Whimsical & Fanciful! (no photos)

For artworks that are both playful and from the imagination (2 per day)

Recent Work

  • I Believe - Polar Express Bell by tinaschofield
  • Christmas Dog and Puppies on Skateboard by Barefoot Bodeez  Art
  • Cute Alien Family from the Love Planet by Barefoot Bodeez  Art
  • French Bulldog Christmas Couple by Barefoot Bodeez  Art
  • Rule The World by Gracie Tracy
  • Arctic Icicle Stag by tinaschofield
  • Retro Fun   by myimpression
  • TAGGING: Ramses & Sekhmet by John Legry
  • Christmas Rudolf Bear by Threadbearink
  • Hedgehog by LinetteNo
  • Girls on the Road by Sandy DeLuca
  • Always with you by Adam Bogusz

About This Group

This group is for those artists whose work comes from a place of play and the imagination. We want to showcase those original images that are quaint, oddball, charming, fantastical, playful, thoughtful, quirky, kooky, funny, silly, absurd and imaginative… or any combination of the above (so long as whimsy & fancy are evident). They can range from abstraction to realism…so long as they fit with the group’s guidelines. Sorry, but cute or fantasy alone will not suffice…as there are already plenty of other groups that cater for these styles of work).

We will be accepting hand created artworks (including paintings, drawings, illustration, collage, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media etc..) & orginal computer generated artworks, but no straight or retouched photographs. ..just your wonderful, original, high quality artworks. We also plan to run regular challenges & features for the group.

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