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Thumbnail 1 of 2, Greeting Card, Pyrrhic victory designed and sold by sketchplanator.
Thumbnail 2 of 2, Greeting Card, Pyrrhic victory designed and sold by sketchplanator.
Greeting Card, Pyrrhic victory designed and sold by sketchplanator

Pyrrhic victory Greeting Card

Designed and sold by sketchplanator
$1.81 (30% off)
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$1.18 when you buy any 50+
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$1.81 (30% off)

Product features

  • Custom printed for pretty much every special thing there is
  • Digitally printed cards on heavyweight stock
  • Uncoated blank interior provides a superior writing surface
  • Each card comes with a kraft envelope for mailing or gifting
Artwork thumbnail, Pyrrhic victory by sketchplanator
Pyrrhic victory
A Pyrrhic victory is one where, although you may have won the battle your own losses or damage make it nearly as costly as defeat. Perhaps that business rival finally went out of business after you lowered prices so much that you can now barely get by, maybe you managed to prove you were right at the cost of ruining a relationship, or it could be that the kids did in fact get in the car and go out on that blasted walk only for everyone to have a miserable time angry at each other for the rest of the day. Or maybe, as King Pyrrhus of Epirus found in 279 BCE, you won several battles against the Romans while losing so many of your best warriors as to make you wonder at the worth of the whole campaign.

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