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Red Doors

This challenge closed almost 8 years ago.

The Challenge


Judging / Voting Criteria

1. Please take the time to view all the images submitted to the challenge, and vote the entries which you feel represents the theme of this challenge.
2. ALL entries MUST follow the guidelines as set by the Official Group Rules and this challenge’s rules.
3. Any entry that does not meet the challenge or group submission criteria will be removed from the challenge.
4. We thank you for keeping the voting process fair for all by NOT soliciting votes by BMail or Journals :)

Rewards & Prizes

Honor, glory and a pat on the back from Santa

Cover Image: The red door by annalisa bianc...


The Top Ten

 Behind The Red Door by pat gamwell

Behind The Red Door by pat gamwell was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 19 votes.

  • Bluesy by AsEyeSee
  • Red Doors by AnnieD
  • New York 0244 by Mart Delvalle
  • red door in winter white by lastgasp
  • A Red Door by gothgirl
  • Locked by Erika Gouws
  • "A shadow of the past is chasing me..." by Tamara Travers
  • Number 4 by Simon Duckworth
  • Firefly by fourthangel

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