ROADWAYS, HIGHWAYS, STAIRWAYS and BYWAYS...ONE PER DAY*...(previously Which Ways)...(Default *Image Only* size, rejected otherwise)

This group is for high-quality artwork that showcases actual ROADWAYS, HIGHWAYS, STAIRWAYS & BYWAYS. If its Driven/Ridden/Walked over it's ok. Animals/Objects need to be 25% or less. No beaches, sand or waterways with out

WINDING STAIRCASE UPWARD( as seen from below )

This challenge closed over 4 years ago.

The Challenge

Winding Staircase UPWARD. That is, looking at it from below. MUST be a curvy, winding stairwell, or staircase, not a straight one. All media. Image must be In group and acceptable TO group rules or be removed. Have fun, don’t fall……

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for what ever you like, but no trolling for votes.

Rewards & Prizes

Banners for all 10 winners, and secretly knowing you are the best…….

Additional Information

I DO moderate challenges, even after voting starts. I’m more lenient with them, but images not following group or challenges rules will be dropped off the proverbial stairwell. From the top……So monitor your images progress periodically….Special thanks to Madeline Forsberg for Winding Fire Escape, this weeks avatar…

Cover Image: Winding Stairs by Madeleine Fors...


The Top Ten

Heartbreak Hotel by billyboy

Heartbreak Hotel by billyboy was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • Up the Neboticnik by Graeme  Hyde
  • Lighthouse Stairway by Barbara  Brown
  • Spiral staircase - Greenwich by BlackhawkRogue
  • spiral lighthouse: 1079 views by stickelsimages
  • Hypnotic by salsbells69
  • Egmont Key Lighthouse Monochrome HDR by MKWhite
  • The orange spiral stair 2 by bubblehex08
  • Petit Palais staircase by Elena Skvortsova
  • Vertigo by John Schneider

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