YOU BIG SOFTY (2/24hrs - no flowers, insects, adults)

All things cute and cuddly

Recent Work

  • Snowy owl in flight by Jim Cumming
  • The Ghost - Snowy Owl by Jim Cumming
  • Snowy Owl tale of tenacity (video in description) by Heather King
  • Foxy Origami  by Leliza
  • Bearellina by Kho Tek Mei
  • Black and White Beauty by DonnaM
  • Dino ~Santa's Little Helper ~ Boxer Dog Series by Evita
  • 2018 - Merry Christmas   by Evita
  • Merry Kitty Christmas! by Nadya Johnson
  • Such a fluffy bunny by missmoneypenny
  • Colorful Unicorn by Kho Tek Mei
  • 'Tis the Season! by Nadya Johnson

About This Group

Welcome to our fantabulous group " You Big Softy" – your one stop shop for SOFT, FUZZY, FEATHERY – mammals, marine animals, birds, marsupials, amphibians & stuffed toys; CUDDLY & CUTE Babies toddlers, and young children; MELT YOUR HEART – displays of affection, eye and facial expressions.

At “You Big Softy” we like getting UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL

If you are looking for that which makes you say awwww, tugs at your heartstrings, or makes you turn to mush, then this is the group for you.
No landscapes, clouds, reptiles, insects, or flowers at this time. No violence or nudity. No adults or teens as primary focus
This group is here to showcase, share tips, gain experiences and friendships and, with the help of your hosts and fellow members, improve on what you love softness.

So, whether you are already a softy or a bit sharp on the edges this group is for you! Be sure to enter our exciting challenges, look through the inspiring pieces of art and check our forums for news and join in on the on-going games.

Photography and Artwork Only, No Journals or Writing Without Photos Please

Please be sure your subject’s are in focus (subjects not in focus will NOT be accepted) and please do not submit multiple images of the same subject at different angles or with slightly different poses, crops, or colorations.
Quailty in your art. RB requirements applied.
You MUST have a Subject in the photo, No landscapes or buildings.
We want small babies (animal or people), pets and teddy bears. or stuffed toys, simply soft things or those images which soften the heart, We also accept amphibians (frogs & toads), marine mammals (up close and personal) and certain wildlife (prefer babies and the soft, furry/feathery or gentle giant kind) We love winged creatures such as faeries, unicorns, baby dragons, angels, cherubs as well as baby dinasours.


Over Eighty-four works by our talented members featured…

The submitted work of four of our members made the homepage in a collabrative effort! Congrats to Marcelle Raphael, Chris Snyder, Yanni, and Jim Cumming ….and our fantabulous group!!
July 8. 2012

From our group’s newest members…congratulations on your RB hp features!!!



If you enjoy storytelling through a series of images, be sure to check out this new group Tell Your Photo Story.

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