Admiring the beauty of the evening sun from around the world. 2 per day - *Photographs ONLY*

Recent Work

  • Great Is Your Faithfulness  by lorilee
  • Twilight Symphony by Evelina Kremsdorf
  • Dazzling Rays by GedTKirk
  • Moody Sunset over Pamamaroo Lake by Lexa Harpell
  •  Niagara Falls Sunset by Valentina Gatewood
  • Orange sky by annAHorton
  • The Sky Is On Fire by robcaddy
  • Just Amazing! by cuprum
  • Croatian Sunset from Dubrovnik by Gordon Holmes
  • Do I have to go to bed yet? by niki2028
  • Sunset over Pamamaroo Lake by Lexa Harpell
  • Night Arriving over Pamamaroo Lake by Lexa Harpell

About This Group

Definition of a Sunset: The time in the evening when the
sun disappears or daylight fades. The colors and light visible
in the sky on an occasion of the sun’s disappearance in the
evening, considered as a view or spectacle.

08/09/2018 – Pretty Sittin’

gruntpig – stuff the cows , i’m busy

10/08/2018 – Gone Fishing

Werner Padarin – Fishermen at Dusk

Elfriede Fulda – The Angler !

28/07/2018 – Pastel Sunset

RichardSayer – Peaches and Cream

22/07/2018 – Orange Sunset

Roz McQuillan – Golden Sunset, Brighton beach

RichardSayer – Days End

16/06/2018 – Objects at Sunset

Valentina Gatewood – Crane Song

20/05/2018 – See the Sun!

lorilee – Windmill & Sunset

RichardSayer – Days End

25/04/2018 – Your Proudest Moment

Imi Koetz – Sunset…..My favourite Place…..West Coast of Tasmania

01/04/2018 – Waterreflection without Horizon

lorilee – More Marsh Reflections

25/03/2018 – Color Splash Sunset

LudaNayvelt – Ice and Fire

24/02/2018 – Countryside Sunsets

Perabl – Eclipse

12/02/2018 – Clouds at Sunset

Valentina Gatewood – Crazy Sunset

T.J. Martin – Sunset – Venice, Florida

22/01/2018 – Pink Sunset

Tamara Travers – Pink Sunset

12/01/2018 – Snowy Sunset

Barbara Brown – Winter Evening



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African Painted Tree – Marylou Badeaux


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