White can be a wonderful colour too! At least 85% white.

10-18-11..."White ... grab a Bite"

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Ready, get set… by awefaul

Mushrooms by Ilva Beretta

Drink it up! by Ilva Beretta

Give Me Your Answer Do by Stephanie Hillson

You are my sugar cup… by Yool

Sweets For My Sweet by Aileen David

Enoki Forest by John Poon

You can be so much more! by John Poon

Asparagus by Ilva Beretta

Spoon and Honeysuckle by Ilva Beretta

Purple Fruits by Claudia Drossert

China Blue by Cynthia Harris

You can be so much more! by John Poon


Sugared Strawberries by Yannik Hay

Tomatoes by andreisky

White Lemons by TriciaDanby

Dopio by Caroline Fournier

Forks by micklyn

White on white by Lynne Haselden

Milky by SandraRos

garlic by vesna stankovic

Toasted Popcorn by Donna Driver

Grandilla with Vanilla specks by D. D.AMO

Adam Lay Ybounden by James Birkbeck

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Ulla Jensen Ulla Jensen 880 posts

WOW, I really, really enjoyed this selection, Kira ! Very inspirational work!
Congratulations to all! xx

awefaul awefaul 125 posts

A very original theme and amazing collection!

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 10188 posts

Congratulations To All Wonderfull Pictures Gorgeous, Nice Viewing & Selections,Nicely done and presented in this Wonderfull Group

DaveHrusecky DaveHrusecky 83 posts

Fabulous photos from fabulous members.

andreisky andreisky 249 posts

what a wonderful collection Kira!
thank you very much!

Sunsetdaze Sunsetdaze 422 posts

Fabulous images – such a treat to browse these! Thank you so much for including mine on this page too! Congrats to everyone. xx

John Poon John Poon 625 posts

So much goodness! Congrats to all :)

D. D.AMO D. D.AMO 116 posts

You are an ANGEL with WHITE wings, Kira! What a great selection and new refreshing way of displaying them! Thank-you and Excellent purity everyone!

Lynne Haselden Lynne Haselden 36 posts

Well done guys – great work – and thankyou Kira! :)