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A Group that encourages us to WEAR OUR ART, primarily on TEES, Clothing and STICKERS.

I vant to suk your BLUUUUUUD !!! HaLLowEEn Challenge ;)

This challenge closed over 7 years ago.

The Challenge

This is your chance to show your Halloween spirit :)
All your ghosts, vampires, ghouls, werewolfs, mummies, zombies – come out to play :)))
You will get candy – and you will follow the rules, as they are here:

1) The T-shirt has to be Halloween themed

2) Putting a sign “Halloween” does not ‘cut it’ – that is half a candy and you know it ;)

3) Make the graphics spooky, cool & wearwolfable …I mean wearable :)

4) The design – has to be clearly associated with the Halloween night !!!

Judging / Voting Criteria

All entries MUST be submitted to the Group and then entered in the Contest !!!

Every entry has to meet the above list of Criterias

Rewards & Prizes

Huge, hugeeeeeeeee Halloween bragging rights :)

Big Halloween bash feature !!! WINNER & the best entires included.

The Winner will receive a kiss from the ‘wicked witch of the West’ and also a $20 USD RB voucher – good for candies or getting a cool T’s :)))

Additional Information

Have fun & send me a candy ;)

Cover Image: Little Tommy Always Eats His Greens! by Brother Adam


The Top Ten

Witches ride broomsticks better by Wendy Crouch

Witches ride broomsticks better by Wendy Crouch was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Hands up by MrLone
  • Clown Monkey by kagcaoili
  • Little Tommy Always Eats His Greens! by Brother Adam
  • bunny noir by Marianna Tankelevich
  • There's a bad moon on the rise  by Nathalie Chaput
  • Big Bottomed Banshee by Anita Inverarity
  • Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West by sandygrafik
  • Jack - Sandy Claws by justinbysma
  • Halloween Tee by Neoran

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