100 - 499 VIEWS (3 PER DAY)

This group is the place where you can show-case those works which have attracted between *100 and 499 VIEWS*.

Recent Work

  • Lynn on the Danube by Graeme  Hyde
  • What do you want?  Go away. by Graeme  Hyde
  • Stormy Richmond Skyline by FrankieCat
  • Mullewa Catholic Church by Graeme  Hyde
  • Acadian Summit by Viv Thompson
  • Young Zebra by Graeme  Hyde
  • Acadia in Autumn by Viv Thompson
  • In The Lavender by Graeme  Hyde
  • The Watch Tower by Viv Thompson
  • Mum and Pup by Graeme  Hyde
  • Male Warthog by Viv Thompson
  • THE OPERATING SYSTEM by QuantumShift

About This Group

RedBubble (RB) posts the current number of VIEWS on the Artist’s Notes Page of each work of every artist. This group allows you to post work after it has accumulated 100 Views. There are a variety of reasons you may wish to track your VIEWS and update them periodically (see “VALUE of VIEWS” Forum conversation for more info;-))).

The minimum number of viewings your works can have is 100 and the maximum is 499.

Beyond 499 views you are welcome to join the 500+ Views Viewings Group

To save you the trouble of clicking on the rules, this is what they are:

1. A work must have been viewed between 100 and 499 times before being submitted to the group

2. To give all members reasonable exposure on the front page of the gallery we ask that submissions be kept down to 3 per day.

3. We require that the current number of views and the ‘date’ be included on a separate line within the first few lines of your description of the work in ARTIST NOTES.
(The statistics in the Artist’s Notes page can only be seen by you, the creator and owner of the image, and why your ‘honesty’ is paramount to the validity of this group.)
(The statistics used to include the date you loaded your work to RB, and for tracking ‘speed’ of view collection you may wish to note this data in the description, along with your current views.…OR put the DATE you LOAD at the time you load it.) A suggestion made in the VALUE of VIEWS group message and FORUM (which you may want to read and/or comment on ;-))) is LISTING ALL YOUR VIEW DATA at the TOP of a work’s ‘Description’ as follows:
(this is a mere example)
501 views by 15 Jan. 2015 (current count & date)
120 views by 9 Oct. 2014
Loaded to RB 25 August 2014

4. Because this is a VIEWS oriented group we request that you remove your work from this group as you achieve 500 views, at which stage it is no longer eligible for this group, but becomes eligible for the 500+ Views Viewings Group.
Older posts will be culled from the group Gallery periodically. You may re-submit an eligible culled work for moderation, including the new current new number of VIEWS in the description of your work as required by group rules.

5. This group follows RB basic decency guidelines. Images or writing which apparently or likely to cause offence to viewers will be rejected. NO further correspondence will be entered into about such decisions.


Please READ THE RULES before joining the group

See the group rules and join this group here