Wildflowers of the World (Photos only) - 3/day

Group Rules:


1. Include the name of the plant, preferably in the title. If you don’t know the name, please ask on the forums, or check the links to books and internet sites in our forums to help you identify a flower. We will not object to giving help personally if you can’t identify a flower, we like to help too.

2. Include the LOCATION of where the photo was taken, including the COUNTRY
3. We will accept flowers in bud, full bloom, (and in the dying stage or seed pod stage as long as the flower is correctly identified according to the first 3 guidelines and is included as a secondary image of the flower in full bloom)
4. Herbaceous flowers, vines, small flowering shrubs and trees are allowed, providing they are wild.
5. Macro images are accepted if the majority of the flower is visible and landscape images are acceptable as long as the primary focus is the wildflower(s). Please include the name(s) of the wildflowers in the landscape. The majority of the flower must show. Macro images must have the majority of the flower visible
6. ONLY FULL COLOR PHOTOS OF WILDFLOWERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. THAT MEANS NO BLACK & WHITE!. Alterations such as selective coloring, orton effect, vignetting, HDR, Sepia, or other treatments, such as texturing and/or composites which excessively distort the natural beauty of the flower will not be accepted.
7. No framed images unless it is a collage; will be accepted, nor writing on the images.
8. We want photos taken in the wild, including protected areas. If you have a wildflower GROWING WILD in your yard, that is fine. Please don’t send us photos from your flower beds.
9. No journals/journaling of thanks, etc. We love to hear from you in the forums.
10. Images with other objects (ie) butterflies or bees, will only be accepted IF the primary focus is the wildflower and is not secondary in the image! If your title and description focus primarily on the butterfly, bee or other object then your image will be rejected!

Please note: Hosts may enter challenges in this group as they cannot affect the challenge outcomes