Wolves & Wild Kin

A group dedicated to the celebration and conservation of the Wolf and some of its more immediate kin. Please, Photography Only!

Recent Work

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  • Arctic Wolves by WolvesOnly
  • Timber Wolf by WolvesOnly
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  • Arctic Wolf by WolvesOnly
  • Timber Wolf by WolvesOnly
  • ..come with me to Canada..   [FEATURED] by John44
  • Intensity by Heather King

About This Group

Defenders of wildlife


*Congratulations to eivor!!

This group will concentrate on Wolves and their wild kin such as Dingos, Jackals, Coyotes, Foxes and African Hunting Dogs! Sorry no hybrids or domesticated wolves. Animals can be wild (or in a zoo).

The wolf (Canis Lupis) is a mystical creature shrouded in controversy and misunderstanding often leading to persecution and in some areas extinction. Wolves and their relatives have been both feared and revered though out history. These wild dogs need a place in our world.

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