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  • Grace meticulously checked the lay of the land ....  by MarcW
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  • hot butt!!! by markphotos1964
  • stocking tops by markphotos1964
  • Queen of Rope by MGBradford
  • My Humps by Bobby Deal
  • A young brunette woman posing sexy in lingerie at black leather love seat by Anton Oparin
  • Pretty woman in vintage gown sitting on the floor by Anton Oparin
  • Portrait of sexy topless young lady in V shape corset and black lingerie by Anton Oparin
  • Playboy model making classic rabbit pose legs up by Anton Oparin
  • Sexy fashion model posing pretty at rusty boat marina by Anton Oparin
  • beautiful full body blond busty woman posing sexy on golden sunset beach by Anton Oparin

About This Group

Group provides a home for publication quality glamour photography. Please submit only your best work. Moderation will be very tight as this is a group for the best of the best in glamour photography.

Images must be from model released photo shoots. Shots of random girls at the beach, car show etc. will not be accepted. If you did not actually set up an individual shoot with the model it is unlikely that the image will be accepted


NO SNAPSHOTS this Group is for true publication quality images only

See the group rules and join this group here

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