Viva la Skull

Everybody loves skulls, they protect our sexiest body part.

Recent Work

  • SKULLS TREND by magicdreams
  • Gold at the end of the rainbow skulls  by B0red
  • Take a Chance on Me by AC1313
  • Split Screaming Head by fakeface
  • Skullivy by 300-Rads
  • It's Called Fashion by AC1313
  • Hell Comes To Your House by ANewKindOfWater
  • Cool Death Hot Sun by ANewKindOfWater
  • TOXIC LOVE by bembureda
  • SHY MAN GLITCH by strangethingsA
  • MetalJesus by Simon Sherry

About This Group

Up and running again!

Bones containing Brains. Sexier than a Zombie chewing a Limb.

So many skulls to choose from. Poor Yorick never had so much luck finding friends.
Show us your skulls baby!

Easily the sexiest group on the bubble. Tell your friends while winking at them in an ambiguous fashion.

This group defines ambiguous fashion. Lush.

Image courtesy of Scarlet Sheets

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