Wolves in paintings, drawings, photography, digital art etc..

Recent Work

  • Frost ghoul hound by dragongirl222
  • Diamondwolf green by khaosdog
  • European Gray wolf by belettelepink
  • Misunderstood by Rhiannon Mowat
  • Howl by Viiverrids
  • Wolf Eclipse by Collin Bogle
  • White Wolf Trailing Death Mushrooms by Stormslegacy
  • Patience the Wolf by Jade Damboise Rail
  • snarling wolf t-shirt art by R Christopher  Vest
  • rocky mountain wolf pair t-shirt illustration by R Christopher  Vest
  • Ghost in the Pumpkins by KOKeefeArt
  • Beautiful Arctic Wolf  (View Large) by vette

About This Group

Artists & Photographers who depict or capture images of wolves.
Show us your wonderful captures & art. Please make it your best.
Note ..this is group is unmoderated and a group for Wolves, not other animals, if you find your work has been removed and would like an explaination please BM Dawnsky2, and if you feel your work is still valid in the Wolves group please let Dawnsky know, Thanks :)


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