Windows and Doors Only - 3 per day

Welcome to the Windows and Doors Group - No full buildings, No high rise glass buildings, no shopfronts


  • Stained Glass Window Roundel, St Pierre Cathedral Poitiers France 19840824 0015 by Fred Mitchell
  • Winter sun. by Paul Pasco
  • St John the Evangalist Altar Window by kalaryder
  • Central stained Glass window Christ on Cross Cathedral Poitiers France 19840824 0011  by Fred Mitchell
  • Cloister Shadows by John Dalkin
  • Wash day window. by Paul Pasco
  • Soft Chocolate Shadows - Vintage Wooden Door Fortified with Brass Studs by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Cabin Light by debidabble
  • Window Shutters by cjcphotography
  • Stained Glass Story of Joseph Cathedral Poitiers France 19840824 0014  by Fred Mitchell
  • Soft Golden Shadows - Antique Door Fortified with Brass Studs Seville Spain by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Sicilian Window by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Lionockers by Yampimon
  • Gold Leaf by Ethna Gillespie
  • As We Wander by Richard Bean
  • Round Window............ Somerset UK by lynn carter
  • Stained Glass window Crucifixion 1180 St Remis Reims France 19840823 0076 by Fred Mitchell
  • Wooden Bandsaw by Yair Karelic