Yer pullin' my leg !

Your having a laugh ! ...... all things that appear reality, but really aren't !!!

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The term ‘Yer pullin’ my leg’ is a commonly used expression in the UK and Ireland and refers to someone that is presenting or ‘painting a picture’ of a scenario to someone else in a manner that seems genuine and real, however the storyteller/image maker/presenter is really having a laugh and trying to ‘wind up’ (con) the recipient. This group would invite RB’ers to post images that have been ‘set up’ (staged) or remastered using post processing techniques to make something appear different than it really was. RB’ers would also be invited to post writings that ‘spun a good yarn’ (ficticious yet believable story) as a seperate entity or to reinforce the believability of the image that they had posted (as a complimentary piece). The group would not wish for nudity or explicit sexual writings or images. I think this group would gain a good following and would also help inject a little further silliness/humour to an already great site …. and maybe sell some good pieces along the way.

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