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Welcome to the Windows and Doors Group - No full buildings, No high rise glass buildings, no shopfronts

Recent Work

  • window view by Tom McDonnell
  • View to the Ocean by Marylou Badeaux
  • South Window 1200 restored 1580 1937 Cathedral Reims France 19840823 0030  by Fred Mitchell
  • Return to Sender  by Mera Wilson
  • Looking  by Tom McDonnell
  • Lighting up time by Paul Pasco
  • North Rose Window 1250 Cathedral Reims France 19840823 0018 by Fred Mitchell
  • Door out the back by Tom McDonnell
  • Growing up and up  by Tom McDonnell
  • Dogs and Berries! by Kay Cunningham
  • Geometric, With Bird by metriognome
  • Decorated Windows and Lamp by Yair Karelic

About This Group

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*Welcome to the Windows and Doors Group
*_Shape / Character / shadows / Lighting / Weatherised / Newness / Age / Modern / Old World / Country Designed / Architectural Designs /_
These are just some of the things that we look forward to seeing….. And these also apply to Doors as well as Windows…
If you want to see what this group is all about please look at the features and take time to read the rules which are located at the bottom of this page.
Also, please take the time to comment on each others work and participate in the group challenges.
And thank you for submitting only your best work.
This group is for Windows and Doors…NOT the views beyond or through them…
Note:….There is a Max of 3 images per day limit.
………….NO Shop Front windows….Shop-fronts are not accepted into this group due to copyright laws which may refer to articles in the windows of the shops.
………….No whole buildings or high rise glass buildings.

We want to show a range and variety of a door or window, something pretty, something old, something unique or something just everyday functional, the focus of your image should be the door or the window


JUST A DOOR Challenge, 28th September 2017

Dilapidation by Imi Koetz

THREE PARTS Challenge, 23rd July 2017
Upper Hoback Valley View by debidabble

gas station by Anne Scantlebury

Avatar Challenge

Hans Kawitzki

Doors with Windows – Joint Winners

Andy Duffus




Heather Friedman


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