Admiring the beauty of the evening sun from around the world. 2 per day - Photographs only

Recent Work

  • Untitled by ChocChipCookie
  • In Awe... by Larry Trupp
  • Silence on the Prairies... by Larry Trupp
  • NRP Barracuda  by Gaspar Avila
  • Sunset at Zelena Laguna by JMChown
  • Boat at Sunset  by Lanii  Douglas
  • Piha Sunset  by earlcooknz
  • The Midnight Sun at Braswellglacier by John Dalkin
  • Come Sail Away! by SkylarMuller
  • back to the early show by blacqbook
  • flirty sky by blacqbook
  • Light in the Darkness by Angelika  Vogel

About This Group

Definition of a Sunset: The time in the evening when the
sun disappears or daylight fades. The colors and light visible
in the sky on an occasion of the sun’s disappearance in the
evening, considered as a view or spectacle.

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Portland Head Light at Sunset
by Linda Jackson


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