by means of employing a wide tonal bandwidth is the key feature in this one and all of my drawings. This way, even though a motif is heavily abstraced, it will be still recognizable for the spectator. Graphite pencil drawing (Pentel 0.5 mm, 3B) on Winsor & Newton paper (14.8 x 21 x 0.1 cm - A5 format) Artist: Corné Akkers

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