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Round Window

This challenge closed about 9 years ago.

The Challenge

Im pleased to announce the details of the October challenge:

Round windows.

Images to show frame and glass.
NO round holes in walls
NO portholes
NO Irrelevant images not in-keeping with the group (Yes we do get them eg horses, swans, bicycles, piers…. i could go on!!)

Looking forward to the results :)


Judging / Voting Criteria

Voting should be based on the following information ONLY.

Round windows showing frame and glass.
NO votes for round holes in walls
NO votes for portholes
NO votes Irrelevant images not in-keeping with the group.

Any vote receiving image not meeting the criteria will not be included in the results.

Rewards & Prizes

Winning Image will become the group avatar for the period to the next challenge result

Cover Image: Garden Window by eaglewatcher


The Top Ten

Colorful Window by Larissa Brea

Colorful Window by Larissa Brea was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 29 votes.

  • cropped reflection on round window by Hannah Grubb
  • Notre Dame Cathedral Paris rose window by Denise Martin
  • What Goes 'Round Comes 'Round by Lois  Bryan
  • Round Round Round by wwyz
  • Stained Glass  by Bree Ammerman
  • Sacred Heart Catherdral, Bendigo by Cazzz
  • Perched on the Cross by Laurie Search
  • Round window by Filiz A
  • Red Bubble in Space by jon  daly

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