Wear Your ART

A Group that encourages us to WEAR OUR ART, primarily on TEES, Clothing and STICKERS.

Features 12-28-2010

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3779 posts

A cheerful & heartwarmed hello to All T’s designers !!!
Hope you having great holiday, getting tons of gifts & surprises
and I hope winter is treating you good and you have nice relaxing
time (in between the crazy trips to the mall lol)
Got some cool features for you :)))

This is the new Holiday twelve – hope I can get one more before
the end of the year ;)

Congrats to ALL and have a great Holiday break :)))

vampvamp vampvamp 1218 posts

great stuff folks & thanks for my feature too! :)

patjila patjila 949 posts

Congrats to all featured designers! Happy New Year!

gudiashankar gudiashankar 7 posts

Happy New Year!