Wide Angle Photography (2 per 24hr limit).

Please only submit your BEST WIDE ANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY. We want OUTSTANDING work, artistically composed, to show the impact of wide angle photography. NO fantasy works or obvious HDR please. If it's wide and it's very good, it's in!


This challenge closed over 8 years ago.

The Challenge

  1. This banner will be added when an image is accepted into the group from moderation.
  2. Image should be around Width 470 x Height 143 pixels or as near as possible.
  3. Image must have text to clearly thank the artist for their submission.
  4. The winning banner will showcase the wide angle photography group and thus has to be impactive and clearly demonstrate good wide angle photography.
  5. Images will be moderated on entry to this competition.
  6. Images must have been accepted into the group for submission to the challenge.
  7. See additional information section for current banner example.

Judging / Voting Criteria

  1. Vote for the best banner which clearly showcases wide angle photography and clearly depicts the ‘Thank You’ message.
  2. Absolutely no touting votes from family & friends, unusual activity will be monitored.

Rewards & Prizes

Your banner will be added to well over 100 images per day as they are accepted into the group.

Additional Information

Our Thank you and featured banners currently use the same image Ride from A90six gallery. It’s causing confusion for some and embarrassment when people think they’ve been featured!!

  1. If the ‘winning’ image is not a suitable size it will not be used and the next suitable image will be.

Please give us something we can be proud to use.


The Top Ten

Banner by Chris Miles

Banner by Chris Miles was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Thank You Banner - Wide Angle Photography by Kasia-D

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