Yoga & Meditation the Universal Connection

Bringing the art of yoga and the calm of meditation into art, Help us create positive vibrations for our universe by creating artwork that represent any form of yoga or meditation.

Recent Work

  • State of Emotion-the pulse-, let it work... by lazarohurtado
  • Stardust Planet Mandala by GOAcARToon
  • The Inner Gate by KMA9221
  • Higher state of consciousness  by ZoeLouiseArt
  • MEDITATION by Donika Nikova
  •  Balanced Masculinity digital - 2017 by karmym
  • Ram bhakt Hanuman by ramanandr
  • Buddha with dog 6 by kind-spirits
  • Buddhism - Free Spirit by Krisna Teja
  • Buddhism - My Presence by Krisna Teja
  • Heart Opening Yoga Poses by Stephanie Mee
  • Vrksasana Yoga Pose by Stephanie Mee

About This Group

Yoga means union with the breath of life, the soul, and the body, uniting as one. Meditation is used to connect our breath and our body with our higher self. Let your heart lead you and not your mind. Meditation will guide you to a calmer, spiritual, more peaceful path. Creating Art can be another form of meditation and what is created here must represent this path. Create the beauty of the spirit. Create the beauty of peace, love, calm, and all forms of positive universal healing.

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