Wildflowers of North America - 3/day

Photos of wildflowers of North America - Canada & US

Recent Work

  • New England Aster  No. 1 by Max Buchheit
  • Growing Wild in Maine USA by AnnDixon
  • Wild Sunchoke Study No. 2 by Max Buchheit
  • Wild Sunchoke Study No. 1 by Max Buchheit
  • Wild Goat's Beard  Gone to Seed  by Max Buchheit
  • Autumn Asters  by lorilee
  • Showy and beautiful Saint John's wort flower, also known as Hypericum perforatum. by elenic
  • Autumn Leaf & Asters  by lorilee
  • Common Blue Violet III by Kathleen Daley
  • Bluets II by Kathleen Daley
  • Northern White Violets V by Kathleen Daley
  • Wood Anemone III by Kathleen Daley

About This Group



We, the hosts feel this is the best group on Redbubble for quality photos of wildflowers of Canada and the Continental United States with information included if possible and of course, locations of where these plants exist. We are very proud of this group and fabulous members for their continued support.
We will be looking for the highest quality images and casual snapshots will be rejected*
1. The name of the flower.
2. A description of the plant and it’s flower such as size, height, habitat, uses, is it rare, would be helpful but not a requirement.
3. A location of where you took the photo.
4. We will accept flowers from bud stage to seed stage to dying if you can add photos of these stages as secondary shots like the examples in these two links:
Follow the link to an example of a photo series which highlights the various flowering stages HERE as an example of entering the principle photo with secondary photos which connect the principle entry to others to enhance the identification of the wildflower, or having all three stages in the same flower HERE where the bud stage and seed stage are supporting images within the various stages of the flower
Revised January 21, 2010
What Is A Wildflower
A wildflower is a broad general grouping of flowers This flower group is made up of native and non-native plants. It is NOT a scientific classification based on genetics, botanical properties, flowering or leaf characteristics. Therefore, the following general definition is not all inclusive nor is it absolutely exclusive.
By expert estimates, there are over 20,000 species of flowering plants in North America, belonging to about 300 different families. Those that grow in the wild or on their own, without cultivation, are called wildflowers. Wildflowers indigenous to the continent are called “natives”. Others, which may be quite common, but not indigenous, have been introduced from some other part of the world and are referred to as “naturalized.” Both types share one common distinction: They are equipped to grow on their own in nature.
We will accept flowers that are of a herbaceous nature. Trees and flowering shrubs, even though they may fit within the general definition as a wildflower, will not be accepted. Also, NO B&W images will be accepted. Thank you!

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Large Yellow Lady’s Slipper by Vickie Emms

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