Yorkshire Grit

Group Rules:

For views of Yorkshire or Yorkshire related works (photography, art).

Also please state what part of Yorkshire your picture relates to. Very important, your picture will possibly be rejected if no information.

IMPORTANT! – Max of 2 images per day.

Please submit your BEST work and no series of the same image at different angles and treatments. If you do submit more than one image of the same picture, the hosts will accept the image which, in their opinion, is the best one and reject the rest. Decision of the Group Hosts is final.

No works should be submitted of sunsets, seascapes with no land, close-ups of individual trees, gates, animals, flowers, graffiti, family shots, vehicles (including steam trains) etc; these are not specifically ‘Yorkshire related’ no matter where found. Boats accepted if in a Yorkshire harbour setting.

All Journals must relate to the Group.