Visionary Art

Shamanic, Psychedelic and Spiritually inspired visions

Recent Work

  • OLD SOUL<<<>>>GOLD SKULL by Art of Rachel Flatt
  • Eco Hipster by Marian  Voicu
  • In the Forest Mind by ellamental
  • 54 TURN by dcosmos
  • Slipping Through a Rent in Time * by James Lewis Hamilton
  • WELCOME! by dcosmos
  • Untitled by Lily Todd
  • Protea Flower of Life by InSearchOfTheDivine Jessica Curtis
  • Rider in the night by Niina  Niskanen
  • Boulders and Desert Spoons * by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Kaleidoscope 7 psychedelic abstract rainbow mandala tunnel pattern  by Leah McNeir
  • Flower of Life by TinaV

About This Group

Visionary art is born from visions received in altered states of consciousness. This group is open to all spiritual practices that assist visions between worlds, from meditation, chanting and sweat lodges to vision-quests, entheogenic rituals, and psychedelics. The uniting inspiration is the willingness to slip out of one’s habitual state of mind to gain insight into the deeper meaning and connection between man, divinity and nature.

Visions often speak from and to the soul, thus when devotionally created can act as a postcard, map or portal for other seekers.

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