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  • Charldia

    Don't Quit Your Race 2 Timothy 4:7 by Charldia

    Too many days and days of darkness and despair,
    But You keep whispering words of hope reminding me You’re there.
    Too many nights of crying, praying, so very little sleep,
    But I feel You gently wipe my…

    218 words
  • TheBrit

    Within the Lens of my eye ! by TheBrit

    The softness of a fluffy clouded
    sky, floating within slow motion,…

    A clock forever ticking backwards,

    Taking us all into a previous era,

    Thunder crackling throughoutt
    the universe,

    Daydreaming of yeste

    284 words



    97 words
  • George Coombs

    Cliff Top by George Coombs

    wings outstretched…
    embracing bright
    gulls glide
    where sea is
    calm and shining…
    of deep stillness
    on the cliff top
    beckoning horizon
    almost lost
    in light…

    40 words
  • juddarwin

    re 'unashamed desire drawing' by anthea slade by juddarwin

    truth is we on
    ly then know what
    we’re with
    ……………….then we’re
    ……….we mould
    fashion create
    you/me into
    me/you with life’s
    days’ chiselling
    with our life knife
    might ’s’well say, love


    45 words
  • su2anne

    The coming of age by su2anne

    Eyes wide open
    The stars triangulated
    Moon’s shadow gave her insight
    Her lub dub joined with
    The heartbeat of humanity
    A reminder she cannot quit

    245 words
  • mohawk man

    things remembered by mohawk man


    kaelyn sky has come to thee
    all the world you will now see
    through the life of this little queen
    and be reminded of wonders unseen
    as she learns and begins to grow
    things forgot will come and show

    53 words
  • juddarwin

    camelot the title was by juddarwin

    I used to lick than kiss her lips from where flesh raises to become the lower one; enjoy that drop into her mouth as my tongue tripped in, moving upwards, feeling the sudden chill-touch of her tongue…

    973 words
  • George Coombs

    The Room by George Coombs

    room set aside
    for journeying home…
    quiet mind
    vas as an ocean
    lapping against
    shores of infinity…
    going deep
    floating on soft
    here…in meditation
    is abundant life
    home is within…
    light of wisdom

    55 words
  • Stephen  J. Vattimo

    A Fish Tail by Stephen J. Va...

    So as the fish services next to the boat, the city man asks his cousin what kind of fish he has just caught? As the country man is trying to scoop the fish out of the water.
    167 words
  • su2anne

    Cleaning house by su2anne

    Peering closer
    I realise I cannot
    Properly see
    For my mind
    Is clouded by the
    Dank fear of possibility
    I cannot recoil for
    My hands and feet are
    Tangled in a web
    Of my own intrigue

    159 words
  • George Coombs

    Mother earth by George Coombs

    mother earth
    foundation of nature
    maintain me…
    ground me in your wisdom
    may my feet
    tread soft in
    all creation…may i
    be one with soft touch
    of breeze…the life
    i live is spiritual…
    i am spirit
    to whom i will ret…

    74 words
  • Kanages Ramesh

    Life skills by Kanages Ramesh

    The biting cold
    Demanding a bite,
    Virtuosity imperative
    To aid each in its quest:

    108 words
  • juddarwin

    politics yea! 15 by juddarwin

    he did say two alright things for a change
    kept awaiting him so long a waiter
    almost but coming to that pretences
    had me butler; jeeves, than who did it;
    liked his bit on syria / on the burka;
    he reali…

    300 words
  • juddarwin

    'what marriage?!' read, define! surrealism / sibling to ... by juddarwin

    the truth is either
    marriage be allowed
    or it ain’t the case
    and none are married
    no matter how/what
    cries against marriage
    disslove gordian …

    192 words
  • Alison Pearce

    Bleeding Stars by Alison Pearce

    You may have read this one before, I am reposting to promote my new anthology Observations From a Transparent Cage as it is one of my older pieces I chose to include as it fit with the overall theme.

    148 words
  • TheBrit

    .... A Whirlwind of Togetherness .... by TheBrit

    Mesmerized within your delectable blossom,…

    I am totally inebriated within the very
    essence of your natural beauty,

    Like kindred souls lost upon a gentle
    breeze becoming a whirlwind
    of togetherness,


    129 words
  • su2anne

    To live truly by su2anne

    Slowly it became
    In a soulful
    About my person
    It’s precious
    Vibrated memories
    And visions

    151 words