Dedicated Wide Angle and Fisheye Lens Photography

Group Rules:

  • The guidelines for this group are rigid – the lens used MUST be a dedicated wide-angle or fish-eye lens.*
  • All images submitted MUST have the details of the make and focal range of the lens used CLEARLY stated in the image description.*
  • Images taken with regular telephoto lenses will not be accepted, even if they are taken at the shortest focal range.

Images that have been taken with a lens that has a greater focal length than 55mm WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED into the group.

This will mean extra work for the moderators as every submission will have to be checked before being accepted. Failure to do this will mean that the image will be rejected and no correspondence entered into.

People who continually submit images that don’t meet the group guidelines will be removed from the group and, again, no correspondence entered into.

We are not photographic judges here so any image that has no obvious faults, like being out of focus, will be accepted. There are plenty of people out there on Red Bubble who will comment on the artistic merits of your photo.

This is not a group for paintings, digital manipulation, clothing or writing.
We don’t want journals. Use the forums if you have anything to say.

Definitely no nudes or anything pornographic or deliberately provocative. (The moderators will be the judges of this!)

Maximum of 20 images per member.